Surrender on all fronts

The Coming Muslim Conquest of Italy: Will We Have to Ransom the Treasures of the Vatican from ISIS-Type Vandals?
Yes, there’s an African invasion of Italy—it’s a mostly peaceful invasion, but still, as the Brits say, “invasion” is the right word for it—going on every day in the… BREITBART.COM
Jon McNaughton's photo.
Jon McNaughton–“The Demise of America”

Many Americans today feel a sense of dismay and horror as we see our country in a downward spiral; both economically, morally, and politically. President Obama’s indifferent attitude and the continuous list of scandals and bad policy are leading the country to ruin.

As an artist I am reminded of the old saying “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” History believes that Nero himself may have set the great fire that burned a part of Rome during his leadership. Afterwards, he blamed it on the Christians who suffered great persecution under his rule. I see great similarities to what we are experiencing today. Obama fiddled, while the people witnessed the demise of America.

US troops ordered to publicly FAST for RAMADAN; social media slams ‘Sharia enforcement’ 
United States military personnel are now being forced to observe the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Yes, you read that correctly. U.S. troops stationed in Muslim…– BizPac…
Where are the Protests to Ban Islam’s Black Flag?
Sister Hatune Dogan on Persecuted Christian Girls Under Islam — on The Glazov Gang
The French will give in to the moslems as they did to the nazis. They have a tradition for capitulation and surrendering to uphold.
Muslims in France threaten to bring out weapons to “fight the system”