Christina McIntosh: what to do with those ISIL headchoppers from downunder

Two More Bite the Dust: 2 Aussie-Passport-Holding Jihadis, Sharrouf and Elomar, Die Fighting For Islamic State


News that I sincerely hope is true.  If true, then ASIO and the AFP can scratch two more names off the long, long list of “Manifestly-Dangerous Mohammedans With Aussie Passports”.  But there are plenty more, at the moment, that fit that description. 

As reported by the ABC’s Dylan Welch, just this morning.


‘Khaled Sharrouf and Mohammed Elomar Killed Fighting With Islamic State in Mosul, Reports Say.

‘The Federal Government is working to confirm reports that Australia’s most infamous terrorists (sic: jihadis – CM) Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been killed while fighting with Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

In other news:

Andrew Bolt: Could we really reform such children? And who would pay the price for failure?

I feel very sorry for the children, to be brought up like that, yet am not anxious for them to return to us – especially in the care of their mother:

SYDNEY’S Islamic State butchers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of buying, raping and torturing Yazidi slave girls in Syria and teaching their young children how to torture the girls.

One woman has described how Sharrouf’s children threatened to behead them and film their deaths.

“(They) said that they would make a video while cutting off our heads,” the woman, who says she was bought as a slave by Sharrouf told the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night…

“The children were holding knives and told us that they were going to kills us. They were calling us infidels ‘all Yazidis are infidels’, they said, the whole world must convert to Islam.”

‘A person close to one of the men’s families told the ABC’s 7.30 program that the pair died in fighting in the city of Mosul, though that could not be immediately confirmed.

‘Another source close to the families said they were told Sharrouf and Elomar were killed by a drone strike in the past week.

‘Elomar’s body is believed to have been recovered but the remains of Sharrouf are missing.

‘The pair travelled to Syria and then Iraq in 2013, with Sharrouf using his brother’s passport to leave Australia.

‘Sharrouf and Elomar shot to global infamy last year when photos were posted online of them holding the severed heads of pro-Syrian government soldiers.

‘Sharrouf was also wanted by Australian authorities for his role in the suspected shooting execution of an Iraqi official outside Mosul.

‘Elomar’s postings on social media indicated he was a popular and influential figure among Australians (sic: “among Australia-resident Muslims” – CM) who turned up to fight for IS.

Bite the bullet, ABC. It’s “Islamic State”. With the “Islamic” in bold, because that is what it is. It’s Islamic to its sandal-straps. – CM

‘Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Australian officials were awaiting verification of the reports of their deaths.

“Our security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies will be working to verify these reports, but I stress it’s very difficult to gain the information necessary, given that it is a war zone”, she said.

“Australians should not be there (really? – as far as I am concerned, if all Aussie-passport-holding Australia-resident members of the allah gang or Mohammedan Mob were to choof off to Syria and stay there, so long as they handed in their passports and publicly renounced their Aussie citizenship on the way out, and never came back, I would be absolutely delighted.  Dear Ms Bishop: those Aussie-resident Muslims who want to go to Syria – or to any other jihad hotspot within the dar al islam, e.g. Yemen – let them go.  BUT…once you know they have left, do. not. let. them. come. back.  If you are worried about the innocents whom these departing-from-Australia Mohammedan mobsters may murder, rape or rob in Syria or Iraq …talk to Barnabas Fund and other valid Christian charities who know how to identify the bona fide Assyrian -and other- Christians from that area, and then open up our doors to those desperate and mortally-endangered Christians, whether those fleeing places like Mosul, or those already living as refugees in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon; get them out of harm’s way. Prioritise the Christians. Only the Christians and, since they do appear to be non-Muslim, the Yazidis; and the few remaining Mandaeans. Let’s take in the non-Muslims.  And only the non-Muslims.  Because the Muslim ‘refugees’ we took in from Lebanon, and those we’ve taken from Somalia and Afghanistan, have already proven to be dangerous and all too liable to engage in antisocial behaviour. – CM) and again we stress that any Australian  thinking of going to Syria or Iraq or to the Middle East to support Daesh (spit it out, Ms Bishop – say it – Islamic State – because that’s what it is – CM), to support this brutal terrorist organisation, should not go.

