Ramadan Offerings Which Have Nothing To Do With Islam

Koranimal shouting “Allah is great” forces tourist to her knees as he holds a blade to her neck at Rome’s Colosseum in terrifying random attack, which has nothing to do with Islam:

  • Chiara Frisco, 26, said she feared ‘the worst’ when knifeman grabbed her
  • She said: ‘I felt myself pulled suddenly into the crowd. Then I felt the blade of the knife that he was holding against me’
  • Police intervened and arrested a Brazilian man, 33, for attempted murder
Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” holds knife to tourist’s neck at Rome’s Colosseum
What could be more wonderfully romantic than Ramadan in Rome? “Knifeman shouting ‘Allah is great’ forces tourist to her knees as he holds a blade to her neck…|BY ROBERT SPENCER & MailOnline
Just a drug addict,   nothing to do with Islam:
Canada jihad plotter motivated by drug addiction, court hears
“In one of the recordings, Jaser was heard saying ‘everyone is a target’ and that he wanted ‘the whole country to burn.’” “A psychologist has described a man…|BY ROBERT SPENCER
Mouse Causes Panic Among Worshipers in Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
Mouse Causes Panic Among Worshipers in Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Rabat – A mouse is said to have caused panic among hundreds of worshippers who were attending Taraweeh (post-Isha) prayers in the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca on Monday night, causing upheaval among those in attendance.

Hundreds of worshippers began shouting and screaming as they rushed outside the mosque after hearing screams from women’s area.  (thanks to the Religion of Peace)

Pegida Supporters United Kingdom's photo.

~The liberals will pay a heavy price for their treachery. There will be no place for them in an islamified Europe. A reality check indeed.  ‪#‎Islamisation‬

ISIL only executes criminals:

‘People you see being executed are criminals’: Son of Boston police captain praises ISIS and their brutal murders of American citizens in chilling FBI interview

  • Alexander Ciccolo, 23, told FBI agents ISIS is a ‘good thing’ in interview
  • He said murdered women and children fought back so deserved to die
  • Non-Muslims ‘won’t be hurt but have to pay tax’ if Sharia ruled in US

More on allah’s nice little jizyah earner at Mail Online thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Columnist and author of “The Undocumented,” Mark Steyn argued comparing President Obama to Neville Chamberlain is “rather unfair to Neville Chamberlain” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Steyn said of comparisons between Obama and Chamberlain, “I think actually that’s rather unfair to Neville Chamberlain, Sean. He got the central question of the 1930’s wrong, but he was an honorable man, who believed he was acting in the interests of his country and the British Empire which he loved. When Churchill became prime minister he kept Chamberlain on and had him chair the War Cabinet in his absence. And Churchill wept over Chamberlain’s funeral casket, and claimed he was an honorable man who just happened to be wrong. I don’t think you can say that about Obama. I think what Obama did is significantly worse than what Neville Chamberlain did. I don’t think, in effect, Obama was negotiating on behalf of the United States. I think what happened at these talks is that he and the Iranians were, in a sense, negotiating together to anoint Iran as the regional power in the Middle East and to facilitate Iran’s reentry, the biggest planetary sponsor of terrorism, to facilitate its reentry into the global community. That’s what Obama was there doing.”

Steyn added, “I think that’s the other difference between Obama and Chamberlain. The horrors of the — of what Germany did were not known to Neville Chamberlain. And in a sense the appeasers of the 1930’s did so because of the horrors of the first World War and the lost generation, and they didn’t want that to happen again. And it’s because we know they got it wrong, that history won’t give us the same opt out card. Because we should have known better because it had happened before. And I think what Obama gets here, i think it does come back to a — to his classic Marxist worldview in which he sees America as the problem on the world’s stage. And if you look at everything he did — he’s done, Sean, what he did with Iran fits into that context. I mean, whether you look at missile defense in Eastern Europe, where he takes the side of Russia over US allies like Poland and the Czech Republic. If you look at little things, like the Falklands Islands, where he takes the side of Argentina over a US ally like United Kingdom. And in the Middle East, he’s taken the side of Iran over US allies like the Sunni monarchies and Israel, because his central view is that America and American power is the problem in the world. And, therefore, American allies are part of that problem. And, therefore, what he does is, in a sense, withdraw from the world, and enhance the position of the enemies of American allies. That’s what he’s done in the Middle East. And it won’t be confined to the Middle East, it’ll spread beyond that.”

The discussion then turned to immigration, Steyn stated, “Well, you should never really ask a legal immigrant about what he makes of this fetishization by the political class of the illegal immigrants, Sean. Because I tell you something, one day, all of us legal immigrants, who paid all the fee, and did all the paperwork and went through the system, are going to have one almighty class action suit against the United States government to ask for all our money back. It’s quite disgraceful, the murderer of Kate Steinle is a career criminal, who paid no price for his criminality. If you’re a foreigner and you commit one little rinky-dink nothing little crime in America in 1964, 1958, 1943, they wouldn’t let you set foot in this country again. There’s like, ancient hippies in Canada who possessed a couple of ounces of marijuana in 1964, and can’t set foot in this country ever. My old boss, Conrad Black, he used to run the Chicago Sun-Times, and a bunch of other newspapers. He committed a white collar crime, no one can actually explain in the English language, and the Supreme Court threw out 19 of the 20 charges. he can’t set foot in the United States. But a violent career criminal, federal, state, and local officials collude with, to let him have the run of this country and prey on Americans. And that’s why Donald Trump has resonance. Because what happened to Kate Steinle, anyone who reads the local newspaper and looks at whacky little hit and run accidents that appear in the paper on Monday morning, knows that these kind of crimes go on every weekend all over the map.”

Steyn added of Trump, “I don’t know whether he can win the nomination. But if he keeps talking about this issue, in a sense, he can win on this particular issue, and put this issue in there.”

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    Here is the interpretation of the shocking undercover video released a few days ago of the senior heads of Planned Parenthood, an abortion corporation, discussing the sale and trade of the body parts of aborted children.

    I will post this video which is commented on by Ezra Levant and then the original video below along with a video of an actual partial birth abortion.

    In that video of the abortion you can see the entire body of the child hanging from the mother. The “doctor” then drives forceps into the base of the child’s skull, stirs them around destroying the brain of the child and then drags the lifeless corpse from the mothers vagina.

    The importance of this video in that this is part of the Leftist, the Marxist destruction of the family. This creates an absolute and callous disregard for life and the suffering of the quintessentially helpless. This butchery is in lockstep with the Marxist march towards a totalitarian global dictatorship.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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