Australia: useful idiots attack anti-Islamisation rally

Anti-Islam, anti-racism protesters clash in Australia
Anti-Islam, anti-racism protesters clash in AustraliaScuffles take place in Melbourne when members of far-right group United Patriots Front (UPF) attempt to storm town hall to ‘bring down’ left wing councilor.

Violence broke out between anti-Islam groups and campaigners against racism in the Australian state of Victoria on Sunday, with some protesters brawling on the steps of a Melbourne town hall.–World Bulletin / News Desk 

Anti-Islam and anti-racism gangs clash as Melbourne protest turns ugly
Gangs of anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters are clashing in violent scenes, as police officers fight desperately to keep the two groups apart in Melbourne,…  DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Australian women joining Islamic State not just ‘jihadi brides’: study
Australian women joining Islamic State are motivated by more than just the prospect of becoming a “jihadi bride”, a new study suggests.

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