Well, Ms Bishop, if they stay here, and then Go Jihad right here …driving cars into crowds, like that Bosniak Muslim just did in Austria and as other Muslims have done in Israel more than once and in the USA more than once, or whacking off heads as was done to Lee Rigby, or if they attack a school, or a big shopping centre, or a slew of hotels, and sort out the Muslims from the non-Muslims and murder and rape the non-Muslims whilst letting the Muslims go…what are you going to do then?   Let’s keep them all here so that, sooner or later, they can murder a whole bunch of us dirty Aussie infidels???   Because that’s what will happen. It’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN.  So far we’ve been lucky. But sooner or later our police, our AFP, our ASIO, will slip, just once; and a lot of Aussie infidels will get murdered by allahuakbaring pious Muslims…and the ABC and the Sydney Morning Herald and most of our politicians will chant in unison – even while the blood is still wet on the floor and the allahu akbars are still ringing in our ears – that it’s got NothingtodowithIslam.  Muslims we should never have let into the country in the first place. Got Muslims…Got Jihad.  We got Muslims, Ms Bishop, 600 000 Muslims and counting; and by god, Ms Bishop. we have got Jihad; plots a-hatching all the time, one after another. – CM

“It’s an offence against Australian law and it’s adding to the misery and suffering of the people of Syria and Iraq (Ms Bishop – we could rescue the Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Yazidis who are currently being subjected to genocide by Muslims, by stating flatly to the UN that we have X thousand special humanitarian refugee places we are prepared to offer to said Christians and Yazidis… and only to Christians and Yazidis, not to Muslims – CM) and they’re putting their own lives in danger.

Dear Ms Bishop: I couldn’t care two hoots about the life of someone who enjoys watching beheading videos, and who is attracted by the prospect of being able to buy a seven or eight or ten year old Christian or Yazidi child slave to keep as his personal sex toy.  So long as such a person – or his female camp follower, who is looking forward to having a terrified non-Muslim child as her slave-girl, to be tormented at will – remains in Australia, he is a danger to me and mine and to every non-Muslim in the vicinity.  I care about the lives of Aussie non-Muslims whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, animist, Sikh, or atheist, and whether black, brown, yellow or brindle.  And the lives of all those Aussie non-Muslims are in danger so long as there are jihad-minded Muslims in our midst, poring over beheading videos, sharpening knives, and listening to hate-the-infidel sermons down at the local mosque.  By keeping those Muslims here, Ms Bishop, you are putting our lives in danger.  – CM

‘If confirmed, their deaths would likely be greeted with relief by security agencies (understatement of the year – CM) who believed both men continued to reach back to Australia to communicate with young, impressionable Muslims and convince them to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight under the IS (Islamic State – CM) banner.

Don’t worry, the flow of jihadis will continue, because Islamic State is, well, Islamic, and those who are raised Muslim – as well as those who convert – are primed to hear the summons to wage Jihad fi sabil allah. – CM

‘Australian police warrants were issue for both men last year, but they had long professed a desire to die on the battlefields of the Middle East and it was unlikely either would ever return to Australia to be arrested.

So why didn’t we just cancel their passports and annul the Aussie infidel citizenship status that they had so publicly and contemptuously repudiated? – CM

‘Early this year Sharrouf and Elomar were accused of enslaving women from the Yazidi religious minority in Northern Iraq.

Totally believable.  Now, Ms Bishop and other Aussie politicians need to read the “Easy Meat” report on the Muslim sex gangs who have preyed upon and abused and tormented thousands of British non-Muslim girls – mostly underaged – and consult with Rev Dr Mark Durie on the Islamic mindset that predisposes to such behaviour, and have a good long think about whether it’s a good idea to have and retain large – and expanding – Mohammedan colonies in our midst. Because if Elomar and Sharrouf had stayed in Australia, what might they have gotten up to, here, given what they were doing in Iraq, before they got killed?  And what might other Muslims right here in Australia be getting up to, already? – CM

‘Dr Clarke Jones, a terrorism expert from the Australian National University, said if the reports were true, the deaths of Sharrouf and Elomar would be a “significant blow to Islamic State”.

Not so much, I  fear. Plenty more where they came from…The Ummah colonies all over the West and beyond the West are churning out similar at a rate of knots. – CM

‘He said they both played a fairly major role, particularly on social media, by attracting people to I.S.

Oh my dear ABC and everyone else, I am so tired of this business of the avoidance of the “I.” word. Islamic State, Islamic State, Islamic State. Use its right name, because it is Islamic, Islamic, Islamic, practising nothing but the purest traditional by-the-book Mohammed-emulating Islam, Islam, Islam. – CM

‘If the two men were confirmed dead, Dr Jones said it could make people (sic: “people” – no, not just any people, Dr Jones – MUSLIMS – CM) angry and want to go and fight for I.S.

