Mohammed Omran’s Victimhood Theatre

How easy it was way back when and how much he hates it now: this primitive  savage complains that he is “not wanted because his name is Islamic”, LOL!

Australia an estranged country to many Muslims including Sheik Omran
Sheik Mohammed Omran remembers clearly the day he was meant to become an Australian citizen. He had bought himself a pair of shiny new shoes and a new suit….  THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU

Buy Sheik Omran a mirror

Andrew Bolt

Again, that lethal victimology. It’s our fault, you see:

In his adopted home of Wollongong, [Jordanian immigrant] Abu Ayman — as his friends know the sheik — was a young man at peace. … Australia’s most senior Salafist cleric says if he knew then what he does now, he wouldn’t have come at all [to Australia].

On a Saturday night in Coolaroo, an industrial northern Melbourne suburb where more people consider themselves Muslim than any other religion,[Sheik Mohammed Omran] speaks with disappointment, a tinge of bitterness and overwhelmingly a deep sense of dismay. He says he feels like a foreigner in his own country.

“If I knew that one day this would happen in Australia, I swear by the almighty God I will never step foot in my — in your — country,” he tells Inquirer from his office inside the Hume Islamic Youth Centre…Omran gestures to his adult son Osama, who is quietly serving tea to the older men in the room. “He feels he is not wanted because his name is Islamic. Everyone gets devastated by that.”…

Omran, emir of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah school of Islamic thought characterised by literal ­interpretations of the Koran, believes the global threat represented by Islamic State is exaggerated and the national security risk posed by Muslim Australians seeking to join its ranks is grossly overblown… . “How many Australians have been killed by terrorists? Skin cancer, breast cancer kill thousands every year.”

Mustafa Abu Yusuf, an adviser to the sheik and a spokesman for the ASWJ, goes further. He describes terrorism as a fabricated issue that cynically has been used by successive governments to create a Muslim bogeyman. “…If it wasn’t for the half-decent people in Australia most of the Muslim community would be pushed out on to the fringes.”

In raw numbers, the core problem of youth radicalisation is dwarfed by the scale of the federal government’s policy response. Intelligence agencies believe there are 104 Australians fighting for Islamist groups in Syria or Iraq. Between 20 and 30 people have been killed or in combat or murdered by their Islamic State comrades…

Sheik Omran does not like the word extremism. He prefers deviation…

Through his involvement at the Brunswick mosque and more recently the HYIC, Omran has known some of Australia’s most notorious deviants: Abdul Nacer Benbrika before he formed a terrorist cell; Harun Mehicevic before he established the hardline al- Furqan Centre in Melbourne’s southast; Melbourne teenager Numan Haider before he lunged at two counter-terrorism taskforce officers with a knife outside a suburban police station.

The sheik has been accused of his own deviations, most notably in describing Osama in Laden as a good man. Omran does not apologise for his past comments or previous associations. Nor does he consider himself a firebrand, as he is often described. Rather, he sees himself as a man grown old in a country that no longer as welcoming as it once was.

Let’s add to that picture some more information which might explain why the warm welcome Omran admits he once received here as a young man has chilled – and why the problem lies more with him than the rest of us.

Omran once described al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden, whose followers helped to kill Australians, as ”a good man in some ways, and not in other ways”.

But before that, Omran said ”I dispute any evil action linked to bin Laden”. He said ”I don’t believe that even September 11 from the beginning, I (don’t) believe it (was) done by any Muslim at all”.

Omran was accused by one Somali mother of  turning her son into a hardliner, so that her son returned to Somalia to fight – and be killed.

In 2003 Omran had this conversation:

Reporter: Is it a good Muslim’s duty to go and fight the coalition forces for jihad in Iraq at the moment?

Sheikh Mohammed Omran: I would say yes.

And now this man is a leader in his community?

If Omran wonders why there’s this suspicion he finds so distressing, he should buy himself a mirror.

And he should ask himself this: if he takes such offence at some non-Muslims here merely being rude to Muslims, can he really be so damning when non-Muslims here take such offence at some Muslims here trying to kill non-Muslims – and some succeeding?


Sheik Omran, also known as Abu Ayman, talking about Israel and others who allegedly oppress Muslims:

Why this (??) in Gaza? Why? Because of you.  If we have real Muslims, no one dare to touch you. One Muslim and they get. If they know there are a thousand, million Muslims will send their men to defend their people who will try or even think about it?… That is the difference between the glory and humiliation…

Already Gaza (??) writes their speeches in their blood. I don’t want anyone to speak on behalf of them. They already give the best speech on how the Muslims should be. And don’t think this is a real loss. The real loss in when we lose our souls… Maybe their blood will wake our numbness.

Are you surprised that some in his centre have turned to jihadism? Is Omran surprised that he is treated with suspicion?

Should Omran have been given such a sympathetic hearing today?

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  1. I feel real bad that this sheilkh, with such high expectations of Australians turning to Islam, has been so rudely told to Bu… off.

    Maybe it is Australian’s fault. They should have told him to B Off politely. Still, never too late.

  2. “How many Australians have been killed by terrorists? Skin cancer, breast cancer kill thousands every year.””

    It’s good that at least he equates islam with cancer.
    But apart from that his comparison, like islam itself is deceptive. He may as well have said – ‘how many people has diseases killed over the last 2,000 years ?

    Death due to natural causes is a natural part of life in this world.

    Being murdered by fanatics following a 7th century arab cult obviously should not be.

  3. First he suggests that Islamic terrorism is “normal” like cancer, and that we should get used to it, something that was previously suggested by CNN flatliner Fareed Zakaria and Oz apologist for all things Islamic, Waleed Aly. Then he claims victimhood because Aussies are becoming increasingly irritated with Islam. I guess things got to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

  4. Never too late to leave Omran, to one of your ‘infidel free’ lands. I’m sure many dogooders will ride with you to the airport.

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