“We must make room for them…”

My dear queen, why must we be welcoming those who came to annihilate us?

The queen of Denmark tells us “we must make room for them…”

Libyan Koranimals Threw Christians Over Board

AP Photo/Alessandro Fucarini


Wally really cares!

Waleed Aly, who believes Islamic terrorism is only an irritant, becomes rather more agitated when discussing renewable energy: Tim Blair

Gotta watch them Christians!

Blackboro Baptist Church: “We’re Gonna Kill All White People, Babies Included! I’m Gonna Bash Your Fuckin’ Head In!”

Wait for the part where a Chinese guy spits in one of their faces.

Pat Dollard

3 thoughts on ““We must make room for them…””

  1. Right Queenie. If your people are expected “to make room” for opportunists and chancers. Then, you can certainly open up your multiple palaces “to make room for them” there.

  2. Wow. Just watched both videos. Am gobsmacked at the breadth and depth of hatred on show there. Think the black supremacists in it covered just about every aspect of badness, from wide-ranging racism, through misogyny, homophobia, and vicious anti-semitism, to incitement to rape, enslave, torture, murder and pillage. Plus they were violent to several people. And they were allowed to do all this with impunity. When a police officer eventually went to speak to them, they threatened to kill him, and he seems to have just left them to carry on spewing out hatred and incitements. America is in an even worse state than I could have imagined. V depressing.

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