Wally tells it … straight?

Project host Waleed Aly has cut through the political and legal red tape surrounding the two Bali Nine ringleaders, and told it straight.

Shameful: Waleed Aly blames Tony Abbott for Chan and Sukumaran’s deaths

 This former spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria uses the deaths of Chan and Sukumaran to delegitimise our attempts to save ourselves from more Bali bombings and other Islamist attacks.

Bali nine executions: Indonesian minister threatens to release ‘human tsunami’ of asylum seekers
Indonesia could release 10,000 asylum seekers to Australia if Canberra continues to antagonise the republic over the execution of the Bali nine duo, an Indonesian minister has warned.

Do not expect Indonesia to change 

The problem with withdrawing  aid is that the impact would be felt by thousands of ordinary Indonesians, not those responsible for the executions.
Some people tick differently.
Fair Suck Of The Sav, Mate.'s photo.

Should we cut foreign aid to Indonesia?

Outraged Australians are calling on the government to slash foreign aid to Indonesia in the wake of the executions of An

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2 thoughts on “Wally tells it … straight?”

  1. Waleed Aly lies again (as usual) – as a good islam will AND does !
    It is about time TENs Directors Management AND Shareholders were held accountable for condoning islam Aly’s deceit and THEREBY assisting and enabling the islam invasion of Australia.

    People like … Directors ….
    Mr Hamish Roy McLennan
    – Chief Executive Officer,
    – Managing Director,
    – Executive Chairman
    – 08/04/2013
    Mr Brian James Long
    – Non-Executive Deputy Chairman,
    – Alternate Director – David Gordon
    – 01/07/2010
    Ms Siobhan Louise McKenna
    – Non-Executive Director
    – 26/06/2012
    Mr John Walter Klepec
    – Non-Executive Director
    – 03/11/2014
    Mr David L Gordon
    – Non-Executive Director,
    – Alternate Director – Brian James Long
    – 01/04/2000
    Ms Christine Wendy Holgate
    – Non-Executive Director,
    -Alternate Director – David Gordon
    – 01/04/2010
    Mr Dean Hawkins
    – Non-Executive Director,
    – Alternate Director – David Gordon
    – 01/04/2010
    Mr Paul V Gleeson
    – Non-Executive Director,
    – Alternate Director – Jack Cowin
    – 16/02/1998
    Mr Jack James Cowin
    – Non-Executive Director,
    – Alternate Director – Paul Gleeson
    – 03/04/1998
    (the dates indicate how long they have been responsible for islam Aly)

    People like … Management ….
    B McGarvey – Chief Programming Officer
    Stephen Partington – General Counsel,Company Secretary

    People like … Substantial Shareholders ….
    0 (0%) No substantial shareholder’s information disclosed
    The usual moguls would be represented here !!!
    eg. Mr Packer, who owns 8.9 per cent of Ten through his private company Cavalane Holdings

    Andrew Bolt ….
    Aly strikes me as blinded by his tribalism, his faith and his hatred of Abbott. This article is a disgrace.

    Remember – Above all ….
    Waleed ALY is a Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful islam
    Who – with the rest of his ilk – have to be “Removed” from Australia !

  2. Cut all aid to these barbaric savages they hate us for having money to give them suff them

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