And so, the invasion continues….

Hundreds of ISIS extremists are now BACK in Britain, warn police, as new terror plots revealed daily
HUNDREDS of British extremists who fled to Syria have now RETURNED to the UK, police have revealed.
Isis fighters are sneaking onto migrant boats crossing the Med a new investigation has warned
Isis militants are posing as refugees and being smuggled into Europe across the Mediterranean, it has been reported.
 “Migrants” burn refugee centre in Greece
Migrants have set fire to refugee camp on Greek holiday island

Fresh clashes have broken out on the Greek holiday island of Lesbos between police and migrants desperate to move to the European mainland. 11953281_1031908950176364_8544129157145158987_n

Some good news:


 This ISIL fighter proudly posed with an underage girl earlier this year, which appeared to be a Yazidi or Christian sex slave. Looks like the opposition got hold of him and exported him to the virgins….

7 thoughts on “And so, the invasion continues….”

  1. Please don’t fall for that pic of the young girl.
    As much as I hate Islam, that pic has been taken out of context many times on the interweb.
    She was singing a song and forgot her lines – there is a video available.
    I don’t like propoganda, just like I don’t like Islam. Check the photo, it’s not what it is made out to be, the myth about it just keeps getting regurgitated.

    1. Agree Richard

      We are in a war and we cannot take short cuts – do not use BS arguments and evidence to dicredit the mohammedans – just us the facts – there are enough!

    1. I’ll try to find it for you. I have seen the actual video, but bear with me while I look for it again.

      (Hint, I went thru this on the BNI site, and someone located the video).

  2. Yes Richard I too saw that video and that young girl being a lovely faired haired child did look terrified. You don’t get to see the audience, funny that.

    I really think you need to look at the signs especially that creep the way he molests her. Isn’t it haram to be touching ‘someone’ elses child?

    Believe what you want to believe, I’ve travelled far and wide and I would put money down that child has been violated.

    Abu Waqqas and The Moslem Girl
    (link includes video of The Moslem Girl)

    The picture above is out of context.
    Here is where it originated:
    A Facebook post by Dr. Sabah Tamimi, a member of Baghdad Provincial Capital and Professor at Faculty of Sciences at Baghdad University, told of a story reportedly that a
    “Saudi Wahhabi forced a 9 year old Christian girl to marry him recently.”

    However some points regarding this claim
    1. the male pictured is called Abu Waqqas,
    a soldier of the Islamic State, who regularly gives dawa’h,
    meaning calls people to Islam to strengthen their faith.
    2. Abu Waqqas is a Tunisian by origin
    3. The child is a Shaami girl. She is a Muslim and in this picture , she actually felt shy while reciting verses from the Quran, and so she began to cry. Abu Waqqas was hugging and consoling the child.
    She was in an E’tisam, a media outlet of the Islamic State, video from 2013, and this is a screenshot fro the same video.

  4. I had this video and was taken down, I checked yesterday.

    At the beginning of the ‘recital’ she has ok and seemed happy. I t was when she started to stumble she began to cry that alarm bells started to ring.

    The background scene had a large black flag present and all MALES can be seen. Where are the other females?

    Probably though you’d need to see her being violated to think otherwise hey.

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