Dreadful ABC Rubbish: Australian Liberty Alliance Causes “Racism”

An anti-halal campaigner, a former Army officer and the president of a secretive anti-Islam group have been unveiled as the first Senate candidates who will stand for a party set up by controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) officially launched in Perth last night in a secret location with the outspoken Mr Wilders as its keynote speaker.

Media had to register in advance for the press conference that followed and were sent the location by text message, but word quickly spread and Mr Wilders was forced to talk over a small group of vocal protesters.

The Australian Liberty Alliance is a party fixated on stopping the spread of Islam.


Its policies include banning full face coverings in public, placing a 10-year moratorium on resident visa applications by people from Islamic countries and removing Australia from the UN charter of refugees.

It was inspired by Mr Wilders’ Party for Freedom, which won 12 per cent of the vote at the last general election in the Netherlands and has led 13 of the last 16 opinion polls.

The ALA is hoping for similar success and believes it will be able to capitalise on discontent within the Liberal Party over the change in leadership.

Anti-halal campaigner Kirralie Smith will stand for the Senate in NSW, while former Army officer and one-time Katter’s Australia Party candidate Bernard Gaynor, who was dumped by the KAP for anti-gay comments, will run in Queensland.

ALA party president Debbie Robinson will stand in Western Australia.

Ms Robinson is also president of the secretive anti-Islam group the Q Society – which funded Mr Wilders’ trip to Australia.

She told 7.30 the party had been two years in the making, since Mr Wilders’ last visit Australia.

“We’re not in this for a career as politicians, we’re genuinely concerned about what’s happening to Australia as a result of multiculturalism and the divisiveness that it’s causing and the damage that it’s doing to Australia,” she said.

Islam is not a race but a violent, totalitarian ideology. Every child knows that. ABC scribblers don’t. (SY)

“All of the studies done in Australia indicate that about 10 per cent of the population actually harbours exceptionally racist attitudes.”–Multiculturalism advocate Suresh Rajan (shitting on white Australians. The creep hangs out with Jamal Rifi, a Muslim spokesturd.)


Ms Robinson distanced herself from some of the more vocal anti-Islam groups and the kinds of protests recently seen in Bendigo over a mosque development, but she did not back away from some of the more provocative statements made by Mr Wilders.

7.30 asked Ms Robinson if she endorsed the Dutch politician’s comments labelling Islam a “retarded” and “barbaric” culture, likening the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and calling the Prophet Mohammed a “terrorist” and a “paedophile”.

“Well, I think if you study the Koran and look at the scriptures, I think you could come to some of those conclusions, that’s for sure,” she said.

Fears party will incite hatred, feed radical beliefs


Multiculturalism advocate Suresh Rajan said he was concerned Ms Robinson would support those statements.

“The statements are very very dangerous, they’re statements that will incite a great deal of hatred towards a group of people and they are without any basis whatsoever in fact,” he said.

Either Suresh Rajan is a Mohammedan taqiyya gigolo or clueless about Islam.

Not “a protester”. This is serial protester  Seamus Doherty, a hired ratbag who makes an a$$  out of himself just to get into the spotlight. The guy is a pest from the Socialist Alliance.

Mr Rajan also expressed concerns about the Dutch politician’s visit and the creation of a new political party at a time when Australia was grappling with the growing threat of homegrown terror.

“Recruiters for a radicalisation campaign will be sitting back and looking at this campaign and saying ‘here is a person who is going to create disaffected youth, that’s my market, that’s the group that I want to tap into, Geert has done the work for me’,” he said.

So opposing Islamic jihad and Islamisation causes “disaffected youth” who want to kill infidels for the cause? Either Mr Rajan hasn’t got his faculties intact or he is turning himself into a pretzel with his reasoning.

Mr Rajan said any support the ALA received would be fed by blatant racism.

“All of the studies done in Australia indicate that about 10 per cent of the population actually harbours exceptionally racist attitudes,” he said.

“So we expect it will be roughly around 10 per cent that they will garner.”

It is a disgrace that the ABC journallie prints this imbecilic dreck.

West Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam dismissed their chances at the next federal election.

This guy is the greatest tosser in the land.

“Nobody’s been able to establish I guess a really hard-line racist political formation in Australia,” he said.

“I’m really proud of that, I think there are good reasons for that and I think this attempt will fail too but the provocation and the attempt at establishing that kind of thing is actually tremendously harmful and actually quite risky.”

It is more likely that Ludlam  will get his marching orders at the next elections.

Watch Lauren Day’s full report on 7.30 tonight on ABC TV.

5 thoughts on “Dreadful ABC Rubbish: Australian Liberty Alliance Causes “Racism””

  1. You know the media (ABC) has gone off the deepend when their bias and vitriole is front and center. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. In your face. Unbelievable.

  2. I would submit that the leftist ratbag politicians, namely Labor MP Margaret Quirk and Opposition Leader Mark McGowan organised the troublemakers to create an incident, and if it didn’t happen the media loons made it up.

