“This doesn’t encourage integration, this encourages separateness”

Dandenong council promotes hijabbery for all


Why not ask Muslim women to wear western clothes instead?

President of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, Silma Ihram, welcomed the idea.

“Those women who want to respect all of the tenants (sic) of the religion which emphasises modesty they wear the hijab, so it is a choice,” she told Tony Jones. … (when they open their filthy mouths they lie. They have no choice. What kind of a BS-sentence is that anyhow?)

But Institute of Public Affairs executive director John Roskam said the council approach was wrongheaded.

“What the council should be encouraging is allowing people from any walk of life and any religion to integrate,” he said. “This doesn’t encourage integration, this encourages separateness. This is not what multicultural Australia is all about.”–Debate over council‘s non-Muslim hijab move

A CALL by a suburban council for non-Muslim women to wear hijabs around the streets has been slammed as promoting separateness.

Meshel Laurie says she “felt her space had been invaded”

When maniacs promise to kill you, pay attention. Especially when your president is on their side.

Bill Whittle puts the kindest possible spin on Obama’s actions in the Middle East by comparing him to famous fools who chose to ignore the clear intentions of monsters:

Even assuming Obama is merely a hubristic idiot and not consciously hostile to America as some highly reasonable people believe, his presidency will go down as the worst disaster in American history.

Islam divides the country
Muselvictim #14356998750
Muslim demonstrators protest near Downing Street in central London on February 8, 2015. (AFP/File)

Muslim demonstrators protest near Downing Street in central London on February 8, 2015. (AFP/File)

I never fully believed that British Muslims were being victimised, but then I was stopped at Heathrow

It’s so distressing when those who are supposed to protect you treat you like a criminal

I’ve always been aware of the injustices British Muslims face, but I’ve sometimes doubted the narrative of the “Muslim victim”.

Why is it such a big deal if you’re singled-out every now and then because of your appearance? If you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem – just cooperate, surely? Security officers would never apply a blanket stop and search; they only stop potential criminals with good reason, right?

These people are hard on the brain.

Update: here’s  a better article about it:

The City of Greater Dandenong has proposed non-Muslim women wear the hijab. 

A CITY of Greater Dandenong proposal for non-Muslim women to wear hijabs in public has been met with the utter disdain it so richly deserves.

The council has called for women of all backgrounds to don a Muslim headscarf today to raise “awareness and insight.”


What absolute harebrained idiocy to encourage empowered Western women to subjugate themselves in the name of diversity.

Could you imagine the enormous uproar if a council put forward a plan for devout Muslim women to remove their head covering.

The unpalatable truth is that the root cause of much of the world’s entrenched misogyny is Islam and it manifests itself in a variety of ways including the requirement for women to cover up.

This is not something to be celebrated or emulated.

Just last year women in Iran were being blinded in acid attacks for breaking the strict hijab code.

I wonder how women who have fled countries that require them to cover their hair feel about local government encouraging women to wear hijabs?

If you are going to put forward these ludicrous ideas then why stop at the hijab?

If we are going to fully embrace the cultural practises of other countries then perhaps we should ban women from driving. Or how about caning adulteresses in the Dandenong Civic Square?

I have no issue with women who want to wear a hijab to observe cultural or religious practises, but they have no right to impose their values on the wider population.

It always baffles me why some folk who leave troubled regions for a better life in Australia seem determined for this country to adopt the political and social norms of their homeland.

In our eagerness to celebrate diversity we are often guilty of betraying our values of equality and freedom; the very values that make Australia such an idyllic place to live.

Local governments should be focused on collecting rubbish, maintaining parklands and balancing the budget instead of moronic schemes designed to appease a tiny section of the population.


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