Turning Europe Into EUrabia

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The Islamic Invasion of Europe.

We are being submerged. The invasive flood of illegals in no longer just a tide, but a tidal wave.


Never before has illegal immigration attained such rhythm and magnitude. Yet what seems to worry the authorities and the media are not the explosive consequences for Europe, its people, its economy, its security, its identity, of this phenomenon never-before-seen in history, recalling Jean Raspail’s prophecy in Le Camp des Saints (1973); no, what preoccupies them is not stopping the gigantic migration but bemoaning the fate of those drowned and rushing to the aid of those shipwrecked. Perfectly honorable, but ridiculously insufficient, without any serious protective measures taken, and at the risk that this tragedy will lead to an explosion.

The figures are terrifying and surpass anything one could have imagined. In 2014, 170,000 persons landed in Italy (compared to 23,719 in 2002). Since January 1, 2015 25,000 illegals have landed in Italy, not to mention Greece and Spain. The figures are up 42% compared to 2014. In eighteen months 210,000 migrants have landed, 91% of them embarked from Libya, having arrived there from all of Africa. In 2015 Italy is expecting 200,000 refugees! No one will be turned away and these African masses, a majority of whom are Muslims, will then spread throughout all of Northern and Western Europe. Many will file (bogus) requests as political refugees. Those refused will never be expelled. They will stay and they will all receive aid and subsidies. All of this is known in all of Africa and it attracts crowds of illegals who take advantage of the imbecilic soft-heartedness of Europeans – rather, of the leaders, not the people who are never asked their opinion.

250%: This is the rate of increase of illegal border crossings in the European Union from 2014 to 2015. Forced returns and expulsions are infinitely small in proportion. Sweeping over Europe, in 2014, 280,000 illegal arrivals were counted, 80% of them by sea, three times more than in 2013. All from Africa, the Maghreb, the Middle East. Frontex affirms that in Libya alone one million persons are “ready to sail to Italy.”

What was once droplets from a porous faucet are now broken pipes spewing forth geysers.

Note: The next four paragraphs explain that this is nothing less than a dissimulated Islamic invasion:

The jihadist forces, in solidarity with Daesh, have taken control of part of Libya, obviously seeking to organize a massive immigration toward Europe. In their minds, it is an invasion that enters into the planned process already begun of the massive Islamization of our continent. Moreover, this trafficking brings in large sums of money for them, besides the revenue from the pillage of Libyan oil. The migrants pay between 1,000 and 2,000 euros per person to the traffickers, who amass a fortune.

The Maghrebin traffickers and passers, slave traders of the 21st century, deliberately and cynically overload the boats so that they sink. Playing upon the soft hearts of the Europeans, they thus lure them to come to the aid of the victims; and encourage the landings on the shores of Europe. A vicious circle.

The blackmail of Daesh is formulated in this way: abandon on the boats 700,000 boat people. The Islamic State is behind these organized flotillas and this exodus is regarded by its manipulators as a dissimulated invasion. To destabilize naive Europe. Ninety percent of the illegals entering en masse are Muslims. On April 16, twelve African Christians were thrown overboard by Muslims.

Italy is the veritable port of entry of the invasion. The phenomenon has been going on for some time, in small doses, but ever since Qadhafi and the Libyan State disappeared, yielding to the chaos of Islamic militias, through the stupid fault of the Franco-British military operation (Sarkozy on the advice of the idiot BHL, and Cameron), the door of the invasion is wide open.

Note: He points out that in 2014 the refugees cost the Italian State 800 million euros, of which 45 million was paid by the EU. In 2015 it will be three times that amount. Operations Triton and Mare Nostrum, while supposedly protecting the shores of Europe, in fact encourage more refugees than the chaos in Libya because they give assistance to the boat people who are led to believe the trip is safe. Many illegals refuse to give their finger prints and give false identities, preferring to remain illegal, knowing no one can expel them. Their goal: Germany, Benelux, Austria, France. They regard Europeans as patsies who don’t defend themselves.

