Diet Coke Muslima is a notorious Islamo agitprop….

Although she has an extensive record of supporting radical Islamist groups, Ahmad was recognized by the Obama White House as a leading “Muslim female in the United States,” according to a release from her University. She is a frequent Ramadan dinner attendee at the White House.

Diet Coke Muslima has ties to Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood groups

What is behind her bogus claim of “Islamophobic” victimhood begins to come clear in this context. “‘Diet Coke’ Muslim Discrimination Passenger Has Ties to Radical Imams,” by Jordan Schachtel, Breitbart, June 1, 2015:

A Muslim woman who claimed over the weekend–in a social media post that has since gone viral–that United Airlines discriminated against her because of her faith, has a history rife with deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Imams.

31-year-old Tahera Ahmad, who serves as the Muslim chaplain at Northwestern University, claimed over the weekend that she was discriminated against because a United Airlines flight attendant allegedly refused to give her a full can of unopened Diet Coke. When asked for an explanation as to why she had been refused her unopened Diet Coke, the flight attendant allegedly told her that the Coke can could be used as a “weapon on the plane,” Ahmad stated in a Facebook post. After she complained, a passenger told her, “You Moslem you need to shut the f—k up,” according to Ahmad’s recounting of what happened on board. Ahmad’s Facebook page was taken down this afternoon.

Without any evidence (but for her firsthand account) that the incident ever occurred, many in the mainstream media have taken to reporting on Ahmad’s account as a case of “Islamophobia.”

Islamic supremacist groups such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic relations) have condemned United, telling Al Jazeera that they have taken an interest in filing a lawsuit on behalf of Ahmad.

Ahmad’s claims of discrimination have not been corroborated by any passengers, and United Airlines rejects that any wrongdoing or acts of discrimination occurred.

Muslim Woman Felt Hatred on United Flight. So What?
There’s something unbalanced, about a Muslim complaining that an airline employee mistreated her while an Emirates bans all Jews in violation of US law. | RedState

Tahera Ahmad: ‘This isn’t about me and a soda can, it’s about systemic injustice’

Of course it is. The filthy kafirs are unjust. Once they live under sharia they will learn what real justice is, right?

She plans to continue using the momentum of her story to elevate the conversation. …   More momentum and conversation-elevation at The Guardian thanks to Mullah, pbuh

That Unopened Can Of Coke, That Muslimah On The Plane Looking For Trouble, by Hugh Fitzgerald

The whole story of the supposed “mistreatment of a Muslim” over the refusal of an airline employee to provide an unopened can of coke was absurd — but not too absurd for that organ of Qatari propaganda, Al Jazeera, to make a big story out of it, and for Muslims all over to express whipped-up outrage and fury and the determination to boycott United unless it cravenly owns up to this or to that, starting with an apology, the more craven the better, so as to feed the narrative of mistreatment of Muslims. .

What happened is this: a Muslimah, hijabbed, aggressive and with a long record connecting her to the most obviously unsavory characters, including the Muslim Brotherhood, was given — like tens of millions of passengers every year — a can of coke which had been already had its little metal tab pulled off, before being given to a passenger, by a member of the airline’s crew. One of the sounds one can easily summon up is that of the stewardess coming slowly down the aisle — when, oh when will she reach me? — and you can hear the trays being passed out, and the sound of the tabs coming off, one by one, for those who ask not for water or wine but for the tertium quid, beyond either con- or trans- substantiation, of coca-cola or something similar. It’s obvious why that Opening of the Can is official policy, followed all the time, tens of thousands of times a day, by all airlines. A pulled-off tab can be used as a weapon, might even be used to cut someone’s throat. And a full unopened can of coke is heavier, doesn’t lose its fluid, could be used to hit someone with — it is indeed plausible to think of it, in the right hands, as a weapon. The hijabbed complainer whines that when she asked for an “unopened can” for “hygienic reasons” (what does that mean? that the stewardess was, as a non-Muslim, disgustingly unclean, najis? Let’s talk about the Muslim view of Infidels a bit more in the context of this case, shall we?). she was told it was against the rules because — she quotes — “you can use it as a weapon.” She claims that the “you” was directed at her, specifically, as a Muslim. But even if she has quoted correctly, and not made it up, the use of the word “you” does not mean “you” but, colloquially, and all the time, “one,” “anyone.” Examples of this are: “You could lose your shirt if you invest in penny stocks.” “You won’t go wrong if you try that restaurant.” “You have to watch out for deer crossing the road.” And so on. Ms. Ahmed, looking for trouble and making it, perhaps simply does not comprehend English. The phrase — even if it was used, which is not at all clear — “you could use it [the can of unopened coke] as a weapon” means “an unopened can of coke can be used as a weapon.”

