If you don’t submit to Islam you’re a bigot

DC commuters may see winning Garland cartoon; Followers of false prophet of islam denounce Geller as bigot

…and “bigots” who reject submission must be killed. More equating cartoons of the false prophet with Nazi or KKK ads at The Dallas Morning News thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Coventry’s Muslim community ‘shocked’ after young Foleshill man convicted of terrorism offences

… Dr Shehu also condemned the actions of those who resort to terrorism.

He said: “Islam promotes peace and harmony among communities. You can’t be a proper Muslim with out promoting peace in the community in which you are living.”

More myth-reinforcing at Coventry Telegraph

Hopeless: Another “expert” denounces the Government for doing something about terrorism:

Revoking citizenship is pointless and absurd

Asking “experts” who are clueless about Islam or those who are personally besotted with it are not the right people to ask.

I suppose Andrew Zammit wants to tackle the terrorist threat with a  wet handkerchief and a hug:

The federal government has announced it will introduce legislation to revoke citizenship as a counter-terrorism measure, but this is not a practical or responsible way to tackle the terrorist threat that Australia faces. …

More ‘expert opinion’ at Sydney Morning Herald

Remember this photo…This is his son holding the head. Now both the boy and his mum want to come back to Australia. 

IS fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children seek return to Australia
Notorious Australian Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s wife and children, including his son who was photographed holding a severed head, are seeking to return to Australia…



BTW, this isn’t a Fox News poll but an Al Jazeera poll.

PC-BS-DESTROYED: Al Jazeera Poll Kills the Myth of the ‘Tiny Minority of Excremists…..
That awkward moment when your ‘tiny minority’ isn’t so tiny.
Support for Polygamy in US Doubled Since 2001

many-wivesPS_3044464bNot only do strong majorities support homosexuality, euthanasia and having children outside of marriage, but there’s even some movement on the creepier fronts of the left’s war on values.

“My favourite train of thought:

Immigrants enrich us.  Any reasonable immigrant wants to enrich himself.

But we believe that people in Eritrea sit around the campfire and think about how they can enrich Germany… ”  Henryk M. Broder

Here, in German:

“Meine Lieblingschimäre ist: Einwanderer bereichern uns. Jeder vernünftige Einwanderer will sich bereichern. Aber wir glauben, dass Menschen in Eritrea am Lagerfeuer sitzen und sich überlegen, wie sie Deutschland bereichern können.“

2 thoughts on “If you don’t submit to Islam you’re a bigot”

  1. “…Labor leader Bill Shorten agreed foreign fighters should face the full force of the law if they returned to Australia…..
    “I don’t understand what is in the mind of these people,” he said.”

    Well, really , Bil, you should . After all, you pander to this minority in marginal Labor seats. What’s in what you would loosely call their minds is a supremacist 7th century arab ideology called ‘islam’.

    And as for the idiotic idea of allowing them back in to educate potential jihadiss not to go t Syria, there is a far cheaper and safer alternative if politicians insist muslims need to be tutored not to destroy their own lives. Just hire out the scumbags that Sweden has let back in to do the same thing – for a mfew weeeks at a time before sending them back to Sweden.

    Of course, the muslim community itself will pay for all expenses out of its own pocket rather than the Australian taxpayer.

  2. “Andrew Zammit is a researcher at Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre” says his piece. Best pals then with Sly Wal and the GLTRC’s boss Greg “Never Mention Islam” Barton.

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