The Lure of Jihad

Robert Spencer on Fox and Friends on Chattanooga and jihad denial

This morning Robert Spencer appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the Chattanooga jihad massacre and the denial and willful ignorance that have followed in its wake.


Chattanooga jihadi: Muhammad’s companions all “fought Jihad for the sake of Allah”

Terrorism is not about hate. Yep. She actually said this.

The insufferable go-to Muslima Ann Aly twists herself into a pretzel in obfuscating and denying the obvious. She blames jihad on “hate” which has nothing to do with terrorism, and young Muslims only need opportunity, like education, and “conflict resolution” (Jake Lynch comes to mind, he would know all about it) blah blah….)

More of that BS one is confronted with in todays idiot media:

Chattanooga Shooting Suspect Was ‘Typical American Kid’
A day after he gunned down four Marines in a brazen daytime attack in Tennessee, friends and former teachers describe 24-year-old Mohammod Youssuf… (Yahoo)
Army Boss: Letting Soldiers Defend Themselves from Terrorists “Causes More Problems Than it Solves”
July 17, 2015 Daniel Greenfield Here’s a picture of the recruiting center that was shot up. Friend on facebook took the pic

Obama picked clowns like this because they’re stupid. You can take that to the bank:

Former FBI assistant director on Mohammad Abdulazeez: “We don’t know that it’s a Muslim name”
ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The sickening murder is understood to have taken at the Western Hir Palace in the province of Homs after the soldier was…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Fresh fears over Swedish women joining Isis 
Up to 40 women have travelled from Sweden to join radical Islamist groups in the Middle East, according to Sweden’s Security Service, Säpo.– The Local
Obama Priorities:
4 Marines Killed – White House Releases Statement Wishing Muslims a Happy end to Ramadan
Chattanooga Marines Shooting: ‘Heroic Action’ Prevented Worse Tragedy
“Heroic action” by the Marines and local police prevented an even greater tragedy in Chattanooga, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said.–NBC NEWS
Elite’s Hypocrisy: Demonizing Southern Heritage, Protecting Radical Islam 
If Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s alleged attack on Chattanooga’s Navy Reserve Center brought anything to light, it is the elite’s hypocrisy.– Breitbart
Lt. Col. West to Obama: End Gun-Free Zones at Military Sites
West called on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order ending gun-free zones at military facilities in the U.S. after Thursday’s Chattanooga shooting.–FOXNEWS
Boy, 6, threatens to ‘behead teacher’ with steak knife he brought to school

Never too young to jihad:

The infant, who brought 2 knives to school including a seven-inch blade, is now being taught separately

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  1. Someday, when the Americans wake up.

    Obama will be removed from history, he has brought shame to the office of the presidency.

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