The immediate organizing by Muslims of a campaign of whipped-up fury and cries of a boycott leave one only with one impression”: this is one more example of a sustained campaign, by Muslims in the United States and all over the advanced West, to make it seem that they are being vctimized, and to weaken the legitimacy of the perfectly reasonable surveillance of Muslims in this country. The observable behavior, and attitudes, of Muslims all over the West, and in Muslim lands, too, toward the remaining non-Muslims who may still have to endure life in such places, has generated justified suspicion and hostility. If, in addition to that observable behavior, one were to add a knowledge of the history of Muslim conquest and subjugation of many different non-Muslim peoples in the lands conquered, one’s suspicion, hostility, and alarm would be even greater. And if in addition to a knowledge of that observable behavior, and that historical record, one were to add a knowledge of what is containted in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, one’s alarm, suspicion, and permanent hostility toward the adherents of Islam would grow and grow.

I don’t think it should be left at that. I think the airline should sue Ms. Ahmad, for whipping up, quite baselessly, hostility toward the airline, and attempting to cause it economic damage for simply enforcing the rules (as for the supposed comment, made by a passenger, that she should, as a Muslim, “shut the fuck up” –the evidence for that having occurred is only Ms. Ahmad herself, and in any case, did it happen, has nothing to do with the airline’s policies nor is the airline responsible in any way) put in place for the safety of passengers. She should be made an example, so that this kind of thing is not attempted by other Muslims, trying to manufacture an incident. If the airline, on behalf of itself and all the other airlines being similarly besieged, won’t sue, then perhaps at the very least this dangerous lady can be put on a No-Fly List by the government. That will not end, but will decrease the frequency, of such incidents. And we can all breathe a sigh of grim relief.

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    “Muslims are beginning to rise, you are fighting men who look into the barrel of a gun and see heaven”

    -Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Muslim, Jihadist, Terrorist, Boston Marathon Butcher (recently sentenced to death)


    There is no room in this world for Islam save for a few countries, a few dark, savage and barbaric corners of the world, a sort of geographic version of solitary confinement for the world’s lunatics, a Devil’s Island if you will.

    I have said before and will say it again, and as the weeks pass the inevitable reality becomes clearer and clearer; the Muslims have no place amongst us and must be removed from our midst.

    Personally, everyone knows where this is headed and I say the sooner we get started the sooner we get it over with and reintroduce some peace and quiet into our lives.

    Now, I want you to ask yourselves a question.

    Of all the ethnic groups, the different races, the different religions….please name one of them which has brought the endless amounts of demands, of duplicity and deceit, of divisive action, of sowing of dissension, of constant distraction, of destruction and finally of the endless need for superiority and domination.

    Muslims, they’re the only group, not the Hindu’s, not the Catholics, not the Atheists, not the Buddhists, not the Coptic Christians, not the Christians, not the Vietnamese, not Italians, not the Slavs, not the eastern Europeans, not the Asians, not the French or the Germans or the British or the Scots or the Swedes or the Norwegians or the Finns or the Russians, NOT ONE GROUP, SAVE THE MUSLIMS, HAS BROUGHT SO MUCH TROUBLE, SO MUCH HEARTACHE AND FEAR, TO THE CIVILIZED WORLD……….NOT ONE!!!

    Its not about the “assimilation” of Muslims, they have absolutely no intention of assimilating. Its not about equality as they have an equal footing in this country from day one and besides, they don’t feel equal anyway, not to us, to say they are equal to us is to them, a grievous and injurious sleight. Its not about their rights, they have the same rights as each and every one of us, simply, its about their desire to dominate, to be superior and to have their wishes, their desires, their petty sensibilities and their haughty, incessant demands trump all others and anything less than our full capitulation to their simpering, conniving and hostility becomes “racism” and “a hate-crime”. What a bloody farce.

    Now we see our freedoms and legal protections under attack, the very foundation of our open, free and civilized society is being hammered away at.

    The freedom of speech is now on the block, imagine that, to speak the truth of the madness of Islam, of the sickness of the child molesting, mass murdering, psychopath and war mongering lunatic the Muslims worship, Muhammad (the prophet), is now a “hate-crime”.

