Camoron ‘unhelpful’. ‘Islamophobia’, not ISIS, is the problem….

The Prime Minister has told Muslim communities to “play their part” in helping tackle “one of the biggest threats our world has faced”.

Yousif Al-Khoei from the Centre for Academic Shia Studies describes the Prime Minister’s comments as “unhelpful”.

In language described by some Muslim leaders as “unhelpful”, David Cameron suggested that some Muslims have been “quietly condoning” anti-Western ideology.

He told Sky News: “If the Government is serious about tackling ISIS they really need to take serious steps to tackle rampant Islamophobia – and we are actually recruiting more youths by targeting religion and targeting the people.”

UK Muslims helping jihadis, says Cameron
The Prime Minister (pictured) will also call for parents to stop blaming police and the security services for failing to prevent British teenagers heading to Syria.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
UK Muslim leader says Cameron’s call to fight radicalization “unhelpful”

Why in the f*&%$ would Camoron help the Koranimals to advance their agenda?

“If the Government is serious about tackling ISIS they really need to take serious steps to tackle rampant Islamophobia – and we are actually recruiting more…

Prepare yourself for the next wave of Muslim bashing but there is hope

… Take the ‘Daily Mail’ for example, a commentary article produced by the non-entity Manzoor Moghal states that Muslims are to blame for the way the ‘young people are radicalised’. …

More on the ‘non-entity’ and the rest of the usual muslim baggage at Asian ImageNewsby Hafeeza Badat, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The migrant invasion: Dramatic pictures show Calais crisis descend into anarchy
THESE dramatic pictures prove how the migrant crisis in Calais has now descended into open anarchy.
UK drivers warned after tensions rise in Calais 
With thousands of migrants massed in Calais desperately attempting to get to the UK, driving to the port has become hazardous and Britons are being urged to take…
REVEALED: Influx of migrants could be housed in camps for 18 MONTHS before being sent home

David Cameron has argued that more and more people will attempt to cross the Mediterranean if Europe does not start sending them home.

MIGRANTS flooding into Europe from over the Mediterranean may be held in camps for up to 18 months before they are sent home.
“You take them.” “No, YOU take them.” “NO, YOU TAKE THEM!”
At least 200 North African Muslim illegal aliens were stranded in Ventimiglia, near the Italian-French border, after French customs closed the border, refusing to…  BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

2 thoughts on “Camoron ‘unhelpful’. ‘Islamophobia’, not ISIS, is the problem….”

  1. A Problem Fixed (at last) …
    The problem name – described as…
    a false fear of islam
    is spelled incorrectly !!!

    islamophobia SPELLED CORRECTLY IS ….
    islamofauxbia … …

    (islamophobia is STILL experienced directly by islams from other islams)
    Now the world of Humans can get onto fixing the ….
    islamonausea ‘Problem’

    bye ! bye !
    arab-(islam MASTERS) & non-arab-(islam SLAVES)

  2. Democratic politics is all theatre – none of these treasonous creeps is really in charge of our countries.

    Like their equally globalist-owned enemedia brethren, they are paid to ask all the wrong questions all the time, so their corporazi oil-bankster sales-master owners won’t have to answer the real ones.

    “Our Leaders” assert that they know what’s best for us better than we do, and we masochists take the false moral high ground by pretending to believe them. That’s why we defer our responsibilities (and rights) to think for our selves by paying them to do our thinking “for us.” By which act we also told them we don’t consider our selves to be worth thinking about at all anyway! So we gave them the order to screw us! We don’t vote to elect people to represent us, but to replace us.

    They know what they’re doing – this gives them rights to their salaries authority and perks without any responsibility at all to we the people.

    Having rights without responsibility is that “Progress!” which all criminals dream of: a right to our stuff without having to earn or otherwise pay for it!

    Which is why they sell off our countries to the highest bidders (who often turn out to be our other enemies)!

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