Germans told to hand country to Mohammedan “migrants” or leave

Two historical videos about  Merkels dismantling of Germany:

Germans who do not like having thier town taken over by Koranimals are free to leave Germany: (Vlad Tepes)

Then this video by Oz-Rita where you hear snippets of the frustration and rage of the very typical middle of the road, non-extremist German citizens:

Germans’ rebel against Merkel’s policy of population replacement.

The Germans surrendered not only their guns, but their race, their culture, their pride, and most importantly, they have surrendered THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN !!

There will be no history.  Everything will be burned to the ground.

Town of 4,000 finds out it will receive 3,000 migrants, “If you don’t like hosting refugees in your town, you can leave the country”

A German Politician, Walter Lübcke, says to the gathered citizenry “If you don’t like hosting refugees in your town, you can leave the country”

There was a time when such traitors would have been beaten to death on the spot. Nowadays people only call for his imprisonment:



Meanwhile, in Turkey:
Turkey could join the EU sooner after migrant crisis, says Merkel

Merkel is eagerly giving away what was never hers to begin with.

The German Chancellor arrived in Istanbul for talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on how to stem the flow of people from conflict in the Middle East.–DAILY MAIL.UK

Population Exchange Is Now In Full Swing:

Full story from Pamela Geller:

A town with a population of 4,000 finds out it will soon receive 3,000 migrants…. and the Mayor didn’t have any advance warning.

In another town, the regional Governor basically told everyone, “if you don’t like it (having 400 refugees dropped in your town) — you can leave! We have, as Germans, freedom, and you are free to leave if do not agree.”

It’s post-war divvying up of the spoils without the war. Just the surrender.

VIDEOS below.

Translation: thanks to Faustina:

3,000 for the Refugee Coordinator is NO PROBLEM

[Refugee Coordinator] “I unfortunately cannot pay any attention to the ratio of refugees to inhabitants of the town.”

The mayor feels he is being ignored.

[Mayor] “It is definitely rather venturesome of the administrators to simply make decisions for our location. It is not good policy.”

To begin with…Langenlohnsheim is a village in Rheinland-Pfalz with 4,000 inhabitants. The problem…3,000 refugees will  be arriving in only a few days and will be housed in this empty building.n The story…the interaction between the placement officials and the local citizens who shall ultimately be responsible for welcoming the refugees. The citizens of the town only learned by accident that this building should expect to house so many refugees! And the first person to fall from the clouds this morning is the mayor, himself. I go to meet Mayor Michael Czupalla and talk to him about the 3,000 refugees that are to arrive in mere days. The news nearly blew him over, he explains. And also…that he was even able to catch wind of the operation.

[Mayor] “The middle of last week the rumors came to me…it was said that [the decision to use] Langenlohnsheim was concrete. Then Mr. Placzek called me on Saturday to let me know that a large number would arrive…But nonetheless, it wouldn’t have hurt for the officials to speak with us first to determine our situation. And as you can see we are not on the edge of the town, we are directly in the middle! The potential for conflict is already preprogrammed.”

The Refugee Coordinator for Rheinland Pfalz is here…Detlef Placzek. Sudden and spontaneous citizens’ protests appear on the other side of the street. Despite their extreme upset, they appear to be of good will…

[Man in the car] No! 3,000 is too many. Maybe 1,000.

What would be okay here?

[Man on the street] 200-300. I think 10% would be a fair solution…but more than that is a ghetto and we don’t want a ghetto!

[Man with a bike] I haven’t ever had any bad experiences [with refugees]

So you are positive on the issue.

[Mann with a bike] Yes, I am positive….but not for 2,500 or 3,000 or even more than that.

Just this Saturday, the Refugee Coordinator communicated with the Mayor that he would be coming to see the area himself and determine if 3,000 refugees would be too many.

Which criteria do you use to make the determination?

[Placzek] “If this bordering neighborhood is unified to accept the sheltering of refugees and just how many… But you must give me the chance to look at the place. I haven’t been able to see for myself.”

Happily! We will simply tag along…And then the observation begins.

[Placzek] “Ok that is the building Delphi…then comes the living area…”

Mr. Placzek will check out the area for the living quarters. It is directly next to a neighborhood. You are now deciding on the exact number of refugees…so 900 plus 1,500…what are you deciding on now?

