The French State In Retreat

Hugh Fitzgerald:

The French State In Retreat Before Its Domestic Enemy

It is the Muslims who appear to be winning, for the French State doesn’t dare take them on as it should and must. Along with the astonishing remarks of Federica Mogherini, the EU Minister who thinks Islam a part of Europe that should be welcomed — and Muslims clearly to be seen only as victims of ISIS, never its supporters — this article worries and depresses.


Ivan Rioufol:

Among the blind, the blind are not helpful. Manuel Valls is one of them, both his lucidity is intermittent. While the Prime Minister has won the support on January 13, saying: “. Yes, France is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islam” However, since then he continues to apologize for having been too clear. He denounced the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists but invites them for “dialogue with the Muslim faith”.

The unfortunate case of decapitation Friday in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (Isère), Hervé Cornara by Yassin Salhi but illico swear “. We are not at war against Islam”.  On Saturday, he evokes a “war of civilizations”, to deny a clash with Islamic civilization. These delays are like walking backwards in a state of denial.

The official motto returns after each attack in the name of Allah: “This is not Islam.” Two flags of the Islamic state surrounded beheaded Hervé Cornara, hanging on a fence; It read in Arabic: “There is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” The same day, on a tourist beach near Sousse (Tunisia), Seifeddine Rezgui with his Kalashnikov  murdered Westerners (38 dead), sparing the Muslims!

“I have nothing against you”

These crimes, and the other from the same barrel, obviously have to do with Islam; at least, with a literal reading of the Koran. This aberration should be denounced by Muslims; some do. But they are discouraged by those who Valls in mind, refuse to play the game of “reactionary” by repeating their words, that is to say their diagnosis.

The facts accredit whistleblowers: they have repeatedly denounced leaders falling asleep in the face of radical Islami, the intellectual Naser Khader compared to “Nazis of Islam.” (The rest here)

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  1. The current European over-tolerance for islam comes from a new, and very unpalatable sociological concept, in which the observer is asked to view what he or she usually sees as the victim, as the aggressor instead.

    At the moment, this particular scientific discipline seems unable to think outside the hegemonic standard.

    In Britain, as in France, Islam is not and cannot be blamed. It is, we are told every time there is a violent attack, a peaceful religion. And it is the left, the theoretical vantage point that has inspired every political vision of my entire life, that is to blame for this most blurred of views.

    This most catastrophic of delusions has seen Tony Blair open the UK borders to unlimited immigration following 9/11, the liberal governments of Sweden, Norway and Denmark welcome millions of muslims as the 21st century yawned and people like the then London mayor Ken Livingstone jump into bed with fascistic religious lunatics from the 5th Century.

    They have all got it wrong, just like Chamberlain got it wrong with the Nazis in 1938. But they don’t know it yet.

    It is France, beautiful, priceless, perfect France, who will suffer the most. France has nearly a thousand no-go areas, all of them muslim. 73% of the country’s prison population is muslim. And, according to statistics from the French government itself, France will be majority muslim by 2050.

    The heading of this article is ‘The French State In Retreat’. Marxists, Socialists, Sociologists, feminists, every last believer of the rapidly fading liberal intelligentsia, you are having the wool pulled over your eyes for the very first time.

    Time to wake up and smell the superstition.

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