Inviting the Entire Muslim World to Europe

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Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

After 26 Years, East Defeats West

The following article from lays out the case for what Angela Merkel has actually managed to achieve: the victory of East Germany over West Germany.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation:

Merkel against her fraction: ‘I don’t care whether I’m guilty of the refugee flood’

Thanks to Merkel, East Germany defeated West Germany from the grave: ‘Merkel commits ethnocide on the German people by allowing 15 million Muslims in five years’. In September Bavaria welcomes 135,000 migrants — Nieheim: Germans are evicted because they have to make way for “refugees”.

It’s totally different this time, but apart from Brussels, the biggest threat to the continent comes again from Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed herself in very short time to be the most dangerous European leader since Adolf Hitler. Exaggerated, you say? Read what well-informed sources during a recent CDU/CSU meeting have to say about it: “I don’t care whether or not I’m guilty of the refugee flood. They are here now.”

Eventually, East defeated the West

Some analysts say that Merkel’s DDR past — as a convinced Soviet Socialist and cultural nihilist — caught up with her. However, it is more likely she never gave up that past. Therewith she achieved with shrewd politics what no one thought possible after the fall of the Wall in 1989: From its 26-year-old grave East Germany defeated West Germany.

Merkel commits ethnocide on her own people

The German columnist C. Jahn accuses the chancellor therefore of a real crime against humanity: ethnocide, or a ‘politically controlled destruction of a population by dissolution, assimilation, and loss of culture and language’. The 10 to 15 million Muslims Merkel wants to let loose on Germany during the coming five years will ensure that one out of every four Germans will be Muslim.

Experiences with second and third generation Muslim migrants teach us that most of them not only refuse to integrate, but become much more radical. That means, according to Cahn, “Germans will have no other choices” and “must assimilate. They will culturally and ethnically be merged, as it appears now, into the much more violent and aggressive Muslim colonists. Only their language will remain for a while, and that will eventually disappear as well.’

‘For her and her political henchmen a monument will be erected. As one can observe already in the streets of Baghdad, Kabul and Mogadishu, where millions carrying pictures of Merkel travel towards Heidelberg, Weimar and Würzburg [3].

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7 thoughts on “Inviting the Entire Muslim World to Europe”

  1. Here is another excellent perspective, reality and fact based, of the little Muslim bastard in Irving Texas who brought a “clock” to school.

    Meet Stefan Molyneux

    Look up his YouTube channel for some excellent commentaries on a wide range of subjects, the best by far is his comment on the terrorist Nelson Madela.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. OH WHAT THE HELL………..

    Here is the video discussing the life and substance of the legend of Nelson Mandela.

    Its amazing what we are told and not told by the Marxist Mainstream Media

    If you think terrorism in Africa is a thing of the past, think again.

    Look up the mischievous Julius Malema and his murdering band of South African murdering monkeys as, under the new and improved “Black Rule”, South Africa slide into an abyss of warfare, murder, crime, terrorism and failed state status.



    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. You just cannot beat Pat Condell.

    Short ,sharp ,witty, and factual.

    Pity he does not come on more often.

  4. Old Winni Mandela was the first one to start necklacing. A tire put over the head of a poor unfortunate soul filled with gasoline then set alight.

    That’s how Winni dealt with her enemies.

    Nelson had a lot of blood on his hands too he wasn’t always a peace loving man.

  5. People like Germany’s Angela Merkel are traitors!

    The only valid and legitimate purpose of any government is to defend it’s OWN constituents from disasters both natural and man-made.

    Such morons seem to imagine they were hired, not by their constituents and public, but by God (assuming they believe in one) to save everyone in the world outside of their jurisdictions, and at the direct expense of their own citizens.

    This madness must be stopped – they have clearly renounced their oaths of office and have simultaneously abdicated their positions.

    Having abandoned their responsibilities, they are no longer entitled to the right to the salary or authority earned by accepting those responsibilities.

    And there is no arbitrary, imaginary “line” between where private property rights (where neighbours band together to share the infrastructure (roads, etc) maintenance burdens end, and where some imaginary entity called “the nation,” the country,” or “the state” begins!

    When one’s ‘government’ suddenly decides to open the borders, they are destroying their own citizens’ rights to own property!

  6. It was almost exactly 5 years ago that Merkel said the exact opposite:

    German chancellor Angela Merkel announced

    in 2010, finally, that multiculturalism in her country had “utterly failed.” Talk about being a biblical day late and a budget deficit short. And she and other Western leaders still don’t get it. One can’t understand ideologies such as multiculturalism if he views them as disconnected social mistakes; they are all part of a deep philosophical/spiritual malaise. It isn’t just that the multiculturalist branch needs to be pruned or even cut off. It’s that the devout Muslims are right: the liberal-secularist tree, that Gramscian mutation, must be pulled up and incinerated in the Hell fires whence it came. And it will be. The only question is whether we will return to our roots or allow the complete erasure of Western civilization.

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