1.5 gazillion Muslims are Insulted!

Muslim leaders urge community to ignore bigotry after Texas attacks

 Imam Talib Sanjari condemned the attack in taxes but also questioned the motives of the cartoon contest.

“This is not free speech,” he said. “This speech is coming from institutions that do not want the good of society. Why insult the prophet of 1.5 billion Muslims?” …

Sanjari added that Islam refuses the culture of murder and revenge.

Islam is a cult based on murder and revenge. Sanjari lies. To lie is an Islamic necessity. To defend Islam.

“We should not only focus only on fringe extremists but also talk about individuals who are spreading hate. Just as I am against violence, I am against actions that incite hatred between Americans.”

Translation: If you tell the truth about Islam we will kill you.

More  support for the insulting,  false prophet at The Arab American News thanks to Mullah, pbuh


The AGE is concerned about Muslim sensitivities:

It is understood that authorities have previously considered reducing the publicity surrounding counter-terror raids in a bid to defuse anti-Muslim sentiment. …

More attempts to defuse bombs ‘anti-muslim sentiment’ at The Agethanks to Mullah, pbuh


Iran’s Puss TV on the jihad attack in Texas, Curtis Cullwell Center.

…it is difficult to confirm if any of this actually happened. …

More of PressTV’s stuff that is impossible to take seriously at PressTV

In other news:

Bishop gives $24 million aid to Pakistan

I’m sure they make good use of it: