France: Muslim savages attack elderly veterans of the Algerian war

Elderly French veterans of Algerian war attacked during annual picnic: “We’re going to Charlie Hebdo you, you filthy French shit!”

For me, dear readers, this is a personal matter. My French relatives lost everything in Algeria. I grew up during that war, and I learned a few things about Islam back then. (SY)

sfThe incident took place on Sunday afternoon close to the district of Grandes Terres in Saint-Fons close to Lyon. As it does every year, the FNACA (Federation of ex-servicemen in Algeria) of Saint-Fons organised a picnic. But this time, nothing happened as expected. 

When the tables had just been set up in the shade of the trees right next to the city-owned land of a building, a rain of projectiles fell on the guests: empty beer and whisky bottles, broom handles and stones thrown with slingshots, according to a witness quoted by Le Progrès: ‘We heard them shouting: “We’re going to Charlie Hebdo you, you filthy French shit!”.’ During the incident, a woman in her 80s was transported to Saint-Fons hospital because she was struck in the head by the base of a parasol.

Manuel Valls, Tying Himself In Knots As He Tries To Come To Grips With Islam
 by Hugh Fitzgerald
Manuel Valls with Muslims in djellabas
“If France can have the burqa, why not the djellaba?” Quote from Galliawatch
Manuel Valls cannot allow himself to simply sit down, think, read, and draw all the most logical and coherent conclusions about Islam, and its adherents, in the West. Instead he refers to some kind of example of largely non-Muslim Muslims, who have managed for now, in this or that place — e.g., Mayotte — to ignore much of what Islamic texts contain, and by such ignoring, to practice a kind of Islam that, for now, does not express itself in either terrorism or qitaal (combat) undertaken against the Infidels. But what Valls refuses to see is that Islam is based on a clear-cut and permanent distinction between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, between the Lands of the Believers and the Lands of the Unbelievers, and between the two there must be constant, if sometimes low-level, warfare, and Muslims must not allow non-Muslims to erect defenses, or present obstacles to the spread of Islam. These obstacles must be dismanteled, so that Islam can triumph, and everwere Islam may dominate, and Musilims rule, everywhere.
The removal of Islam from France

Robert Chardon, the mayor of Venelles, who mysteriously disappeared on May 15 after speaking out, on Twitter, against Islam in France, specifically calling for the removal of Islam from France, has resurfaced and written a letter to the inhabitants of Venelles and a communiqué to the press explaining what happened.

Tariq Ramadan Is Embarrassed By The Islamic State, So Breezily Declares It “Un-Islamic”
  by Hugh Fitzgerald

Tariq Ramadan, like other promoters of Islam, defenders of the faith, in the West, is embarrassed by the Islamic State. For the Islamic State simply presents the spectacle of Islamic conquest, and Islamic subjugation of people who are either not Muslim or considered to be insufficiently Islamic if Muslim, speeded up. You see before you what Islam did, but no longer taking centuries to do it, when months or a year or two will do. The movie is the same.

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What can poor Tariq Ramadan do? The Islamic State authorities are careful always to quote exactly from the Qur’an, and to refer to the Sunnah (set down in the Hadith and Sira) to justify their every act. Muhammad did this, Muhammad sad that, it is written in the Qur’an, the learned muhaddithin Al-Bukhari and Muslim both agree that this hadith is authentic, and so on. He can only bleat, without offering any evidence, that the Islamic State is “un-Islamic.” That’s it. Not a single example is adduced of behavior that was not approved of by Muhammad, or an attitude that does not arise naturally from Qur’an and Sunnah. So he thinks, that somehow, his nonsensical and baseless remark will be accepted, without question. That might have happened ten years ago. It can still happen today, among the likes of Karen Armstrong or one or two or a dozen others terminally gullible. But even those who do not quite grasp the full horror of Islam know perfectly well that the Islamic State is not “un-Islamic,” but very very very Islamic.

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  1. Islam is such a vile group ideology.

    This behaviour of attacking people in their host country for just “being” is one of the many pathetic behaviours of Muslim in the West and illustrates why they have to go.

    Of course, they attack en mass, and in a group. Fucking pussies.

    Their favorite targets: Women, children and the elderly.

  2. “If you don’t think and act the same as us, we will murder you!”


    And it implicitly shows what “thinking and acting the same as us” is, to any given “muslim:” to be a criminal who pretends he has the right to murder other people for not being a murderous criminal like I am and we are.” They follow Muhammad’s Example.

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