    Next in line is the destruction of our legal system with the implementation of Sharia Law, and in the face of this our elected officials sit idly by, sullen and indifferent. This was predicted a few years ago, and now it has come to pass.

    Well my friends, the time has come and the writing is on the wall, our future in these next few years can be found in the reflection of Europe this very minute. The time has come to deal with our Muslim friends very harshly, to respond to them and deal with the Muslim /Islamic problem in a manner that is severe and unswerving, to provide an effective solution that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    Every single non-Muslim in this country, save for the Leftist Useful Idiots, knows this cannot go on unless we desire to see our country destroyed at the hands of these lunatic worshiping provocateurs, so let us move forward, let us begin the process of dealing with our Muslim friends. Let us do what those men and women we elected refuse to do.

    Unfortunately there is little solidarity amongst the opponents of Islam, we are a fractured group, torn along religious, political and cultural lines with a smattering of victims of conscience thrown in for added colour and confusion, and adding to that lack of solidarity, we have our enemies in the form of the useful idiots.

    We have the likes of Romeo Dallaire, a battle fatigued, drug addled general, now Canadian senator, whose good intentions and sensibilities are grotesquely perverted by the faces of the dead that haunt his dreams.

    We have the Leftists like Justin Trudeau, Libby Davies and Olivia Chow who find good in the quintessentially evil. The ravages of the cancer of Leftism permeate the halls of power and its echoes can be heard in virtually every courtroom, schoolroom and government office. Evidence found even on the street level as our police constables, schooled in the “new reality”, turn a blind eye to the excesses of our Muslim friends based on “cultural differences”.

    We have the theological equation whose infatuation with the teachings of Christ have them, after being murdered, rent and torn, turning the “other cheek”, and in fact the other cheek is not enough as they offer up their own children to these madmen. Witness Bishop Fabbro, in spite of having the ability to strip the charter from a Catholic School, he stood idly by as administrators of the Mother Theresa Catholic School in London, Ontario, opened a Muslim prayer room right in the school!!!

    We have the Devil’s advocates who sweep into courtrooms on wings of black and give stirring orations, excusing and mitigating the monstrous actions of their clients, all whilst the beneficiaries of their passionate defences sit lurking behind them, smug in the knowledge that the objects of their hatred are burdened with blindness and a boundless stupidity, smug in the knowledge that they will be set loose once again to pluck from the flock at will.

    We have an ocean of ignorance, apathy and cowardice as reflected in the majority of the citizenry. Legions of the unwashed, the unemployed, the uninformed and the uninspired, men and women whose lives revolve around their genitals and stomachs with the occasional belly laugh wrought from some intellectually bankrupt sit-com. Obscenity found in their gullibility, as, having lost the power of original thought, they have abdicated the stewardship of their lives to the State.

    And what of the State? Smirking politicians and the legions of Leftists able to win elections and sway public opinion through manipulation of fact and the use of peer pressure and the latest polls. Imagine that, the ship of state powered by the dull witted whose focus and vote rest on the very mechanism used to determine the palatability of soda pop and potato chips. It boggles the mind.

    These are our enemies, these are the impediments to dealing with the cancer of Islam, our task made exponentially more difficult by the efforts of those who despise themselves, despise truth, despise their heritage; delusional, collaborative, arrogant fools wrapped in cloaks of the self loathing.

    I take great exception to the assertion that we will make great strides against the advance of Islam in the next decade. That assertion is defeated simply by looking at the advances the Islamists have made in the shadow of what was once the World Trade Center.

    Imagine for a moment if Clifford Olson were to set up shop across from a playground, or if Ted Bundy set up an advice hot-line for timid men on meeting women, or if Robert Picton were to open a rape crisis center. This, in essence, is what the Muslim community did when they tried to open the Ground Zero Mosque, an endeavour so obscene, so injurious, yet look at the uphill battle the handful of opponents to that mosque faced. A battle made a virtual war through the ignorance and wilful blindness of New Yorkers, New Yorkers still rubbing the dust of two collapsed skyscrapers from their eyes, New Yorkers still picking from their persons bits of flesh, all that remained of over 3000 souls.

    The grand entrance of the Good Muslims.

    Witness this past Remembrance Day, the young Muslims screaming their derision and obscenities at those who had gathered to honour Canada’s war dead, witness the Muslims who threaten and spit upon young boys and girls selling poppies, and all we do is turn our backs and shuffle away.

