British gubmint hard at work (in the service of the umma)

Camoron knows who the enemy is:
British man faces 7 years in prison for threatening on Facebook to burn an Islamic State flag in Front of Mosque…
…while Muslims in the UK who actually do burn flags of the United States and Israel as well as British soldier remembrance poppies never face any charges. A British… BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Assassinate the Queen of England: Islamists plan to murder the Queen of England. –
Post Views: 3 Dailymail: British jihadi’s VJ Day plot to bomb the Queen in Central London: Police and MI5 in race against time to foil Boston Marathon-style IED…Dailymail: 
The Jihadists Know How To Say Thank You:
James Murray's photo.
 Their Problems Are Not Our Problems

But there are plenty of Moonbats among us in search of a cause.

Migrants Suffering From Gangrene, Scabies at Calais Camps

Children as young as 10 are “riddled with scabies” according to doctors working in the camps.

Islamic Terrorists Have Mothers Too

But they don’t want to go back to their mothers, they want to go to the virgins…..