Too easy: just change your religion!

President Obama informs us that if we don’t agree with the legalization of gay homo marriage, we need to shift our religious views. How simple! If you find what your government is doing to be morally reprehensible, just change your religion! …

More religion-changing (and islam-embracing) at Cherson and Molschky

In other news:

ISIS fires Grad missiles into Israel from a terror stronghold in Egypt
Two rockets fired from Egypt’s violence-plagued Sinai Peninsula exploded inside Israeli territory on Friday without causing casualties, a military spokesman said.–DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Egypt beefs up security at holiday resorts after ISIS attacks

Would you trust these uniformed Muslims in uniform to protect you from the jihadists?

Security has been tightened at Egyptian holiday resorts like Sharm El Sheikh (pictured in March) after ISIS killed 50 soldiers and ‘seized land’ just 250 miles…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
David Cameron concedes UK will have to take in MORE Syrian asylum seekers

Wait a minute: the UK “will have to” take more Muslims? Why in the world? Why does the UK “have to” take any Mohammedans when the filthy rich Arabs in the Gulf states won’t take a single one of their Muslim brothers? Is anybody home?

DAVID Cameron today conceded Britain will have to take in more Syrian asylum seekers. –EXPRESS.CO.UK

One thought on “Too easy: just change your religion!”

  1. David Cameron concedes UK will have to take in MORE Syrian asylum seekers

    Well UK Voters …
    What else did you expect your UK #1 islam Appeaser to say and do !
    (Remembering the last election results were pre-ordained to continue “Diversity” (ie. White People Eradication))
    … and the UK – you’ve got it coming (and I don’t mean that in a nasty way – but they do) – sooner and sooner !
    … and sooner !!

    … are your “Authorities”

    islam IS your future – unless ….
    (start islam Appeaser Hunting !)
    … to free you to start islam Removal !
    … and No apologies for repeating myself !

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