Would you kill your family if they refused to live by shari’a?

Eventually it will sink in. Even the craziest Moonbat must be getting the message if he savages keep telling us what their game plan is.

Jihadi who wanted to kill Pamela Geller said he’d kill his family if they refused to live by Sharia
“When asked about bail, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Siegmann told the judge that Rovinski posed a ‘significant threat to public safety.’ He was ordered…   JIHAD WATCH
While media blames Pamela Geller for 1,400 years of Jihad, ISIS share her personal address on social media…
This is absolute insanity. Pamela Geller is being blamed for receiving Muslim death threats. Muslims have been threatening to behead people for 1,400 years… THEMUSLIMISSUE.

THE ONE FACT they ignored—All terrorists are Muslim or converts to Islam. 

(Why do they all keep ignoring that fact? Muslims all follow one book—the Koran. Do you think Islam might have some bearing here? (facepalm!)

Daily Telegraph: These are the alarming facts about terrorism in our country

MUSELMANIACS IN AUSTRALIA are outraged that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has proposed revoking their passports…
BY BI: Plans have been underway in Canberra to annul Australian passports for alleged terrorists of dual nationality. A new legislation could enable Australia to…