A Deal Like No Other


Return to sender:

Muslim’s heading to Syria to join ISIS are deported from Thailand back to China. Maybe we can send some of our politicians to China so they can get some clues on how this threat is dealt with.

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China says Uighurs deported from Thailand were ‘on way to jihad’
Some of the Uighurs deported to China last week from Thailand had planned to go to Syria and Iraq to carry out jihad, Chinese state television said, showing pictures…SMH.COM.AU
Iran deal is “a bad mistake of historic proportions”
There are those moments in history that you can point to and say, “if only ….”… | Pamela Geller
Iran’s President crows: “Zionists have tried to block this deal but failed”
The Obama Administration and the mainstream media are saying that the deal is advantageous to both sides. The Iranians are saying otherwise. Of course,…JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Sondra Anice Barnes's photo.

Varda Meyers Epstein

‘Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon accused the six powers of needlessly caving in to Tehran.

“Iran, who arrived at the negotiating table in a weak position, has emerged victorious,” he said.See More

Israel PM Netanyahu calls Iran deal a historic mistake
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a nuclear deal concluded between major powers and Iran on Tuesday was “a historic mistake” and hinted he remained ready to order military action. “In every area where it was supposed to prevent…
“Israeli Imam Supports ISIS, Calls Netanyahu ‘Jewish Dog,’ | Pamela Geller
Islamic Jew hatred Palestinian Lies and Myths–PAMELA GELLER
Dozens of ISIS sex slaves have been rescued by this secret resistance network:
The heroes risking their lives to free ISIS sex slaves
Undercover footage reveals bravery of undercover network dedicated to saving women and children–DAILY MAIL
Secret agent: “The next big battlefield is Europe”
A very interesting interview with people working “behind the scenes”. Via Via VladTepesBlog.com: Lorenz Berger’s face is still pale. His week as a captive of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” has left marks. His back hurts from the gun and…10NEWS.DK
ISIS puts up a billboard on clothing requirments for women in Sirte
The terror group sets out 7 rules for females to follow
“There is a Jew behind each and every catastrophe afflicting our Islamic nation”
Islamic State jihad plotter came to Canada as a refugee
Americans Held in Iran Not Part of Nuclear Deal
Monday’s nuclear agreement with Iran includes no provisions for the release of three Americans known to be detained in Iran and a fourth thought to be held captive by the Islamic Republic.

4 thoughts on “A Deal Like No Other”

  1. Use this link and scroll down through the photographs for the picture at the end of the Muslim in front of the television.


    This “deal” is essentially, the beginning of the end of Humanity, it is when you put nuclear weapons in the hands of those who worship death and the complete annihilation of the non-Muslim world.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. With deals like this, from the corruption in Washington and the suicidal stupidity of our Marxist leaders (except Stephen Harper, thank God!!!)…..we are going to have many more young children visiting with their fathers like this young boy.


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Anybody who actually believes that Iran will abide by this deal is severely deluding themselves. Iran will hide their facilities and take the inspectors on a merry run around and nothing will change. Obumbler and Kerry have been sold another pup and the rest of the conga-line appeasers from Europe will have the same egg on their faces. Watch Iran get all that money and investments that were locked up out as fast as they can before the real truth comes out.

  4. I remember watching a documentary in the mid 80’s that had to do with the Nostradamus chronicles.

    It showed a map of escalating violence that started in Persia and spread throughout the Middle East then eventually finishing up in Europe. The map shown showed flashpoints which then grew in intensity.

    As the years have gone by I have taken close notice and I fear that what I saw in the 80’s is coming to fruition.

    Dark days ahead people. It will happen.

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