Keysar’s Heart Bleeds

Keysar Trad, ominously described as Sydney Muslim community leader, is shedding far too many tears for the families of Islamic State murderers Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, reportedly killed in Iraq:

My deepest condolences to their family and let’s hope we can give some support to their wives and children,” said Mr Trad, who maintains young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution.

But at least one of the relatives doesn’t need Trad’s sympathy:

THE grandfather of a young boy pictured in Syria holding up the severed head of an enemy soldier said he was “ecstatic” to hear of the possible death of his terrorist father Khaled Sharrouf.  

Peter Nettleton, whose daughter Tara was wooed by the Islamic State butcher more than a decade ago, said he was overjoyed to learn that the man who ruined his family was likely killed in the brutal civil war.

“It’s a good day isn’t it,” he told The Daily Telegraph this morning.

Nettleton’s reaction is the proper one. Trad’s is the kind that should have him excluded from civilised company, including our universities.

Note: Sharrouf’s wife actually chose to join him in the Islamic State. The Australian Government should feel not the slightest obligation to offer her support.

But let’s hold of partying just yet:

It is believed Elomar’s body has been recovered but Sharrouf’s remains are missing.

In other news:


Shortly after the broadcast, Mr Mallah tweeted that he would “pay” to see “that Minister” “dumped on ISIS territory in Iraq”.

Liberal backbencher Alex Hawke told Fairfax Media it was not the first time the ABC had provided a platform for extremist views on the program.

See More

‘Form of sedition’: Coalition MPs slam ABC for allowing former terrorism suspect on Q&A
Fellow Sydney MP Craig Kelly joined in the criticism and said the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster had allowed itself to become a “mouthpiece” for “terrorist…   SMH.COM.AU
Its good to see them do something:

Tony Abbott has finally unveiled details of a proposal that would see suspected terrorists stripped of their Australian citizenship in a move designed to “stop terrorists from being loose on our streets”.

Tony Abbott reveals details of citizenship legislation
The new laws could be applied to up to half of the dual-national Australian citizens currently believed to be fighting overseas with terrorist groups.–SMH.COM.AU
Wack Zaky stands by his comments and more. And the Guardian…well…the Guardian of what?

Jihadi’s who join ISIS are not victims. No amount of whinging, whining, complaining or carrying on will convince us otherwise. Keep talking Zaky, you are digging a deeper hole.You are right about one thing, the public does need to hear it. Hopefully more will wake up because of your arrogance and stupidity.…/zaky-mallah-i-stand-by-what-i-…

Zaky Mallah: I stand by what I said on Q&A. Australia needs to hear it
I don’t support Isis. I am simply standing up for Australians who deserve better than an Islamophobic government intent on weakening the rule of law.
That claim  is so perverse. Everyone who knows the faintest thing about Islam is that Muslims do not respect our rule of law, which they deride as “man made law”. The Wacky Zacky’s of this world have a religious obligation to remove these laws, and replace them with the law of Islam, the shari’a.

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  1. Hello there……its me again………Don Laird

    Here is a clip from Vladtepesblog…..

    A conversation and a debate on whether or not truth can be considered “hate speech”

    Extremely disturbing facets of Islamofacism…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

      1. Stay tuned, I’m about to post the whole series of youtube videos from his presentation at the Wiener Akademiker Bund.

  2. Does Keyser Trad offer his condolences to the families of Sharrouf and Elomar’s victims? Of course not. But after the appalling Q and Q program last night, I think most Australians are finally getting the true picture. So can Zaky Mallah, Keyser Trad et al please just keep on talking. I am now waiting to hear Waleed Ali give his opinions .

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