He then goes on to denounce the governments of Europe:

Currently a majority of ethnic Europeans, especially those from the working classes, are no longer moved by the “distress of the migrants”; they’ve had enough of this invasion of illegals – 90% of them Muslims – that they can see will end in catastrophe. The political and media oligarchy in power, allied with humanitarian associations, show-biz celebrities, Churches, etc… does nothing – quite the contrary – to stem the tide. It believes itself to be safe. In Italy – sheer madness – they have just abolished the crime of illegal immigration from the Penal Code. The more the evil grows, the more it is exacerbated.

The politico-media class nurtures a dramatic atmosphere of pity and commiseration in public opinion, in order that the humble folk shed tears over these “martyred” illegals. One thousand seven hundred drowned in the Mediterranean from January to April 2015 alone. And 5,100 since October 2013. The media produce shocking reports over and over, in order to provoke a mix of pity and guilt. But that will be less and less effective…

It is the Catholic Church that is leading in the domain of mea culpa, following the declarations in Lampedusa by the Pope, who, on the one hand, is concerned about the persecutions of Christians in the Near East by Islam and, on the other, condones the massive arrival of Muslim illegals in Europe. Bishop Giancarlo Perrego, president of the Migrantes Foundation at the Conference of Italian Bishops became indignant in the name of charity: “The twenty-eight countries of Europe only take in 650,000 refugees, while Lebanon, a country of three million inhabitants, has a million on its territory.” He finds it shameful that Europe does not totally open its borders to all migrants and refugees. Like all other suicidal and irresponsible immigrationists, he accuses Europe of being a fortress, when in fact it is a sieve without protection, where anyone can enter as into a windmill.

Note: Guillaume Faye advocates the solution chosen by Australia – No Way, that turns away all illegals, all false refugees, all boat people. He then proposes concrete solutions for Europe:

1) Suspension of the Schengen agreement and a serious re-establishment of inter-European borders. Any illegal who enters one country cannot cross into another country. For example, those who transit through Italy would be blocked at the French border. In intellectual circles they say you cannot erect barriers and efficient border controls. That is false, it functions everywhere in the world.

2) No illegal who succeeds in crossing through the net can benefit from any assistance or lodging and would be immediately expellable and expelled. As in Australia and Japan.

Note: Marine Le Pen has also advocated the Australian solution. This should answer the question some have asked me about whether or not she has a specific plan to send back immigrants. Of course, this refers only to boat people. I don’t know what her plans are for the millions who are already in France.

3) The departure base of the boat people in Libya, as well as the boats in dock that transport them would be neutralized by a military operation.

4) The ships transporting the boat people would be stopped, then: they would either be towed to their point of departure, or the passengers would be transferred to European ships and returned by force to their embarkation port.

People will say these measures are impossible and inhuman. That is false. Simply stating them, applying them for a few days would be enough to stem immediately all the influxes of illegal immigration. There would be no more boat people. Dissuasion is the best prevention. They would no longer have an interest in infiltrating into Europe.

Furthermore, has anyone asked why all these unfortunate souls never ask for help from Saudi Arabia or its cynical co-religionists from the very rich Emirates? Because they know they would not be allowed in. Europe, naive, bleeding-heart, and morally disarmed, afflicted with pathological humanitarianism, makes all those who dream of conquest and invasion laugh.


15 thoughts on “Turning Europe Into EUrabia”

  1. I always want to know why the 56 and a half OIC ( Organisation of Islamic Countries) countries are not accepting these refugees or helping the illegal immigration by paying for rescue and resettlement in OIC countries..

    Some of these OIC are super rich.

    A lot of these refugees are Muslims and would feel at home in an Islamic country?

    1. They are already Muslims, so they are not needed in Muslim countries. The infidels are to be burdened with them, as is their obligation under Mohammedan law.

