We need much more than rubber bullets!

Toddler’s dad a ‘people smuggler’
Migrant crisis: father of dead toddler a ‘people smuggler’
Drowned Syrian boy’s father says he blames Canada for tragedy

What a despicable swine.

The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach has told a German newspaper that he blames Canadian authorities….
 They should of done this from the beginning. Europe will descend into civil war if this is allowed to continue:

Hungary to give army power to use rubber bullets and tear gas on refugees in crackdown
TOUGH new powers have been issued by the Hungarian government to deal with the growing migrant crisis amid fears the country could be hit by terror attacks…
For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1
Despite fleeing civil war and exposure to hardships in crossing the Mediterranean, migrants still have energy to bash the Jewish State
“Act Of God” On 9/11 Leaves Muslim Crowds Dead In Islam’s Most Sacred Place

They are dead because ‘allah’ wanted them dead:

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the Muslim world celebrated. Now, a devastating attack of a seemingly supernatural kind has taken place in…

The deafening silence of the Thug-in-Chief.

5 thoughts on “We need much more than rubber bullets!”

  1. This is good. Actual journalism in a sea of propaganda:

    ” to shine a light on the daily façade we are subjected to by various media channels – portraying these people as desperate victims of war. The reality is nothing like it seems. I learn that nobody is really running away from war or eminent threats to their lives. Nearly all refugees make a deliberate and conscious decision to start the journey, well aware of all risks involved.”


  2. He’ll come out yelling on behalf of the next BLACK thug who is killed while attacking WHITE police: Obama is pimping his own race.

    1. Agreed Rita, but Obamas time is nearly done – The folks in the USA do not tolerate traitors … I suspect the Clintons will also get to face the music.

  3. @Rita and kaw

    Not sure if you followed the US news. Recently, there was a shooting in San Francisco, where an illegal Mexican walked up to an American girl and shot her point blank -killing her.

    Her name was Kate Steinle.

    Barry did not once, speak out publicly to offer his condolences to her family. He did it multiple times for black criminals. Nor did Barry send his condolences to the British families who repeated asked for him to speak on their sons death when they were executed on vacation in Florida.

    Ugly effeminate little man.

  4. RE: “Act Of God” On 9/11 Leaves Muslim Crowds Dead In Islam’s Most Sacred Place

    …..God has spoken.

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