Which nation will be the first that bans Islam?

Thousands and thousands more to go:

Europe Terror Threat: France Deports 40 Imams For ‘Preaching Hatred,’ Interior Minister Says
Foreign preachers will be deported and their mosques will be shut down if they incite hatred, a French minister said.

Tunisia to shutter 80 mosques after terror attack

Tunisia is one of many countries that is coming to this inevitable conclusion

Tunisia to shutter 80 mosques after terror attack
ISIS claims responsibility for the Tunisian attack that killed 39.
Tunisia: Islamic State jihadi knelt to pray to Allah after massacring tourists

Nothing to be concerned about. David Cameron and Boris Johnson assure us this has nothing to do with Islam. And they couldn’t possibly be wrong, and leading their country to ruin through their determined willful ignorance of the enemy’s identity, motives and goals, could they?

“Filmed from a hotel balcony, the chilling moment ISIS gunman is seen sprinting across Tunisian beach after killing 38 innocent tourists,” by Lydia Willgress, Thomas Burrows and Jennifer Smith, MailOnline, June 28, 2015 (thanks to JW &  Pamela Geller)

The following (raw) footage shows full 11 minute ordeal of Sousse attack:

Islam could be forbidden in France in 2017

I believe it when I see it. But some time down the line European countries will have to pull the plug on Islamisation. I don’t think it will be France, but if it happens, there will be civil war. Lots of headchoppings just like in the days of Marie Antoinette!

The National Front (far-right), which became the largest party in France, is preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French– – Christ News
Center for Security Policy Compares Islamic Religion to the Plague – The Intercept
Tommy Waller, outreach director for the group that has become the go-to think tank for Islamophobia, said Islam “has brought devastation to nearly the same number…FIRSTLOOK.ORG

The Center for Security Policy’s gala last Monday, a black-tie affair at the stately Metropolitan Club of New York, featured a procession of speakers warning darkly about the threat posed by the religion of Islam.

Tommy Waller, a marine veteran and the legislative outreach director for the group, said he had fought the enemy on the battlefields of the Middle East, but that he did not truly understand them until he joined the center. The enemy has “existed for 1,400 years” and “at the expense of 270 million lives,” he said.

Doctors study medicine, Waller continued, “but we don’t study something that has brought devastation to nearly the same number of humans as the plague.”

The Center for Security Policy, billed as a policy shop for national securityconcerns, has emerged in recent years as the go-to think tank for Islamophobia. The group hosted two summits for GOP presidential candidates this year, and regularly advises lawmakers. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., spoke at the event on Monday.

Frank Gaffney (pictured above), the founder and president of the center, has claimed that President Obama may be a secret Muslim and that Justice Elena Kagan enabled the imposition of Sharia law. Gaffney and the center have whipped up anti-Islamic rage across the country, supporting efforts to block the construction of a mosque in Tennessee and a Muslim community center in New York. Anders Breivik, the Oslo mass murderer, cited Gaffney and the center’s publications seven times in his anti-Muslim manifesto.

The gala also featured a performance by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jeremy Gaynor, who competed in NBC’s “The Voice,” a reality television singing competition; and a fiery speech by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Audience members included former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

At the end of the event, Gaffney told me he fiercely opposed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s expected bid for the White House on the ground that Christie had once appointed a Muslim judge. Gaffney praised Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for expressing a “greater degree of clarity” on the threat of radical Islam and “Muslim Brotherhood fronts” in America. Gaffney said he is still undecided about Jeb Bush.

Photo: Frank Gaffney (Win McNamee/Getty)

9 thoughts on “Which nation will be the first that bans Islam?”

  1. The only way to save Our Civilised Society …
    DESTROY islam
    (and it HAS to be completed – THIS TIME) !

    Make it that no place on earth is safe/available for islams to FART @ HEAVEN

    Fix this MAJOR mistake from Our Past !

  2. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird

    Half measures in dealing with a problem, half measures in finding and implementing a solution to problems are an absolute guarantee that the problem will arise at a future date with greater strength and potentially greater proliferation.

    The deportation of the Muslim as seen above in France should be completed with full biometric documentation/profile of the subject(s) including DNA and voice-print analysis.

    Further, the assets of the arrested Muslim must be seized and liquidated, this includes any assets held in foreign countries or foreign institutions. This seizure and liquidation will apply to spouse/offspring/relatives with up to 4 degrees of separation from the arrested Muslim.

    The liquidated assets of the Muslim will revert to the State with 40 percent going into two funds. One fund for the widows and orphans of deceased military persons of the host country. The second fund for victims of the Muslim and its Islam. (Injury suffered at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam to be determined by a quasi-judicial board. Injury to include but not limited to loss of business and loss of enjoyment of one’s property)

    Then, upon signing documentation that facilitates the deportation of the Muslim and its spouse/offspring, it/they will be deported to the Islamic country of its choice. This deportation will include the signed documentation that any return of the deported Muslim and or its spouse/offspring will be considered an “act of war”.

    If the Muslim returns it must be determined as an “act of war”.

