Trifecta on the Muslim Invasion of Europe

An Illegal Immigrant Catastrophe… In Europe? ISIS Refugees!


Bill Whittle and friends explain why the invasion of Europe is even more serious than what is happening to the USA, and why it potentially gives Putin stranglehold leverage over Western Europe:

At least America is being invaded primarily by Mexicans and not by Muslims from a terrorist hot zone — although Democrats are working to change that.

One thought on “Trifecta on the Muslim Invasion of Europe”

  1. How many are true refugees seeking a better home?
    How many are Syrian?
    How many are jihadists in wait?
    How many are Muslim? 99%

    The last “how many” is all Europe needs to know to justify keeping them out. Migration = Trojan Horse; Migrants = European conquest in waiting, aka ticking time bomb. This is orthodox Islam at work.

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