Deliberately Misleading Reports About Bendigo Mosque Protests



The governments allow protests and anti-protests at the same time and in the same space. The anti-protests are designed to stop the protesters and ordinary people who support the issue from coming out. Adolf Hitler found the same tactics as those being used by the “Anti-Racist” protesters today very effective. Some things don’t change.

Minor clashes at Mosque protest in Bendigo

Sky News (for video)

Is this a picture of ‘Anti-mosque protesters in Bendigo’ as the caption suggests? Or a deliberate attempt to discredit the UPF? These thugs were with the leftwing clowns. True proud Aussie patriots don’t need to hide behind a mask.. (And we weren’t waving smash fascism signs either like the one seen in the photo). Leftist media tards distort the truth and deliberately misinform:

 Do you want to see a freshly minted lie? Here it is. These ratbags were with Antifa…..not the anti-mosque protesters. Furthermore, there were nearly 1400 anti-mosque people and only 250-300 Socialist scum……big win for freedom lovers.

Ugly scenes have erupted between rival protesters at an event to condemn the construction of a mosque in Bendigo.

An Australian flag was burnt at the end of the protest.

(Clearly burned by the ferals, supported by ALP & the Greens, Anarcho’s and the criminal unions, so why not mention it?)

About 300 people opposed to the mosque broke through police barricades and started punching anti-racism protesters on the steps of the Bendigo Town Hall this afternoon.

Not the other way around? And what race is Islam again?

Mounted police intervened and were able to restore order after spraying the crowd with capsicum spray.

The United Patriots Front had organised the rally, marching on Bendigo Town Hall today over plans to build the mosque in the regional Victorian city.

Road blocks have been in place since last night and this afternoon hundreds of protestors carrying Australian flags have marched through the main street.

The United Patriots Front spokesman, Blair Cottrell, says residents do not want the mosque.

‘It’s a demonstration of community strength and pride,’ he told 3AW on Friday.

The City of Greater Bendigo’s chief executive says residents have the right to practise their religion.

In Muslim countries non Muslims have no rights. Once Muslims have the upper hand we will also have the right to practice… their religion.

‘We are proudly a multi-faith community,’ Craig Niemann says.

You are stupid, Craig Niemann.

Residents held a barbeque and multicultural soccer event in other parts of town, hoping to spread the message that Bendigo welcomes everyone.


What is it that brings about the unusual alliance between Islam and the  left?

The burning of the Australian flag:

Burning the Australian flag – XYZ
“Demonstrators clashed” today in Bendigo over the proposal to build a large Mosque with the capacity to accommodate up to two thousand religious adherents, in a city that has only a small handful of practicing Muslims.
Kim Vuga's photo.
Kim Vuga's photo.
Kim Vuga's photo.

The media and the lefties would have you believe that we are here today to stir up trouble….well there’s an awful lot of Bendigo residents that are here to t

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The most ironic thing is, if Islam gained the rights they are defending, many of these braindead leftoids would be beheaded or hung at the end of a rope, or tossed off a high building for marching in support of their ‘ Gay’ rights friends. I’d say they have it coming.

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  1. Every time this vermin burn the Australian flag the patriots must burn the al’raya (the black flag) of jihad.

  2. Do mine eyes deceive me, or was one of the brown skinned heroes burning the Australian flag wearing a shirt emblazoned with the Aboriginal flag? And a similarly attired person was also showing his pleasure at the desecration.

  3. Folks,
    You need to bombard the council with mail – and send mail to the politicians from the state and federal governments. Unless you speak out these left wing trolls will get their way.

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