Today’s ‘nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ clown is Ali Kadri of Queensland’s oldest mosque

Blaming the West for Islamic terrorism fixes nothing

Andrew Bolt

WE need a frank debate about Islam, not the dangerous denials of Ali Kadri, president of Queensland’s oldest mosque.

All Muslims, like all dogs, have certain characteristics. Their lies, their phoney equivocations. their constant denial while blaming the infidels for the daily carnage just sucks. The sooner we get rid  of them, the better.

Holland Park mosque president Ali Kadri says young Muslim men can feel marginalised, which leaves them susceptible to all kinds of negative propaganda.

Kadri, of the Holland Park mosque, last week claimed recent Islamist terrorism had nothing to with Islam but lots to do with the United States.

Let’s go through Kadri’s response to my column on terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait to check the kind of blame shifting that stops Muslim leaders from taking responsibility for reforming Islam.

Kadri writes: “I agree with Bolt that these terrorists justify their actions on the basis of some interpretations within Islamic jurisprudence. However, to argue that the overwhelming majority of 1.6 billion Muslims live by the same interpretation is ludicrous.”

False. I acknowledged “the vast majority of Muslims hate the horrors we now see”.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Muslims hate “the horrors we now see”. On the contrary, thousands heed the calling of the Islamic state and are only too eager to leave  western society to join the head choppers. (SY)

But scholars of Islam suggest moderates cannot easily criticise what terrorists do because the terrorists find their legitimisation in the Koran, which they quote.

Then Kadri’s rebuttal becomes alarming: “In my view, the explanation that ISIS (the Islamic State) and other terrorist groups have gained some following is not to be found within Islam but rather the geopolitical situation of the countries in which they operate.”

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Uh oh. And now the denial and blame shifting starts. From falsely claiming I said the terrorism has “everything” to do with Islam, Kadri now seems to suggest they have nothing to do with Islam.

And, sure enough, Kadri blames the West instead — especially the United States and “CIA-trained jihadists”.

He accuses the US of having backed the mujahideen who fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and supporting the schools teaching “interpretations of the Koran heavily biased toward battlefield struggle”.

And, of course, he blames the “George W. Bush-led Coalition of the Willing” for invading Iraq on “well discredited pretexts” and then leaving it “vulnerable to infiltration by extremists” with “their perverted interpretation of the Koran”.

“For commentators to blithely airbrush this recent history and wash the West’s hands of any responsibility for the rise and practice of extreme interpretations of the Koran is dishonest.”

This is seriously misleading. How does blaming the US explain the murderous rage of Boko Haram in Nigeria? The jihadist war in Syria? Al Shabaab’s attacks on Kenya?

Wjhy is the US now responsible for Islamist attacks in Egypt? The beheading of Christians in Libya? The rise of extremism in Yemen? The Islamist terrorist groups in Indonesia and the Philippines? Islamist attacks in China?

How can an invasion of Iraq in 2003 explain the centuries of slaughter of Shiites by Sunnis, and vice versa — a slaughter that continues to this very day?

And then Kadri makes the false analogies common to apologists for Islam and critics of Christianity: “Islam is innocent of the crimes committed by Muslim terrorists in the same way Christianity is innocent of the sexual abuse by some clergy, and not all white people are Neo-Nazis.”

Again, false. Muslim terrorists quote the Koran and sacred Surah to justify their deeds, as Kadri himself admits.

But no paedophile priests can quote the Bible to justify their crimes.

Nor could Nazis quote the Bible to justify their own violence. In fact Hitler was an enemy of Christianity.

Kadri, I’m afraid, is in denial, and that makes him part of the problem, not the solution the world desperately needs.



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  1. Taqqiya, Taqqiya and more of the same.

    Muslims are liars. They are shameless and with no honour as they persist in staying in someone else’s country, even when they know they are not wanted.

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