These Monsters Must Not Be Allowed To Return

The real story about the Australian woman wanting to bring her five kids back into the country, the media in this country have a lot to answer to.
Sydney’s Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and teaching their young children how to torture the girls.
One woman has described how Sharrouf’s children threatened to behead them and film their deaths.
“(They) said that they would make a video while cutting off our heads,” the woman, who says she was bought as a slave by Sharrouf told the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night.
“The children were holding knives and told us that they were going to kills us. They were calling us infidels ‘all Yazidis are infidels’, they said, the whole world must convert to Islam.”
The women reported the harsh, violent existence in Raqqa was wearing down Sharrouf’s family who often pleaded with him to take them back to Australia.
“The family were always complaining, saying they can’t live in that place,” one woman said. “They were crying and quarrelling and demanding to return to Australia.
The bleeding hearts want these kids back in Australia, keep them where they are, they are not human and seriously have no future as humans.
Sharrouf and Elomar: Sex slave monsters
SYDNEY’S Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and teaching their young children how to torture the girls.–M.DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU

5 thoughts on “These Monsters Must Not Be Allowed To Return”

  1. It’s inconceivable that Australia would allow the Muslim Monsters to return. Keep them out at any cost! Any politician advocating the murderers be permitted back into Australia must be exposed for the traitor that he/she is, and be punished accordingly (Not going to happen, of course, but it SHOULD)!

    There are no existing laws to deal with InhumanCreatures such as Sadistic, Allah Mo-fu*ks in a satisfactory way-instant death-so they must be kept OUT of the country. Never let them back in!

  2. We are now seeing a flood of women and men wanting to return, while at the same time we are seeing droves of women leaving to go over there.
    I was under the impression that isis allows no one to leave. I do not trust either male or female to return without doing some harm.
    Yes there are some people who were once terrorists like Shoebat, and the other guy…son of hamas etc, but they are few and far between.
    And they were of a different kind of terrorist…if you know what I mean…but isis??? they are not of this world and therefore I do not trust anyone saying they want to return.
    Not one of them have said . I RENOUNCE ISLAM…. as for the kids…. they would need at least a year or 2 of some serious psychological therapy and re-education. Even then, I would say maybe 1 or 2 of the 5 would be successful and in time we could read a book of theirs saying what their life was like living with mentally deranged terrorists. But are we really going to take a chance on the others? And what of all the other wanna be returnees??? I just do not trust their motives. This bullshit of them saying it is not what they thought it was going to be and actually seeing the beheadings was different and they were used to clean toilets and a plethora of other excuses they will come up with.
    Yes, there are people thinking with their hearts and not their heads as far as the kids go…I am not one of them….. I believe these soft hearted people are projecting their own personal feelings, maybe guilt over their own failures as a parent, or thinking, what if that were my daughter and grandkids.
    It must be absolutely terrible for the non muslim grandparents of these kids, and my heart is heavy for them. But bear in mind their daughter has been estranged from them for the last 10 years. This daughter wants to come back to Australia because she does not want to live in the conditions she is currently in.
    Well tough luck sweetheart….suck it up. Yet this is not even enough to stop newbies from attempting to get over there.
    I am of a mind that there is so much more to this woman and her 5 kids…even the one who was married at 14, maybe she is using this excuse so she can get out of there and not being honest with her maniacal husband because he would burn her or have her stoned. That, I cannot and do not believe. I do not trust ANYONE who wants to return here.

  3. It would be better to simply let thousands of Ebola carriers in so they could bleed, vomit and have diarrhea in places where there are large groups of people who would be exposed. That way, the population of Australia would be destroyed much more swiftly and with less suffering.

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