Attacking Free Speech A Core of Terrorism

The scumbags name themselves. Take note:

145 PEN Writers (Thus Far) Have Objected to the Charlie Hebdo Award – Not Just 6 
Contrary to media accounts claiming that only 6 PEN members have objected to the group’s decision to bestow Charlie Hebdo with an award, the actual number is…– The Intercept
Threatened Dutch-Iranian Dissident: Attacking Free Speech A Core of Terrorism
Afshin Ellian has a thing or two to say about terrorism.He also has a few things to say about Islam – specifically political Islam – but many don’t particularly like to…
Muslim cleric: Jews “malignant tumor” that “can only be treated by eradication”
This is not what the world considers hate speech. What the world considers hate speech is opposing this. “Egyptian Cleric Saad Abu Aziz: Jews Are a Malignant… JIHAD WATCH
Ted Cruz blames Obama — saying the first black president has ‘inflamed racial tensions’
Senator Ted Cruz has accused Barack Obama, the country’s first African American president, of having “inflamed racial tensions” during his time in the White House.–RAWSTORY.COM
Mike Huckabee: U.S. Moving Toward ‘Criminalization of Christianity’

Not the US. The Obamster regime does that.

The United States is moving toward “criminalization of Christianity” as a result of legalizing same-sex marriage, Mike Huckabee told a group of conservative pastors.

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  1. Not just Obama, or democrats. Many middle US are brainlessly following the social media, schools, music & friends. A tipping point is coming in which G-d can judge the entire country.

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