    More of the same rubbish from the Daily Mail here:

    Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders was almost completely shouted down by angry protesters at a chaotic press conference in Perth, but persevered, saying the Islamisation of Australia should stop.
    Mr Wilders is visiting to help launch the Australian Liberty Alliance, which he inspired.
    He says the party wants “Australia to stay Australian” and stood for “not giving in to multiculturalism”.
    He says Europe can’t handle the growing number of Islamic asylum seekers, saying it will cost billions of euros in coming years and change society and culture entirely.
    “Please don’t think that it won’t happen to Australia tomorrow,” he told reporters.
    He said many were “not refugees at all” and suggested they seek safe haven in the more stable Arab nations like the UAE, Jordan and Oman.
    “What about Saudi Arabia and all of those rich Gulf states?” he said.
    “There are only a few hundred refugees that they are taking in. I mean, it’s their people, it’s their religion, it’s their culture.
    “And the reason that they are not taking them is most of the people want to come to Europe, not really to be safe but to enjoy our big fat welfare state.
    “You should deal with it in a straightforward way and you should be a sovereign country and close your borders to these kind of immigrants.”
    Mr Wilders said he’d warned the party, which has three candidates for the Senate elections, that members would be met by more protesters calling them extremists or bigots.
    “I know it will be hard. A lot of people will protest,” he said.
    “It’s all worth it because we have truth on our side.
    “I’m sure that many Australians will find hope in this new party.”
    Mr Wilders’ security team outnumbered the small but vocal group of protesters, who relentlessly chanted: “Say it loud, say it clear, racism’s not welcome here.”

    When a disabled protester who needs a cane to walk tried to leave, Mr Wilders’ security forcibly stopped him and were not just yelled at by other activists, but also senior members of the state opposition, who watched on from a balcony in horror.
    “Let the guy up the stairs,” Labor MP Margaret Quirk shouted.
    “You’re not authorised.”

    Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said it was a deliberately defiant act to hold the press conference next to the WA parliament given Premier Colin Barnett had repeatedly said Mr Wilders was not welcome at state government venues.
    “He decided to come here to cause maximum mayhem,” Mr McGowan said.

    “What I was told was he wasn’t coming on public property. I emerged from my office and there he was.
    “His presence is disruptive, it’s offensive to many people. I don’t know why anyone would take any notice of a foreign politician coming into this country and trying to spread hate and fear.”
    Mr McGowan described the security team as “stormtroopers”.
    “This is the sort of stuff that went on in Germany in the 1930s and I don’t want to see it happen in Australia,” he said.

    What a despicable wuss. What a lying sack of shiite.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/aap/article-3282140/Wilders-thanks-police-Perth-protection.html#ixzz3pGEcOjEv
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  3. Andrew Bolt is onto it:

    Wilders framed by Fairfax
    Andrew Bolt OCTOBER 22 2015

    Geert Wilders and minders knock over disabled Perth activist Seamus Doherty

    Reader John picks up some disgraceful Fairfax spin:

    The headline makes a clearly false allegation: Geert Wilders and minders knock over disabled Perth activist Seamus Doherty.

    Watch the video (at the link). Geert Wilders does not even get near the protestor, so he has NOT knocked him over. Also note the security has NOT knocked over the protester but just made sure Wilders can move about without being manhandled.

    The vision clearly shows the protester pushing into the back of the security, not the other way around.

    Maybe Doherty fell at some other time. But all the vision shows is an activist pushing the security men, not the other way around.

    Click on the link. The commenters get it.

  4. Seamus Doherty is wearing a pro-‘palestinian’ (pro-terrorist) T-shirt, while holding a sign accusing those who are against importing members of a global crime-gang, of “racism!”

    It’s typical liberal polemic hyperbole: since some blacks are muslims, he accuses anyone against the crime-gang of islam to be anti-black racists!

    It’s like accusing people who are against the Mafia of being anti-Italian, or those who are against the Nazis of being anti-German racists! It’s impertinent (does not pertain to the correct categories) and exaggerates it all to the extremes!

    He’s committing fraud: slandering people as “racists” merely for opposing criminals!

  5. And, oh, this bit is sweet, too:

    “Media had to register in advance for the press conference that followed and were sent the location by text message, BUT word quickly spread and Mr Wilders was forced to talk over a small group of vocal protesters.”

    Let’s try that again, Sheik!

    “Media had to register in advance for the press conference that followed and were sent the location by text message, AND BECAUSE OF IT, word quickly spread and Mr Wilders was forced to talk over a small group of vocal protesters.”

    So next time, give each journo a text message directing them to a different place from the others, and leave them there to await further instructions (but don’t tell them you will do this)!

    While they wait, a few will no-doubt be busy texting what they presume to be the final location to their protester friends!

    If you wait long enough, they will show up!

    Only tell those members of the media who DIDN’T call on a rent-a-mob, the real, final location of the meetings!

    VOILA! Treacherous enemies outed, for all the world to see!
    Hidden agendas exposed!


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