Get out, Samira. Get out!

pig womanEvery day  of the week Mohammedan ratbags like Samira Farah spew hateful bile and vomit on Australians. Its time to spit back! Yesterday it was Randa Abdel-Fattah, today it is Samira Farah,  a self-described Sydney based writer and radio producer with this:

So 90% of us are ‘proud Australians’. Proud of what, exactly?
A new report shows that most of us think we live in the best country on earth. Perhaps that’s to be expected – Aussie pride

One thought on “Get out, Samira. Get out!”

  1. If Samira Farah hates us so much and despises the Australian way of life so much, then she and her pathetic brethren should go and well and truly FRACK OFF back to the desert cesspools they long to be in. Nobody is stopping them leaving except for the fraudulent and generous welfare payments they get from Centrelink. SBS should start making documentaries about the “Islamic Welfare State of Australia” instead of Bogans in Blacktown!

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