Salon tart: if you draw a Mo-toon you are “insane”

Salonista Moron:

These insane right-wing bikers have adopted Pam Geller as their false prophet

Heavily armed “patriots” in Arizona are recreating Geller’s “Draw the Prophet” contest tonight …

More on the false false prophet Pamela and the real false prophet Mohammed at Salon thanks to Heather Digby Parton via Mullah, pbuh

Islamic State Calls for Lone Wolf Attack On Arizona Man Planning Muslim Protest
The Islamic State’s cyber chief calls for lone wolf attack on Arizona man planning a Mohammed cartoon contest.–FOREIGNPOLICY.COM
ISIS followers put target on Marine who organized Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ event
A showdown is looming in Phoenix as a “Draw Muhammad” event organized by a marine is being threatened by jihadis while armed bikers plan to be on hand to…  BIZPACREVIEW.COM
Islamists Mohammedan Headbangers Promise ‘Kuffar Blood’ Will Spill at Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest 
Islamists warn participants not to bring their children with them to a Draw Muhammad contest in Phoenix if they love them.– Breitbart
Legitimizing Censorship: 
Jamie Glazov on “Media’s Willful Blindness about Islam”
‘Islamophobia Studies’ at Berkeley |BY JAMIE GLAZOV
Meanwhile, in Obamastan:
Obama: I’ve Made the US Stronger, More Prosperous, Safer, More Influential

On CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” President Barack Obama said he was most proud of “saving the American economy” and he is”very confident that America is… JEWSNEWS.CO.IL

12 thoughts on “Salon tart: if you draw a Mo-toon you are “insane””

  1. The mere fact that (any) islam chased up U.S. Marine Jon Ritzheimer and islams are now threatening him and his family – does NOT need more proof of Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Criminal islam that that !!!!

    But we all knew that islam was a crime scene looking for a location anyway !
    Now hopefully a few/lot more know that islam is a crime scene looking for a location !

    Congratulation on a job well done Jon !
    I just hope the personal cost is NOT to high !

    1. Ditto. Is that handsome man whose photo is next to the Mosque the organiser of this Draw Mohamed event? A lovely soul must reside behind those beautiful eyes.

  2. Not for the faint of heart………


    I watched a video, not the complete one, but a portion of one the other night, of a girl being lynched by a mob somewhere in South America……seemed to be pretty brutal…….

    Then I caught wind of what she did to deserve her painful death…..she had bound up a helpless dog and burned it alive……..with a blowtorch……

    Here is the two segments of film spliced together……..this is Karma and I wish this balancing of the Universe for every Muslim and its Islam………..payback is a bitch my little Muslim friends and for every murder, for every rape, for every molestation of a child, for every act of terrorism, for every act of intimidation, for every act of sexual depravity and for every violation of the laws of nature and humanity you gleefully commit…………..may your plate be heaped with just deserts……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. “Lone Wolf” is a term coined by liberals, media and government. It describes a denial that all the terrorism is connected by Islam. It is another technique to attempt to fool us.
      There are no “lone wolves”.

  3. Dear Sheik,

    I am still looking for that twitter button so that I can send your great info to the masses ! And also, none of your links works for me.

    1. The Sheik does seem to copy his links through Fascbook, in stead of going to them first and then copying their URLs from the linked sites directly.

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