Who’s Streets? Our streets!” Muslims in Rotherham attack police

Their streets indeed. Hardly anyone is contesting that, least of all the British government. “VIDEO: Muslim Protesters Clash With Rotherham Police,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, September 6, 2015 (thanks to Fjordman):

A “Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter” rally descended into a riot yesterday afternoon. Two separate demonstrations were organised in the town that day; one by the group Britain First against Islamic rape gangs that proliferate in the town, and the other a so-called counter demonstration.

Police estimate around 150 Britain First protestors turned up, as well as 300 Unite Against Fascism activists and many more demonstrators from the local Muslim community.

Britain First made their way from the train station to the town hall to sing songs. The Muslim Lives Matter demonstration marched through the centre of town with signs displaying the UNITE union’s logo and others reading “No To Nazis” and “Never Again.”

In the first video (below), the Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter demonstration can be seem chanting “Who’s Streets? Our streets!” and “Enough is enough; Muslim Live Matter!”

The group appears to have taken inspiration from the American “Black Live Matter” campaign.

Both initial demonstrations passed off without incident, however, smaller factions engaged in violence after the main event and two people were arrested on suspicion of assault and one for being drunk and disorderly.

Chief superintendent Rob Odell, who led the policing operation, told the Sheffield Star: “After lengthy planning and preparation for two opposing protests in the centre of Rotherham, the events passed smoothly.

“As the groups dispersed there was a pocket of disorder which was dealt with by officers at the scene.”

The videos below [one embedded above; the other has been removed] show what appears to be young Asian men throwing missiles at police in what has been described as a “riot” in the Wellgate area of Rotherham. People became trapped in an adjacent pub, which was described as “under attack.”

Britain First's photo.

Rotherham on Saturday! After this they attacked the police!

Muslim refugees in Europe chanting Allahu Akbar and F**k you. Our political leaders might just want to make some hard decisions regarding who they let into Australia.

Pamela Geller video here…

“I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass.

“A car with humanitarian aid came. Food and water. They just toppled it and stole everything.”

Here in America, terror-tied CAIR is demanding President Obama take in 100,000 of these hostile invaders. Obama is “weighing his options”. His administration is opening the door to the possibility of allowing “these” refugees into the United States. We will fight this.

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8 thoughts on “Who’s Streets? Our streets!” Muslims in Rotherham attack police”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me one iota. I’ve come to realise it’s expected from the multiple Quislings that inhabit this planet.

    Just think you get front row seats in seeing the demise of civilization.

    Welcome to the ‘end of days’.

    1. RE: Just think you get front row seats in seeing the demise of civilization.

      Welcome to the ‘end of days’.

      Oh yay, Ironside.

      I had plans…….

  2. If everybody else to too scare to say it then I will:
    What is happening in Europe now is the systematic and total destruction of the Anglo/European society, culture, economy and religious way of life by a flood of Islamic hoards that are if not as bad but given time will be worse than the Nazi’s. Europe is doomed to be overrun and conquered and nothing can save it now. The rest of the western world should take stock and start resisting calls for it to be more humane and understanding of this phony plight of economic and religious refugees who are only the vanguard of what is to come.

      1. @ gramfan,

        IMHO, Planned before Obama, he was just the willing architect. His ego saw the golden crown and could not say no. How else does a nobody go from street instigator to senator to president in mere months. Remember he had to sue to get the senate seat. He does not come from ‘that’ much money. And they, (who ever those villains are?) needed the position of the WH and America.

        They needed someone unchallengeable. They needed the race shield to silence.

        Fabian Socialist are the worst.

        Slowly. Slowly. Sneaky. Sneaky. Nudge. Nudge.

        And voila! The Utopian shithole is realized for the masses whilst our elite overlords live the good life with smug satisfaction, that finally… God (atheist heaven?) is in his heaven and all is right with the world. The natural order of things.

        Treasonous cowards!!!! Almost all of this Mother F@*#$ers come from or have money. As the progeny of survivors of Communist, how I hate them.

    1. Civil War is coming in Europe. perhaps this the intent to cull the population. Which in turn will lead to a WW4-I prefer to think the Cold War was actually-WW3.

      After all, the MSM and activists (think Sierra Club pres.) a scholar or two are always whinging about how the world is over populated.

      Population numbers are too high. What better way to lower numbers enmasse.

  3. Obama has his own agenda just as ‘his’ masters have theirs. His no doubt fit in with the multitude of other puppet masters and manipulators.
    Either way, the downfall of civilisation is underway.

    Allah Akbar or Seig Heil, doesn’t matter it’s both the same.

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