Muslims are the real victims of Islam, but what we really need is homo marriage…

Australia: Halal certification ‘creates more value than it costs’

Insiting that Australia needs Mohammedn halal butchers, otherwise….” that could really affect thousands of meat workers”

 Halal Focusthanks to Mullah, pbuh

Patriots, (not Muselmaniacs) are the real danger


Authorities brace for ugly scenes as Australian ‘patriots’ plan mosque protests

The Australian Federal Police would not comment on security matters, referring inquiries to state police.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the force was aware of the protest and would carry out a risk assessment to plan the police’s response. …

More assessing the risk of protests against islamisation (while ignoring or downplaying the risks of islamisation) by Bianca Hall at The Age (Mullah)

Chris Cuomo Worries: ISIS Rapes Reinforce Negative ‘Impression’ of Islam

Chris Cuomo is a mental patient  (like so many of these TV personalities today).

Reacting to a front page story on the New York Times, Cuomo played a clip of a woman recounting brutal violence at the hands of ISIS. He then lectured, “This feeds the impression that these Muslims are animals, savages and their faith makes them that way. …

More muslims reinforcing what islam is about at NewsBusters (Mullah)

A Mustard for Londonistan

London Muslim Mayor? Londoners Uncomfortable With Islamic City Leader, Survey Shows

The city’s current mayor, Boris Johnson, is scheduled to step down in May, and one of the leading candidates to replace him, Sadiq Khan of the Labor party, is Muslim. Syed Kamall, a Conservative, is Muslim as well. …By Sarah Berger, thanks to Mullah

Muslims are the real victims of Islam

Muslim, Arab world ‘big victims of terror’


 “It is sad that the largest number of victims of terrorism are from Muslim countries and Arab world and they are paying a heavy price in their fight against this scourge,” he stressed, saying his visit to the affected countries was to seek their support to counter this problem and reach a unified stand against this issue. …

More on the consequences of following the evil, terror-casting god of islam and its false prophet at Arab News

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  1. muslims are the real victims of islam because they support it, to their own detriment. most muslim deaths are at the hand of other muslims. wall them off from the civilized world and threaten them with a nuke if they try to break out. I live across the street from my job, I don’t need their effing petrol.

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