“Well-heeled activists” support the invasion of Europe

UNHRC condemns Greece for its “shameful handling of Muslim illegal alien invaders”

The parasites from the UNHRC have no shame. This utterly vile and corrupt  gang of looters and moochers is out to destroy the western world by encouraging millions of unassimilable Arab and black African Moslem parasites to migrate, as if there was such a ‘right’. There isn’t!

Facing a 750% surge in the influx of refugees, the Greek government must try harder to provide adequate care and accommodation for Muslim ‘parasite…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

The usual suspects promote the invasion:

The Mail on Sunday saw around “50 well-heeled activists” from the UK, France, America and Holland handing out placards, banners and red armbands to the migrants before they departed the makeshift ‘Jungle’ camp where those seeking to enter Britain illegally live.

Elite troops moved to Chunnel as fears grow over terror threat
The crack Royal Marines and Paras have transferred from their base in St Athan, South Wales, to Folkestone to respond to any attack in the UK by IS-inspired…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
The ratbastard in the picture above  is of course veteran rioter Weyman Bennet of ‘Unite Against Fascism’:
Hope & Change

The LA Times profiles a pair of middle-class Indonesians who plan to join Islamic State:

When Rahmat and Afrian talk about Islamic State, their eyes widen, their speech slows, and their expressions soften into smiles.

Those are only the first physical alterations Rahmat and Afrian are undergoing. Wait until after they arrive in Syria.– Tim Blair

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  1. Hope & Change

    “If we had a sane and responsible government, John Kerry or Joe Biden or Jeh Johnson or some other official who has assured us that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam would explain why young Muslims in far-off Indonesia think that it is the embodiment of authentic Islam, and what their strategy is for countering this phenomenon.

    Instead, they leave the chasm between their confident proclamations and reality to grow ever wider.”

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