    Look at the recent “film” demonstrations in downtown Toronto where estimates have the attendance ranging from 1500 to 2500 persons. This is not a small gathering of bald guys with beer guts and funny tattoo’s in southern Alberta singing their rendition of “You’n’ Me and Zyklon B”, this is 2500 persons, shadowed by 50 to 150,000 of their more timid counterparts who stayed at home, openly calling for murder and mayhem. Notice the children amongst them, the next generation of Jihadists, carrying signs and calling for murder.

    I want you to think about that number my friends, here in Canada, 2500, not 50, but 2500, not 250, but 2500. This was a wake-up call, an echoing of the same wake-up call heard from Dearborn Michigan, USA.

    These are the “good Muslims”.

    Where were any of these people when Muslim women and girls were murdered to satisfy the sensibilities of Muhammad? They were nowhere to be seen. Where were any of these men and women when the terrorists among them stood trial in Toronto? They were nowhere to be seen. But called out to deny the truth of Muhammad’s madness and they come out in droves. They bluster, threaten and intimidate at the behest of self righteous provocateurs.


  2. PART TWO………….


    Further on the issue of the “good Muslim”. The apologists state that the many “good Muslims” simply are afraid of conflict. I think otherwise. These men and women are the part of the Muslim equation that is, to our considerable detriment, being ignored.

    These are men and women who are quietly biding their time waiting for the balance of power to shift. Where do you think all the Muslim sensibilities will lay once they have that balance of power firmly in their grip? Do you think them still to be staunch defenders of democracy, freedom and of human rights? No, they will simply fall on the side of the Islamists.
    Think of it, will a timid Muslim who now refuses to confront his peers for their excesses turn and oppose them when they are in positions of greater power and influence? No he will not for to oppose them now may result in a few slashed tires or broken windows, but to oppose them when their footsteps echo throughout the halls of power will be nothing less than suicide. There are no “good Muslims”, that is a myth and a vicious, suicidal lie.

    We have only to look to Europe and the blossoming of the “Arab Spring” to see what Canada will become in these next few years.

    The Egyptian “Arab Spring”, spreading like gonorrhoea in a brothel, has now become the carnival of Middle Eastern psychopathy with side show of minding numbing sexual deviance thrown in for added colour. No candied apples, sugar floss, corn dogs and games of whack-a-mole to be had along the midway of renewed Islamic fervour……nay my friends just severed heads, mutilated vaginas and the rotting corpses of all who dare oppose the love of Allah.

    Across the Middle East a smothering blanket of darkness, barbarity and lunacy, the manifestation of the sick mind of a psychopath who wandered the earth 1400 years ago, the sick and decayed mind of Muhammad, is drawn across the land. Women are now forced to cover up and shuffle, as frightened mice, along the alleyways of cities across the Middle East. Universities now turn away women, murder and intimidation is the order of the day, religious police now number in the thousands……….Muhammad has come to call!!!!

    The first sale of an Egyptian woman as a “sex slave” heralded the “The New Islamic Dawn”. The passing of laws allowing an Egyptian Muslim man, in a last injurious and insulting act of Islamic male adoration, to mount and defile the rotting corpse of his dead wife as if to say…. ” Oh my sweet Muslimah, after a lifetime of living as little more than my little piece of human garbage, I now subject you to one last act of domination and humiliation…..”

    Egyptian Muslim fathers kill their daughters with venomous snakes. Laws being passed rolling back the age of consent for a little girl to 9 years old thus providing fodder for legions of grunting, drooling Muslim pedophiles who, in accordance with the example set by Muhammad, can now, in an act of Islamic marriage, legally rape and sodomize those same little girls.

    Lovers sitting too close to each other in public are butchered. Women, shopping for their families without the required black bodybag, run a gauntlet of groping and vulgar propositions through the marketplace. Honour killings of women are now filmed as the new Islamic reality shows……and they are my friends….the new Islamic reality.

    Now, we see, with virtual impunity, Muslim criminality abound across Europe……as its citizens, raped, murdered, tortured, robbed, cowed and set alight, are swept up in the passion of Muhammad. Now, we see, with virtual impunity, as the hard won legal charters that nurtured and gave foundation to the light, intellectual freedom and advancement of Western civilization, are battered and torn down by Muslims bearing the ominous weapon of “Multicultural Tolerance and Understanding”.

