Surprised? Bangkok Bombers Name is Mohamad Museyin…


Here they are, the jihad stars of the week:

Pictured looking very intellectual is  Mohamad Museyin, the bomber of the Erawan shrine in Bangkok that killed nearly 30 and wounded a 100 innocent people.

Michael Stürzenberger's photo.
The second picture is the train jihadist Ayoub El Qahzzani, who was about to cause a massacre on the train from Amsterdam to Paris:
Michael Stürzenberger's photo.

Bangkok bombing: Thai police name blast suspect as Mohamad Museyin
THAI Police have named a man in connection with the Bangkok bombing that killed 20 people.
Cops identify Bangkok blast suspect
THAI Police have named a man in connection with the Bangkok bombing that killed 20 people.
Funny, that it just so happened that an Islamic taqiyya gigolo dropped a turd to sow doubt on the obvious:

People……watch TV instead of getting ur facts from this fact less site.
They caught the culprit on cctv and guess what ?! he is an American!!
No …not an American Muslim !
Just an American.
But it’s quite understandable…making the best out of this sad incident to blame Muslims

9 thoughts on “Surprised? Bangkok Bombers Name is Mohamad Museyin…”


    Shocked! Shocked!

    He was such a good boy. Devout. Went to the mosque every day.

    1. Nobody knew him at the mosque, no one understands how he could misunderstand his peaceful religion….which has nothing to do with Islam…..This will only create more misconceptions and cause backlash to the marginalised Muslim minority, who is already suffering because of ….. (fill in the rest!)

    2. If you know him, where he live and so on… you have to have going to the police and tell them. I’ts a criminal, no matter if it was a good muslim or so (this is faith, it’s private) killing it’s a crime.
      So please do it….

  2. “The motive behind the attack remains unclear” wrote the author of the Herald-Sun piece Stephen Dill, sorry Drill. That proves it was jihad as the dhimmi press always says that when it is jihad.

    1. Yep , they need a little help at Sky UK as well . I had the misfortune to choke on my weeties after hearing a Sky dunce suggest French Police were “still searching for a motive ” , for the train jihad wannabes . That may be journalistic ‘ tongue in cheek’ or they just take us for lemmings .

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