Some good news…

Child sex pest Ali Jaffari dies after setting himself on fire in detention
A CONVICTED child sex predator who set himself alight at Yongah Hill Detention Centre in Western Australia on Tuesday night has died.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU
International socialist Ian Rintoul, notorious “refugee advocate”, is already licking his chops. He will milk this till the lights turn blue.
And in Germany, the police dispatched a jihadist to the virgins after he stabbed a female police officer:

An Islamic extremist has been killed by police in the German capital of Berlin after he stabbed an officer in an apparent terror attack.


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  1. Well done Jaffa, you did us a favour you maggot. If I would of been present I would of been in a quandary whether to p*** on you or let you burn.

    Oh well, good riddance you predator.

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