    Look to France as Mohamed Mehra, in addition to killing soldiers and a rabbi, killed 3 little children. Holding one little girl to his chest, he looked into her face, smiled, and then, placing the gun to her head and pulling the trigger, blew her brains out. Mehra’s father and the French equivalent of Omar Khadr’s lawyers like Dennis Edney and Brydie Bethell are now suing the French government for wrongful death in the killing of Mehra during his arrest.
    Islamic leaders are now calling for the beheading of German politicians and citizens and the widespread publication of those beheadings so that Germany will feel “the power of the sword of Islam”

    The Islamic call to prayer will now, blasting from minaret’s at 5 am, reverberate across Sweden as the Swedes are “made to feel themselves subdued”

    Oslo’s non-Muslim women are raped, and in one two year period all 48 rapes were committed by Muslim men from North Africa and the Middle East.

    Malmo’s Jews have all but fled with the remainder now fearing murder and bombings. Across Europe and the Nordic countries Jews are terrified and on the move. This and, over the sound of bags being packed and moving trucks loaded, the echoes of Auschwitz can still be heard.

    Across Europe the citizens, the descendants of those who brought light and civilization to Europe, are now abandoned by those men and women they elected to protect them. In the hand wringing and self serving simpering of Islamic apologists can be heard the hammer blows that are forging the shackles of Islam that will be worn by Europeans for the next ten thousand years.

    Muhammad has come to call.

    And still there are those who stand whimpering and whining and speaking of peaceful discourse, of compromise, of capitulation, all while those they speak to, the Muslims, stand leering and sharpening their knives…..did we learn nothing from Neville Chamberlain?

    I have no illusions as to where Canada is headed should we not deal decisively with the Muslims……it will be madness and madness is the birth mother of chaos and vigilantism.

    As an example consider the following:

    In a small town the local dog-catcher has rounded up a half a dozen mutts. Dogs with distemper, rabies and dispositions that have resulted in several attacks on local denizens. Sitting in his chair one evening he ponders the fate of the dogs; warm and fuzzy little creatures with begging eyes and whimpering that tugs at his heart strings. Overwhelmed with sentimentality, he swings open the doors to the cages whereupon the dogs immediately run amok in the town, badly mauling several children and killing several senior citizens.

    What do you think would happen to the dog-catcher after the townsfolk had regained their senses? I can absolutely guarantee you that, if he survived the enthusiastic beatings he would get from the townsfolk, he would suffer a withering course of criminal indictment, incarceration upon conviction and a blizzard of civil actions that would leave him penniless.

    So then, consider the actions of dog-catchers like Romeo Dallaire, John Norris, Dennis Edney, Brydie Bethell and Nathan Whitling, as their vigorous defence of an unrepentant terrorist, Omar Khadr, has now returned him to Canada and will, possibly within months, see his 40 year sentence for murder and terrorism eviscerated and him walking the streets of Toronto on paths of rose petals strewn by thousands of his admirers, strewn by thousands of “good Muslims”.

    The horror of the hypothetical…..

    In the days that follow the “liberation celebrations”, little Omar Khadr’s disciples, ever the busy little bees, are working overtime to bring to the attention of the filthy infidels, the error of their ways. Christ and Christmas reviled by Khadr’s Kid’s, they select an appropriate time of the year. The bomb detonates at Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair, the explosion turns the surrounding area into a maelstrom of razor sharp glass and shrapnel, shredding flesh to bone. Those close to the center of the blast evaporate, others turn to jelly. Blood runs rivers and the screams of the dying, piercing the air, shred the sanity of the survivors. The will of Allah and Muhammad is done and Omar Khadr, flanked by his poisonous mother and siblings, turns to Mecca, kneels and gives thanks to his God.

    The city is terrified, the country is terrified, and the long black line of cars bears the victims to their final reward. Another page in the book of Western understanding of Islam now written.

    Now comes the ability to hold those responsible for the loosing of hyenas’ amongst the sheep to account. Unfortunately, the penalties levied against the dog-catcher are not available as mechanisms of redress and accountability in dealing with those whose litigious contortions set loose madmen.

    The Mainstream Media grinds into action its game of “Distract and Dissuade”.

    Politicians will rise in legislatures and Parliament and, with hand on heart, gripping the latest poll numbers, whilst dabbing crocodile tears, give fiery speeches and eulogies….merely self serving exercises in hypocrisy.