    Upon the return the Muslim, charged with an “act of war” against the country it has returned to, must stand trial before a military tribunal. Immediately upon conviction the Muslim will be summarily executed with the carcass incinerated and the ashes dumped in the sea. (no personal effects to be forwarded)

    Of note is the appeals or objections of those who, in defence of the Muslim, will shriek and moan about the “murder” of the Muslim and its “rights” and the failure to provide it with “due process”.

    In regards to that the response is simply this; the Muslim was stripped of citizenship and assets and allowed to leave with its life. Considering its(the Muslim) inherent murderous hatred of non-Muslims it was an act of kindness and generosity to allow it to leave with its life. However, in spite of this kindness and generosity , the true nature of the Muslim and its duplicity is reflected in its return to the host country to once again threaten the peace and stability of the country it has returned to. As such, its presence is a clear and present threat to that country’s national security and national sovereignty. As such that return, considering the substantive nature of the political ideology of Islam and its clearly stated goal of global domination coupled with the annihilation/subjugation of all non-Muslims, must be considered an “act of war”.

    (All Muslims consider themselves “at war” with the population of a country that they are not the dominate percentage of the population of that country, or where Islam/Sharia Law is not the ruling political power. “Dar al-Harb”)

    As such, the penalty for waging war, even if simply by placing ones physical person within the Geo-political borders of the country in question, must be confirmation of identity, expedient appearance before a military tribunal with immediate summary execution to follow.

    Treat the Muslim in this fashion, treat what amounts to a verminous, murderous parasite that has plagued and harassed civilized societies in an unswerving manner that speaks of unmistakable permanence and finality and you will cure the cancer of Islam.

    To do anything less is sheer suicidal folly.





    Food for thought

    Catalyst for action

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    A Message To The Muslim……

    Dear Muslims…..

    As we are on the eve of a second day that will live in infamy I have little else to say to my Muslim friends but this………to those who seek the sexual favours of children, to those who subject women to unspeakable, horrific brutality, to those who throw acid in the faces of school girls, to those who hold children down and slice off their ears and noses, to those who discipline their wives with electrical cables, to those who kill their children and wives to assuage their easily bruised sensibilities and “honor”, to those who whisper a murderous lie into the ears of the lonely, the unloved, the dull witted and then, in a blinding flash of light, set them alight in the marketplace, to those who splay the legs of little girls and hack away at their genitals to satisfy the searing deviance of a mental defective masked as a mullah, to those whose lives revolve around the worship of the poisonous ravings of a 7th century psychopathic, war mongering lunatic who wandered the Saharan sands reveling in mass murder….in short….to Muslims…..you are not welcome in Europe, Britain and North America. The time has come for you to leave.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. To the Leftist/Liberals and Cultural Marxists:

      Finally, a message to those whose cowardice, whose self-loathing and whose ignorance has brought us to this point in time I ask you;

      Do you really think this conflict with the vulgar Muslim and its Islam would end in any other way than the way it has ended countless times across the span of 1400 years?

      Was over 1400 years of history not quite enough to illustrate the true nature of the Muslim and its poisonous Koran.

      Do you really think the Muslim can be trained to act in a civilized manner?

      Do you really think that now that we have allowed the Muslim its foothold in our countries that its removal will be a peaceful process?

      Do you really think that the removal of the savage and barbaric Muslim from civilized countries will be a bloodless process?

      Your ignorance and treason has brought us to this point. Your ignorance, your treason and your desire to decimate Western countries has served the Muslim well and as we deal with that savage and barbaric Muslim so too will we remember you.

      Below is a video that illustrates the length of memory of the French as, once rid of the Nazi’s, they looked inward at those who drove a treasonous dagger between the shoulder blades of the country they loved.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      1. An association with a Nazi is a mirror image of an association with a Muslim, the Muslims and Nazis are one in the same.

        Here is a an example of what happens to treasonous women who acted as human bicycles for Nazi invaders.

        Some were given a little more attention than a haircut and were taken out and quietly executed. A fair punishment for treason.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

    2. They will never leave. Muslims are shameless and have no honour ( except the bestial kind that murders its own for trying to leave the prison of Islam).

      If I was not wanted in a country, I would keave pronto. But not Muslims. They are despised, and know it (they call it Islamophobia), and yet the shameless continue as parasites on our society.

      1. @DP111

        You are right on all counts, they enjoy being despised, it validates their sickness and delusions of groundless persecution. They are the creators of all the trouble that befalls them yet they seek to blame everyone save themselves.

        Truly they are a cancer and a plague of murderous parasites and the sooner that we are rid of them the better.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

  3. PS

    There is just one hope for Muslims, not just in the West, but all over the world. It is Jesus Christ. He is the hope for all.

    My sincere advice of love and concern for Muslims. Find Jesus, and become His disciple. You will not just save your soul for eternity, but still be able to live in the free countries of the West. Otherwise, you have no hope in this world, or the next.

  4. Which Mation will be the first to kick out Islam?


    It has to be France.

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