[Placzek] Yes, I am determining the overall size…

And are you going to look inside the buildings to see where the refugees will sleep?

[Placzek] ‘No, I already know enough information to that end…When it comes to possibilities for housing refugees, if I may be so bold, that is A PIECE OF CAKE for us. The entire infrastructure is already available, and we have water, functioning fire alarms, large open areas…so according to these points, everything can be checked off!

And so you have already spoken with someone here and tested the conditions.

[Placzek] Naturally, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. There is no discussion to it.

No one here has spoken with him, or?

[Placzek] I personally? (walks off)

[Mayor] On Saturday morning…yes

That’s a bit late, isn’t it?

[Mayor] Yes, good. That is so. I would have liked to know about it sooner. That is right.

With the expectation of housing 3,000 refugees this is an understandable wish. The first person to learn the result of the visit is of course the mayor.

[Placzek] “I unfortunately cannot pay any attention to the ratio of refugees to inhabitants of the town. It isn’t possible. And for that reason I have informed the local authorities that I will suggest to the state government that they stay under the level of 1,000 and that they should avoid building tents, and should there be any changes to notify [the local authorities] by letter by the middle of next week.”

So the plans to house some 2,000 refugees here are for the time being suspended…but there are still some 1,000 refugees to be allotted to the small town. The mayor does not believe that this is the right strategy for success if the public is to play a role.

[Mayor] “I hope that they can learn from this…while the problem of dimension is currently solved, but this is only an initial welcome center. The problem is national and in the future I hope the national authorities will act differently, especially with all the pressures we have here. We must act, but not like this.

This was only a local meeting…lasting only 2 hours…but I find that he has told of many things that could have gone better.

And it’s not just this town – this happening all over Europe – here’s a video and an article concerning a “town hall” meeting where citizens in Lohfelden, Germany(near Kassel) were informed the night before 400 refugees would be arriving (October 15, 2015) in their city.

Mr. Walter Lübcke is the regional Governor and basically told everyone, “if you don´t like it(having 400 refugees dropped in your town) – you can leave! We have, as Germans freedom, and you are free to leave if do not agree.”

This is how native Germans are being treated in their own country-by their own government.

At a community Information Evening about Refugee Camp in small District of City Kassel- ONE Day before 800 immigrant will arrive –

A German Politican,Walter Lübcke, says to the gathered citizenry:

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4 thoughts on “Germans told to hand country to Mohammedan “migrants” or leave”

  1. If you move 3,000 muslim people into a village of 4,000, there are no jobs for them, hence, they cannot pay for where they live. Can this village pay for their food, homes, education? Who does not believe that the rates of crime, rape, etc. will skyrocket? Western civilization is being killed by politicians and liberals. They believe that throwing everybody else to the wolves will save them. But the wolves will eventually eat them also.


    I wrote a small essay called “Of Muslims, Dog Catchers and Vigilantes”.

    Here is a quote”

    …………”In a small town the local dog-catcher has rounded up a half a dozen mutts. Dogs with distemper, rabies and dispositions that have resulted in several attacks on local denizens. Sitting in his chair one evening he ponders the fate of the dogs; warm and fuzzy little creatures with begging eyes and whimpering that tugs at his heart strings. Overwhelmed with sentimentality, he swings open the doors to the cages whereupon the dogs immediately run amok in the town, badly mauling several children and killing several senior citizens.

    What do you think would happen to the dog-catcher after the townsfolk had regained their senses? I can absolutely guarantee you that, if he survived the enthusiastic beatings he would get from the townsfolk, he would suffer a withering course of criminal indictment, incarceration upon conviction and a blizzard of civil actions that would leave him penniless”……..

    Now, consider the actions of judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, media luminaries, law enforcement leaders and much of the academia. What better comparison to the dog catcher could be made as they, quintessentially treasonous, have set loose millions of rabid, verminous, murderous parasites (Muslims) amongst the innocent and unsuspecting, as they have turned loose hell on earth that will reduce the West to a nightmare of barbaric savagery and smoking ashes.