    In the darkness of living rooms, men sit and, fingering the photographs of dead wives and children, look, through the fish-eyed lens of tear stained eyes, at those faces they will never see again. They hear the echoes of the voices of those they will never speak to again. And, awash in grief and comfortless agony, they know who is responsible for their loss and the darkness that surrounds them.

    In the light of this, I ask you this question; for right or wrong and knowing it is a criminal act, would not the men, now widowed and having buried their loved ones, abandoned by the politicians elected to protect them, abandoned by the courts, abandoned by spineless agencies of law enforcement, abandoned by the avenues of redress held out to them as their only alternative, would not they be justified in hunting down the self righteous dog catchers and killing them?

    Right or wrong, the actions of the men would be condemned as criminal but understood as infinitely and righteously just by millions of Canadians.

    I have no illusions as to where Canada is headed should we not deal decisively with the Muslims.

  3. PART THREE……..


    We are in grave danger and yet those who are charged with our protection are blind to that danger, this is what Breivik wrote about and this is what is giving rise to millions of Breivik’s who are sitting, patiently waiting for the line they have drawn in the sand to be crossed.

    The clash we will face in the coming weeks and months is a clash of cultures and political ideology, but if you think this will be just a warm and fuzzy debate over coffee and biscuits think again, this is going to come to blood and, I fear, much sooner than I anticipate.

    The reality is there are those amongst us who are realists and as such know full well that sooner or later people are going to die as a result of this clash.

    Then there are those of us who prefer to live lives of quiet desperation on their knees, the sum total of their lives little more than grotesque and sullen obedience in the face of Islamic tyranny.

    Do you think it bothers me that I may be viewed as a threat to those who seek my enslavement?, it bothers me not.

    Do you think it bothers me to use my real name when I write and send what I write to every Member of Parliament in Canada knowing full well my political position will cross the desk of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and the RCMP, sent to the same by Leftist liberals, senators and the NDP, it bothers me not.

    Do you think it bothers me that my enemies, the Muslims, may know who I am?, it bothers me not.

    I prefer to live and die on my feet, looking my enemies in the eye and spitting in their faces. How rich that I am now made to shuffle away from those who have washed up on the shores of my country with their hands out, how rich that I am made to defer to those who were offered kindness, generosity and hospitality, those very guests now bite the hands that were extended to them in genuine welcome.

    And I should apologize for the rage that burns inside me for their injurious demands and their ingratitude? I should smile and choke back the bile that rises in my throat every time I hear their shrill voices screaming that I am not giving them enough or that what I have given them is not to their liking? I think not my friends, I think not.

    As for my politics, I do not favour murder nor vigilantism but I am a realist and know that the stupidity, treachery and treason of the Whitling’s, Bethell’s, Trudeau’s and Dallaire’s are the crucible in which Islamo-fascism is forged, the same crucible that forges vengeance and vigilantism.

    And should this lunacy in our courts, our legislatures and our Parliament continue it will fall to a group of men and women to free us from the inevitable results of that lunacy.

    It will fall to men and women I greatly admire.

    It will fall to the likes of Missak Manouchian, an immigrant, a poet and a man who spit in the face of the Nazi’s.

    It will fall to the likes of Flame and Citron, respectively Jorgen Haagen Schmith and Bent Faurschou-Hviid, members of the Danish resistance group, Holger Dansk.

    It will fall to the likes of Paul Revere, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, all members of another small resistance group.

    It will fall to the likes of the men and women of the Free French Forces, patriots who bled rivers to free their country from the grip of murderers and tyrants.

    It will fall to men like Abba Kovner, a Jew, a poet and the resistance leader in the Jewish ghetto of Vilna during WW2.

    I trust it will not come to that, but if it does, then count me amongst those who can be counted on.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. She doesn’t want to let this opportunity fizzle out …

    Tahera Ahmad: ‘This isn’t about me and a soda can, it’s about systemic injustice’

    [The hate hasn’t concerned the woman considered to be a “leading Muslim woman” by the White House. She plans to continue using the momentum of her story to elevate the conversation.]

    The Guardian

  5. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird

    More treason and sedition from Canadian judiciary…………setting loose a Muslim who stated his desire to kill a Catholic priest…….and we will actually be surprised when a Canadian patriot guns down a treasonous judge……….seriously?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Don Laird : to respond to them and deal with the Muslim /Islamic problem in a manner that is severe and unswerving, to provide an effective solution that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    There is only one effective solution – the complete separation of Islam and Muslims from the West.

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