Does Victoria Need a “Taskforce to combat racism and bigotry?”

Stupid on steroids in Victoria. To throw money at Muslims to not blow us up is extremely stupid. But to threaten patriots over free speech  “Islamophobia” is vile, it is cowardly and Orwellian. The last thing we need is a speech police. (SY)

Stopping people of no identity becoming radical whatevers.

UPDATE: nice people, says Adam Houda

Andrew Bolt

press release from the Andrews Government:

The Andrews Labor Government has allocated $25 million over four years to develop a whole of community approach to enhance social cohesion and community resilience to counter all forms of violent extremism.

“All forms of violent extremism”? How many exactly do we face?

Only one comes to mind, but this press release dare not speak its name:

….to address social cohesion, community resilience, marginalisation and extremism …  a particular focus on youth involvement …  in partnership with community groups …  support communities …  may lead to individual and community disengagement, anti-social behaviour and extremism … those at risk of marginalisation …  addressing marginalisation and extremism … tackling violent extremism is essential, particularly when it comes to engaging younger Victorians. 

How can a deradicalisation program work when it is aimed at no one in particular?

Just to underline the intellectual dishonesty, the only mention of Islam in the entire press release suggests Muslims are not offenders but victims:

The Taskforce will also look at ways to combat racism and bigotry, with a focus on addressing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

That Andrews government can just about go and f*kc itself. This is incompetence and submission to Islam on steroids. (SY)


Reader sillyoldbugger:

There is a second form of extremism called CFMEUism. Perhaps Mr Andrews had this in mind.


What evil? Where?

Islamic criminal lawyer Adam Houda is profiled by the Sydney Morning Herald:

His anti-Israel and anti-US rants are regular and vociferous: “Special place in hell for Nazi-Israel” (August 5, 2014). “USA and Israel, the world’s two leading terrorist states” (December 12, 2014). “EVIL PIGS: Israeli forces shoot 5 year old boy in the face” (December 26, 2014). “On the issue of terrorism & barbarity, the IS are absolute amateurs compared to Israel” (January 4, 2015)…

The conversation moves on to Mohamed Elomar and Khaled Sharrouf, now in the Middle East fighting with IS. I ask him how he found them as clients. “I know them to be good guys,” he says. “If you speak to [Elomar’s] family, he succumbed to [schizophrenic Sharrouf’s] madness.”…

australia-146469638454Houda insists that Sharrouf was “driven by what he saw as great injustices occurring in the Middle East, by evil dictators who were supported by America and its allies. Granted, he’s gone about things the wrong way, but if you had the opportunity to discuss these issues with Sharrouf, I think you’d be impressed by his sincerity.” 

I find this kind of venting extremely worrying, not least because it is mainstreaming.

Or are we supposed to believe that Houda is just part of a tiny, unrepresentative minority?


No particular faith? Certainly no will to resist:

A COUNCIL says it cannot and should not stop a controversial Islamic group linked to counter-terrorism operations from meeting inside a council-owned leisure centre in Melbourne’s southeast.

The Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre closed its Springvale South doors just days after its associates were arrested in an alleged plot to murder police on Anzac Day.

From the very same council:

Greater Dandenong Council ...  called on women to wear the Islamic headdress for three hours today as part of a “social experiment” for National Youth Week.

If the council cracked down on Islamist groups there might be less fear of Islam.


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  1. “The (VIC) Andrews Labor Government” …..

    another bunch of Shiite Heads
    who MUST be incarcerated – AND SOON !!!!!!!

    so the islams can be “expelled”

  2. And next week there’ll be a call on mussie women NOT to wear a freedom sack in public for 3 hours?

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