ABC sings the praises of Muslim deceivers

Muslim leaders urge community to dig deep for the family of Curtis Cheng

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Angela Vithoulkas is an award winning entrepreneur, professional speaker, media commentator and Independent City of Sydney Councillor.

Just heard Sydney City Councillor, Angela Vithoulkas, babble stupidly about how much it is part of Muslim “culture” to give money to victims of jihad. Stupid on steroids and ABC gov’t prop at its worst:

Parramatta Islamic Cultural Association members Keysar Trad (left) and Neil El-Kadomi are urging the community to dig deep and support Curtis Cheng's family.Parramatta Islamic Cultural Association members Keysar Trad (left) and Neil El-Kadomi are urging the community to dig deep and support Curtis Cheng’s family. Photo: Brendan Esposito

Muslim leaders are encouraging their community charities to set up a fund and raise money for the family of Curtis Cheng, the police employee shot dead in Parramatta earlier this month.

At Friday prayers in Sydney last week, Muslim scholars and community leaders spoke about helping the Cheng family in whatever way they could.

The Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi, Parramatta mosque adviser and founder of the Islamic Friendship Association Keysar Trad and Sheik Yaha Safi, the head Imam from Lakemba mosque have all supported the idea proposed by Mr Trad and have encouraged others to take it up.

All said they don’t condone the violence or the act that took Mr Cheng’s life and want to give as much as they could, as is customary under Islamic law, when someone – with whom they live in peace – is killed.

Mr Trad asked a congregation in Castle Hill on Friday “Did we (and I include our parents or grandparents or ancestors in this) or did we not come into this country with a pledge or an understanding or a commitment to live in peace and harmony?

“We need to talk to our Muslim organisations to set up a fund, to raise what we can and offer that as an expression of support to the family of the victim.  That is who we are, that is the command from Allah.”

“We don’t know whether they need or not, but we can presume based on the fact that we know that if the bread winner in any of our families was to go missing, we would feel the loss,” said Keysar Trad.

Mr El Kadomi also said they want to help support the family and establish a fund.

He said they are all united against any act of violence.

Mr Cheng was shot dead by 15-year-old schoolboy Farhad Jabar as he left his work as a police accountant at Parramatta Police Headquarters.

Jabar was then shot dead by police.

A funeral was held for Mr Cheng last week at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed posted an online tribute to Mr Cheng on the day of his funeral saying

“Today we acknowledge the funeral of Curtis Cheng and we stand beside the Cheng family in their grief.

“Curtis was a beloved father, husband, member of the police and our community.

“Our thoughts are with his wife Selina, children Alpha and Zilvia at this emotional time.

“Our hearts are lifted by the legacy he leaves behind.”

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  1. In sharia, muslims are specifically verboten from giving any charity to any infidels – ever.

    You’d think someone with a Greek surname might be more aware of islam than others (OK maybe not these days, but stil)!

  2. In stead of “digging deep” to support Mr. Chengs family, how about you just stop killing non-muslims?

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