  2. Sweden is ruled by leftists. They will continue to accept millions of Africans & Muslims, knowing full well that many of them will go to other EU countries once they have EU residence permits.

    The Leftists are out to destroy Europe, and Sweden has chosen the way to do it. Its not just Sweden but the whole of Europe that leftists want to destroy. Sweden is the gateway.

  3. The Euros might as well cut their losses, cover their women, stick a crescent in the middle of their flag, have one massive conversation ceremony and rename the place The Islamic Republic of Eurostan.

  4. It’s the eleventh hour for Europe as a white continent, no doubt about it, but don’t turn the lights off just yet. More and more patriotic Europeans are waking up to the perils of islamic influx from sharia shiteholes, and fear that their nations are in danger of becoming the same way. They may take physical action, and remove from positions of authority the traiterous “white” Doucebags orchestrating the invasion of Europe by non-white rabble.

    At least that is my hope. A revolt by outraged Europeans that will punish all he race/culture traitors among them. Once done, let the wholesale deportations begin!

    1. “non-white rabble?” If you state your case in that way, you have no case and no chance. If you believe you are in a race war of whites against all others I will have nothing to do with you. Mohammedanism is not a race, Muslims advertise their cause being ‘for all peoples, for all time’. Me being a Jew, would I have a place in your world? I don’t think I want a place in it. My Asian wife, my mixed racial children, would they have a place in your world? I doubt it.

      1. I agree with SYM 110%!!! This is not a conflict of skin colors –
        this is a conflict, forced upon us, by an evil philosophy whose adherents are, in fact, its victims. islam is a virus – and we are working to destroy that virus.

      2. I agree Sheikh Y. If the fightback is made into a race war, then we will lose, as most good people will turn against the fight back. In fact we will lose before the fightback even starts.

        The war is between good and evil. Islam is pure evil- a concoction of a man whose manner and behaviour makes him the dupe of Satan. Satan tricked Mohammed, as Mohammed himself felt that he was. Satan is the great deceiver, and so is allah. The tragedy is that millions of Muslims- men, women and children, are suffering as a consequence.

        Islam cannot be allowed to triumph in Europe. If it does, then Australia, America etc, whose foundations and roots are in Europe, will also be lost.

      3. Bad choice of words on my part. Should have said “muslim rabble”. I know, I know, Muslim is not a race, okay, as people keep telling me. . .
        As for non-white races, I have nothing against them, and don’t mind at all having some of them around me, especially Asian women!

        In closing, go fuck yourselves, and have a nice day!

    1. Because they have nothing else. Its their only argument. They know its false. But Mohammedans and their enablers are the real ‘bitter clingers’, and they will flog this cadaver until it starts kicking them back in the face.

    2. Because the left, and the authorities have made it so. By making Islam out to be a race, the authorities can use race hate legislation to beat people who are normally good people but who are against the Islam, using the stick of racism.

      In fact it is the media and authorities who are guilty of being racist by by blaiming “Asians” – Sikhs, Buddhists, Chinese, Christian Palistanis, for the industrial rapes of young non-Muslim girls in England.

      This crime of mass rapes has no paralel in history. It was allowed to happen because it was Muslims that were doing it. Then when found out, the blame was put on “Asians”.

  5. Because of the Islamic rule that the children of a Muslim male must be raised as Muslims, Islam is more common in certain ethnic groups, but it remains an ideology, not a truly-heritable characteristic. We all know that “race” is a silly concept in relation to humans. There are intermediate types as well as the extremes — of “black” or “white” skin, of various shapes of eyelids around the continents, of various shapes of noses and so on.

    I care about how people behave, far more than what they look like. I prefer the company of people who believe as I do. We believe that peace is better than fighting, that truth is better than lying, that theft is bad, etc. Basically, if a person has a Biblical ethical system (“The Ten Commandments” plus the “Golden Rule”), I can relax around them, regardless of their appearance.

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