Invasion & Fear

Slovakia refuses to accept Muslim migrants
Country will refuse entry to Muslims among quota of 200 migrants, on grounds that country has “no mosques”, as German mayor threatens to seize private homes to house asylum seekers
UK: Mohammed Cartoon Exhibit Canceled Over Threats of Muslim Violence
Why do Western countries allow Muslims in if the result is threats of violence against non-Muslims for exercising their rights? So much for this video post a few…
 This is very strange:

Arresting Tommy Robinson over some trivial if not trumped charge whilst ignoring those who threaten to rape his wife and children before burning them alive, smacks of complicity with the devil.
Very disturbing  indeed that the British Police can act in this way.  The English Bobby has morphed into a Stasi clone. Britain is slowly changing into a full-blown sharia state:

Tommy Robinson Arrested AGAIN Upon Return from Family Holiday
Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, has been arrested again, moments after returning from a holiday
Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily – and the FBI Is Warning About… Me – 
As the FBI libels me as someone who inspires violence, I am getting death threats every day.–Breitbart

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    1. The coppers are using terror to deter others from following in his footsteps. Its meant to grind R. down to a stump.

      1. The coppers do not agree with Robinson’s treament find out who is ordering them – and it has the stink of left wing/muslim pus.

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