Trash Talking Catmeat Sheik Blames Oz Gubmint For Jihad

“Imported Radicalism”

Taj Din al-Hilali says it’s a mutant form of Islam.
We beg to differ. It’s the tenets of Islam that drive, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Al Shabab, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jamaat-e-Islami, the jihadists who flock to Syria from Australia and those recently arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on our home soil. They are not following a perverse or misinterpreted version of Islam. They are following the teachings of Islam to the letter and emulating their Prophet Mohammed. They constantly let us know what inspires their actions, by quoting passages from the Koran. How condescending of us to presume they are wrong and that they don’t understand the Islamic doctrine.  (Rick Morton, The Australian thanks to the Q-Society)

Imported radicalism has snared thousands: Taj Din al-Hilali

Controversial former Islamic leader Taj Din al-Hilali has ­declared there are potentially “thousands” of young Australian Muslims willing to join Islamic State, the result of a creeping ­radicalisation and a mutant form of Islam about which he claims to have warned the Howard­ ­government.

In a rare interview, the former grand mufti of Australia told The Australian he believed Islamic State had the seeds of its ideology in Saudi-exported Wahhabism, which emboldened “takfirists” in the country. Sheik Hilali used the term takfirist to describe ultra-hardline Muslims who are quick to denounce others in Islam as apostates, for whom the punishment is death.

He said efforts to spread Islam and make its followers aware of its background “did not effectively present the moderate path among youths”. “So the voices of extremism became louder than the voices­ of reason, and the rigid ­extremists succeeded in attracting some youths under the appeal of jihad and martyrdom to gain paradise,” he said.

“What needs to be understood is that the ISIS ideology has its roots, its schools, its financing, its soil and its environment.

“The seeds of this ideology were originally established by Wahhabism, though this ideology had changed in recent times. It was funded by the Saudi (regime) and the Gulf (states) 100 per cent through individuals and organisations. It was nurtured through small sheiks … and regul­ar funding to these groups who do not understand the effects of incitement.

“I do not excuse the Australian government from its responsibility to protect Australian society from this bloody disease. Because the government adopted and supported failed projects that did not achieve any success in protecting youths and society from the dangers of the rigid takfiri ideology.”

Sheik Hilali, a former imam at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney’s south­west who stepped down as grand mufti in 2007, has a low profile these days and spends his time travelling between Australia and Egypt. His time in the role was plagued by outrage; he compared women who were preyed on by men to “uncovered meat” (although he maintains he intended to make the point that men should be able to control themselves) and was sacked from former prime minister John Howard’s Muslim community reference group on the charge that he was a Holocaust denier.

But he had a close relationship with former immigration minister Philip Ruddock.

The Australian understands he warned Mr Ruddock about the “ticking time bombs” of takfirist Muslims, who he said should be prevented from entering Australia and even offered to “go into the detention centres and point them out”.

Mr Ruddock said he could not recall such conversations.

“But we certainly met and it was certainly the case that some of the visiting sheiks from time to time might have presented us with concern and we would have welcomed comments,” he said.

“In the timeframe (before September 11, 2001) that I dealt with him, these issues were not of the same potency, nothing like ISIS was in existence.”

Sydney GP Jamal Rifi, a prominent figure in Lakemba’s Muslim community who has spoken forcefully about the need to confront the crisis of radicalisation, said Sheik Hilali was “very insightful” on these issues. “Regardless of what has been put publicly in the media, I have no doubt that he was a tower of strength to empower the moderate voices within our community itself,” Dr Rifi said.

“When he had the strength to oppose these people he certainly didn’t shy away from his responsibility.

“I think the current leadership is not meeting the challenges that are facing our community. Collectively, and including myself, we should have done a lot more than what we did.”

Sheik Hilali said Islamic leadership in Australia “suffers from failure and deficiency” due to internal and external barriers, least of which is the lack of a single, central leadership body.

Nowhere is there a single, central leadership body. That would be ‘unislamic’.  Their system is based on plausible deniability.

He said the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, whose dysfunction has been revealed by The Australian, “does not practice an effective role in promoting awareness of Islam, especially among youths”.

Not enough da’awa?

“This organisation must be reformed through constitutional change … and the creation of several committees that will include active qualified youths with a considered strategy,” he said.

The Australian National Imams Council, which Sheik Hilali helped create, was doing good work, he said, even if it could never truly be united.

“Each one of these imams submits to the Islamic society or association that pays his salary and is therefore unable to go against his committee,” he said. “However, there is no doubt that they serve their local community by promoting awareness of the teachings of Islam and also on social matters.”

Monash University Global Terrorism Research Centre acting director Gary Bouma said Sheik Hilali “has hardly been a promoter of good relations” between faiths in Australia and was a “firebrand” with half a point.

“There is no (one) Muslim community in Australia — they come from 63 different backgrounds and are radically Baptist, radically congregationist,” Professor Bouma said.

Professor Bouma is a  delusional Monnbat.

“Each mosque is on his own and each imam is on his own. The vast majority of Muslims are hell-bent on becoming middle-class.

“We do have some young people that get radicalised but here is not a dominant pattern: some of it is ideological, some of it is teenagers wanting to make a name for themselves. To say the moderates have failed to stand up to it is a bit cheap.”

Buma wouldn’t get it even if the jihad would bit him in the a$$.

Australia’s most senior Salafist cleric Sheik Mohammed Omran, who at times opposed and then supported Sheik Hilali during his tenure as grand mufti, maintains the threat of terrorism is overblown.

“There are so many issues to be more worried about than terrorists,” he told The Weekend Australian last week. “How many Australians have been killed by terrorists? Skin cancer, breast cancer kill thousands every year.”

Minimise it, lie about, obscure it, deny everything and tell the kafir dogs to bark up another tree. That’s the Mohammedan modus operandi.

For his part, Sheik Hilali believes the Australian government’s response to the threat of terror — including metadata laws and powers to strip dual citizenship — had tried to achieve “some positives” but ultimately had “shortcomings in the harsh police powers that terrorise innocents and children”.

Mohammedans terrorise us. The Australian government needs to protect us from the global jihad and Islamisation.

“This creates division and hatred among some Australian citizens towards their nation as it also stoked the fires of enmity among young people, and the evidence of this is the exit of tens of youths to join ISIS and other fighting groups in Iraq and Syria and, if more opportunities were open for more youths to travel, the numbers might reach the thousands,” he said.

Allah divided the world in believers and unbelievers. Islam will be victorious. Ask any Koranimal, they will tell you they same thing.

“These youths were nurtured and educated in Australia, so who made them think like this and transformed them into time bombs? I place the blame on the Australian government alongside Muslim organisations.”

That’s because Allah absolved the Mohammedans of any responsibility for their own actions.

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  1. I read the Wahhabis became Saudi’s official religion after they captured the 2 holy sights & held them ransom .The Saudis got US & French or British forces to dislodge them. Many died. But the Saudis agreed to make them official & give them a portion of wealth each yr.

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