    This said, can one blame, can one argue against, can one fault decent, courageous patriots across the West for wiping the plague of Muslim filth from their countries, from their cities, towns and neighborhoods and then turning their attention to the treasonous who loosed a cancer on their homelands?

    Can one blame decent and courageous patriots for dragging these traitors from their homes and offices, standing them before expedient military/citizen/paralegal tribunals and once a sentence and conviction for high treason, in accordance with our common law, is passed, executing sentences for high treason and sedition?

    Look for it Ladies and Gentlemen…………JUSTICE………coming to a neighborhood and city near you.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    A judge repeatedly errs in favor of the Muslim, This judge ignores the crimes of the Muslim. This judge ignores the Muslim’s love of pedophilia, of violence, of sexual depravity, of intimidation, of wide ranging criminality, of promotion of terrorism, of acts of terrorism. This judge sets loose the murderous Muslim amongst innocent civilians in order that it can continue its campaign of terror. A small group of patriot men and women identify the judge with particularity. One morning while eating breakfast a bullet ends the judges life. An act of murder or an act of courageous patriotism?

    Lawyers, wrapped in the cloak of altruistic defence of human rights, take blood money in defence of the filthy Muslim as it stands in a court charged with crimes of pedophilia, of violence, of sexual depravity, of intimidation, of wide ranging criminality, of promotion of terrorism, of acts of terrorism. Slapping each other on the back to uproarious laughter with each acquittal. A small group of courageous patriot men and women or individuals enter the offices or homes of these “immigration” lawyers and execute them. An act of murder or defence of one’s country and culture?

    A group of bureaucrats, with assistance of law enforcement, enforce new government policy and flood the quiet communities and entire country with barbaric, savage Muslim filth. Hell opens and mass confusion reigns supreme. Crime skyrockets, vandalism, robbery, extortion, rape, murder assault as the verminous Muslim filth rampages across entire countries. Quiet parks and avenues made garbage dumps of filth and excrement. Citizens are booted from their homes and the homes given to Muslim filth. Citizens children are terrified. All life stops, all funding of this madness paid for by the taxpayer. A group of decent, law abiding, taxpaying patriot citizens gather and enter a government office. 25 to 30 previously identified bureaucrats are assembled and shot to death. An act of murder or an admirable display of courageous patriots who have had enough of the assassination of their country and their culture?

    Professors, rabid Marxists the lot, use the bully pulpit of the classroom and lecture hall to turn our children into haters of themselves. They fill our children’s heads with lies and historical revisionism and remold these same children into the vision of their brave new Marxist world, a legion of children become communists, become haters of their country, their culture and their magnificent heritage and accomplishments. Patriotoc men and women identify with detail these treasonous Marxists. One day while sipping a latte and discussing Lenin and Marx patriots walk in an execute these vermin. An act of murder or one of righteous self preservation?

    Using the deadly mechanism of Marxist Mass Media propaganda, media luminaries purposely destroy fact, ignore reality and err in favour of the Muslim and the Marxist providing the unwitting public with a grotesquely perverted view of the danger the citizen and his country faces. These crimes of treasonous play out on the news night after night after night. A group of men and women enter a studio or approach a media celebrity on the street and execute them for their treason and sedition. An act of murder or patriots acting in defence of their families, their culture, their country and in so doing preserving and honouring the hard won and priceless gifts of their ancestors?

    These are question that need to be answered in the coming days and weeks.

    Citizens must begin to organize in small and medium sized groups.

    Citizens must begin to gather whatever arms and munitions they can.

    Citizens must begin to identify with participatory the judges, the police chiefs, the bureaucrats, the lawyers, the politicians, the media luminaries and editors and those in academia whose lives are the definition of high treason and sedition.

    Citizens must realize that they are in grave danger and that this conflict with the Muslim and the Marxist will come to blood.

    Citizens must become citizens and earn that which they have come to take for granted.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  4. Whilst the Germans are told they must lay down like prayer rugs for the invading hordes of Muslims – other Germans are busy building a fence ——–for Saudi Arabia! Yes, SA wants to keep undesirable Muslim “refugees” out! You couldn’t make it up!

    “You may be wondering why Syrian and Iraqi refugees are pouring into Europe rather than into, say nearby Saudi Arabia. Well, Saudi officials planned ahead.”

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