More Stabbing Jihad in Sweden

Three stabbed by (Musel-)man in Norrköping city centre


Three people have been taken to hospital after being stabbed in central Norrköping on Monday afternoon, according to Swedish newspaper Norrköpings Tidningar.

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The Swedish media still refuses to reveal that the Swedish victim Carola Hedin was beheaded in broad daylight. They continue to call the murder a “stabbing”. A brutal decapitation can hardly be called a stabbing. How can they dishonor a victim of such a brutal crime by not revealing the truth?

Sweden releases murder accomplice while ‘asylum seeker’ proudly admits IKEA decapitation jihad
Sweden rewards foreign rapists, murderers and terrorists. They have already released the younger accomplice. No wonder the Muslims laugh at them…

The attacker, who witnesses claimed was “obviously on drugs” according to the newspaper’s website, stabbed his first victim in the back outside the city library before running off to stab a woman and a beggar moments later.

A member of the public then overpowered the attacker and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

“When I arrived on the scene, people were sitting down and crying. There was blood on the ground. Then I saw a woman who was bleeding quite heavily. The victims were about 50 metres apart,” a witness told Expressen newspaper.

The victims were taken to Vrinnevi hospital. According to the hospital a 21-year-old woman is seriously injured and is in intensive care.

A 24-year-old man is also seriously injured and has undergone emergency surgery, while the third victim, a woman in her 40s, escaped with only minor injuries.

Her condition is stable but she remains in hospital for observation.

“I can not say anything about the suspect other than he is a man. If it is an act of madness or not, I cannot comment,” said Fredrik Kliman, police spokesman.

The attack comes one week after a man and a woman were stabbed to death inside an Ikea store in Västerås, north west of Stockholm.

3 thoughts on “More Stabbing Jihad in Sweden”

  1. People, and especially if you are Swedes – it is pretty clear, if you understand mohammedan psychology that both muslims were involved in the murder of two Swedes at IKEA – and probably more, If55 year old mothe was decapitated – this has not been written once in Swedish newpapers – WHY?? Note also that comments seem to have been disabled for people who wish to say something about the muslim invasion into Scandinavia – WHY??

  2. Re IKEA murders

    Ms. Hedin WAS DECAPITATED by the muslim thug/thugs. Mobile phone footage was shot, and it appears that it is genuine. There is a suggestion that her son was also decapitated, which means that more than one muslim took part!

    the left wing morons you put into to power are destroying your country – in EVERY respect!!!

  3. Observe.

    In the story of the second stabbing (in the street).

    “A member of the public then overpowered the attacker and held him until police arrived and arrested him.”


    That shows that the Swedish Infidel Public are learning.

    There is a seed of courage in the heart of every hobbit…

    It’s a pity that among those who witnessed the attack in the Ikea kitchenware dept, there was not someone – or more than one someone – with the presence of mind to grab something big and hard and heavy (such as it might be a cast-iron frypan, or similar) and bring it down good and hard on the back of the attacker’s or attackers/ head/ heads while he/ they were otherwise occupied.

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