ISIL grows and grows, while the West is dumbing down…

A Melbourne nurse “who was forced into the service of Islamic State militants” in Syria is returning to Australia after surrendering to the AFP. He could face terror charges but one analyst says he could have invaluable information on the extremist’s operations. What do you think?

Ask yourself: would you convert to Islam, travel to the Middle East and then allow yourself “to be forced” to join the headchoppers? And what “invaluable information” could he possibly have that we cannot get from other sources like Quran, sira and hadith? (SY)

Melb nurse who joined I.S ‘could help Australia’
An anylyst says a nurse returning home after time with I.S could have valuable information about the group.
Tax dodger Jimmy Barnes tells Australians to give more

I only want to say the Australia I belong to and love is a tolerant Australia. A place that is open and giving.”

Says this braindead SOB who escaped to the south of France instead of paying his taxes. (SY)

Jimmy Barnes urges anti-Islam rallies to stop playing his songs
Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes has a message for those playing his classic Australian songs at anti-Islam rallies around the country: stop.–SMH.COM.AU
Finally someone is going to teach us about the religion of peace 

The WZ gubmint opts for dumbing down:

WA Government plans to teach Islam – XYZ
It was reported yesterday that the Western Australian Government is “planning an extensive campaign to improve the community’s understanding of Islam and Muslims.” Western Australia’s minister for Multicultural Interests, Dr Mike Nahan,…WWW.XYZ.NET.AU
Shameless Islamo-Prop:
Three young Sydney Muslims talk to Taylor Auerbach about why they and other Aussies convert to Islam
THREE 28-year-olds. All raised in Christian homes. All Australians. Some dark, some fair, some male, some female. They are the faces of Sydney’s new Muslims.—DAILY TELEGRAPH
Denmark declines to take part in any more delusional EU Muslim migrant relocation programs
Why should they be forced to take them in? No one wants Muslims anyways. No one, whomever you ask, in whatever country or region you ask, wants Muslim…
More than 42 MILLION Muslims ‘support ISIS’ – as experts warn the figure will grow
THE Islamic State terror group is supported by more than 42million Muslims, a new report has warned.
Fears of imminent British terror attack as police see surge in smuggled submachine guns
WEAPONS capable of firing up to 850 rounds per minute are being smuggled into Britain by criminal gangs – as fears grow over a Tunisia “copycat” attack.—EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY JAKE BURMAN
Contact to infidels verboten
Officially praised British Muslim school has banned mixing with infidels 
A Muslim school in West Yorkshire has been praised by the British government’s official education watchdog despite banning pupils from speaking to infidels or…– The Commentator
Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative Partners with Think Tank linked to Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and Hamas

“The Bridge Initiative’s work to portray as islamophobic those who raise national security issues about the Muslim Brotherhood and its subversive efforts to support terrorism and wage ‘civilizational jihad,’ would perhaps be better served if they did not themselves associate with organizations which supported terrorism, and promoted ‘civilizational jihad.'”–CSP

I would like you to note that “The Bridge Initiative” is Georgetown’s interfaith dialogue twisted reference to Seyyid Qutb’s actual statement in Milestones about how Muslims and kafir are [not] to get along: “The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.”

Center for Security Policy, by Kyle Shideler, July 24, 2015: Georgetown University’s “Bridge Initiative” will now be holding weekly classes to those interested in…


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  1. “…Ask yourself: would you convert to Islam, travel to the Middle East and then allow yourself “to be forced” to join the headchoppers?…

    Not just that – but have 5 kids, and leave them in Australia from early 2014 till July 2015 . Who was paying for their upkeep?

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