So resisting jihad causes Jihad, eh? So somebody – whether Syrian Alawite, or American, or not-sufficiently-Islamic non-Arab Kurdish Sunni Muslim – getting in a lucky shot and blowing away two Mohammedan beheaders and dealers in underaged non-Muslim sex slaves, will make Australian-resident Muslims “angry”, and we can’t have that, can we? So we shouldn’t try to kill jihadi rapists and beheaders, because it makes Muslims ‘angry’, so that more of them will go off to Syria and elsewhere, to behead people and to enslave and rape little Christian and Yazidi girls…?? – CM

“But let’s hope it has more of a deterrent value in the sense that it will show young people (sic; young MUSLIMS, Dr Jones; somehow I suspect that the average young Aussie Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or atheist isn’t particularly interested in going off to join Islamic State – CM) that even the more experienced fighters and even the core of Islamic State are still in great jeopardy overseas in Syria and Iraq”, he told Lateline.

Have you forgotten about the gardens of paradise and those dark-eyed high-breasted houris, and the promise of buying escape from torments of the grave, that is offered to all who perish in the course of jihad fi sabil allah? Islam is a death cult, mate. Trying to dissuade the high-on-Islam would-be “martyrs” by telling them they’re gonna get killed, is kinda futile. – CM

‘Dr Jones said Sharrouf’s wife Tara Nettleton (oho; a convert to Islam, I see – CM) had made inquiries on how she and their children could come back to Australia.

No. Bed. made. lie.  Too dangerous.  – CM

“And I suppose we should have more concern for the kids and trying to get them out of the conflict zone”, Dr Jones said.

Trouble is, most of the kids are old enough to have embraced the death cult programming.  You want your kid to go to school with a kid who knows how to slice off someone’s head with a knife, and has witnessed it – not on a video but in real life – and has handled the severed head afterward??  You cool with that, Dr Jones?  I’m NOT. – CM

“I know that one of Khaled Sharrouf’s young daughters, a 14 year old, had married Mohammed Elomar, so these two do leave families behind, and I suppose in one sense we have some sort of sympathy for the children, but in the atrocities that they’ve committed overseas it’s very hard to have any sympathy for them whatsoever.”

I have none, Dr Jones. And although it is tragic that children have been born into and then steeped within a cesspool of murderous hate – murderous hate focused laserlike against dirty infidels like you and me, Dr Jones, who are hated, at bottom, merely because we are not Muslims – I think realistically we need to focus on and prioritise the safety of non-Muslim Aussie children. And that aimDr Jones, is best served by preventing the return of identifiable jihadi families such as the Sharroufs…and beyond that, by stopping the importation of any more Muslims into Australia, period.  Where there are Muslims there is Jihad.  The more Muslims any country has, the more Jihad it suffers.  So the logical thing to do is to limit the number of Muslims. We shouldn’t have let them in at all in the first place.  Then we wouldn’t have Dangerous Converts like our traitorous Ms Nettleton, nor jihadist-nurturing families like the Sharroufs and the Elomars, who have brought to Australia nothing but trouble.– CM

Don’t tell sob stories about Sharrouf’s widow

Andrew Bolt

A little more frankness from the lawyer might help:

Barrister Charles Waterstreet represents Karen Nettleton, the mother of [Khaled] Sharrouf’s wife Tara. He’s trying to get the family back to Australia.

CHARLES WATERSTREET, BARRISTER: They’ve lost a husband and a father: little children. And a grandmother has lost custody of them at the moment.

They actually lost a psychopathic killer and rapist who was such a sick father that he got at least one of his five children to hold up a severed head.

CHARLES WATERSTREET: Tara did not know that when she left Australia and went to Malaysia that where she was going. She had another place told to her by her husband and so she ended up in Syria – in Turkey and Syria – not fully knowing exactly where she was.

Pardon? She didn’t purchase tickets to her destination? She didn’t check the destination on her ticket? Didn’t check the departures board to see where she was going? Hadn’t followed the news about her husband? Didn’t ask about where she was smuggled to with her children?

Give me a break.

Here is the story as told by The Australian last year:

With her mother, Karen Nettleton, and the couple’s five children in tow, the Muslim convert flew to ­Malaysia, where the family stayed with Sharrouf’s sister and brother-in-law. From there, Tara Nettleton and the kids boarded another plane, this one to Turkey. Then they slipped across the border into Syria where they were reunited with Sharrouf, who, along with his friend Mohamed Elomar, was fighting with Islamic State.

And did Tara Nettleton really have no idea that her travel would take her to where ASIO would not want her to go? Why disguise her destination?

According to the Attorney-Generals ­Department Ms Nettleton, her children and their grandmother left Australia after booking return tickets to ­Malaysia in February.

And didn’t she stick with this man even when he was jailed in Australia for terrorism offences?

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