So where are we going to move to when our gov’t hands our country over to Muslim savages?

VIDEO: Massive Muslim “Knife” Rally in Gaza 
Another blood lust rally. Think about it, do you ever see Muslims rallying, protesting, demonstrating for anything other than hate, violence, genocide and holy war?
Imagine a knife rally celebrating the stabbings of innocent Jewish people on the street. Even the Nazis didn’t do that. They hid the genocide. Muslims scream and ululate to it. (Pamela Geller)
‘Palestinian’ School-Lessons: Muslim Children ‘Shown How To Stab A Jew’
Israel’s ambassador to the UN claims Palestinian school children are being “taught to hate” instead of learning maths. | Pamela Geller
US taxpayer dollars pay for these “schools.” Momentum is building on Capitol Hill to cut more than $5 billion in U.S. aid to the Palestinians as a result of the now daily violence and murder. Write your Congressmen and Senators — now. Tell them to stop funding the jihad against the Jews.
Minnesota Governor: Find another State if You Don’t Want Muslim “Refugees” Here

Governor Mark Dayton attended a community conversation about race hosted by the St. Cloud NAACP and told people who have been questioning refugee resettlement in the central Minnesota region to “find another state.”  (Pamela Geller)

This mirrors the German authorities who told a small town of 3,000 that is being forced to absorb 4,000 Muslim migrants, “If you don’t like hosting refugees in your town, you can leave the country.”

“MN Governor Dayton: Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!” By Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch, October 16, 2015

Earlier this week, in St. Cloud, MN, the Democrat Governor of the State—Mark Dayton—made it pretty clear to those who have been questioning the mass importation of Somali refugees to the state—too bad for you, find another place to live.

Oh, and following on the point I’ve been making over the last few days, herehere and here, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was there.  As I said, CAIR is now take an up front position on more refugee resettlement (and you can be sure it isn’t the Syrian Christians they are worried about!).

My guess is that CAIR was hoping the whole concept of the Hijra (Mohammed’s demand that Muslims migrate as a form of jihad) would not be out in the open and that we wouldn’t notice until it was too late, but we have.  So now they are openly pushing refugee resettlement.

From the Daily Globe  (thanks to all who sent it):

St. CLOUD — Harsh words and heartfelt sentiment were exchanged by community members and local officials on racial issues in Central Minnesota at the St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation with Gov. Mark Dayton. [I don’t get it, doesn’t the NAACP know that all the migrants are taking jobs that African Americans need?—ed]

Hosted Tuesday at St. Cloud Public Library, about 100 people from diverse backgrounds gathered to ask questions of St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, State Rep. Jim Knoblach, Minnesota Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey, Council on Black Minnesotans Community Program Specialist Kolloh Nimley and St. Cloud AFYA Pharmacy co-owner Dr. Edris Kosar.

From the start of the event, Dayton bluntly stated his opinions on the racial tension in St. Cloud and across the state in regards to immigration.

“Look around you. This is Minnesota,” Dayton said. “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. … This is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here, and this is Minnesota, should find another state.”

Dayton said he was aware of some of the racial issues happening in the St. Cloud area and urged participants to take a stand against what he described as “unacceptable, un-Minnesotan, illegal and immoral” behavior.

“If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state. Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever. It’s not that in Minnesota. It’s not going to be again. It’s not going to be that in St. Cloud, or Rochester or Worthington,” Dayton said.

CAIR was there!

Another audience member took issue with the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, accusing the organization of being supported by terrorists.

CAIR Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, who had previously addressed the crowd on his concerns on racial tension said his organization is not affiliated with terrorist groups.

See “Breeding terrorists in Minnesota,” here.

Minnesota has developed very active ‘Pockets of Resistance.’  See especially our lengthy archive on St. Cloud by clicking here.

Changing the subject slightly!

Find out what health problems refugees are bringing to Minnesota!

Metro Refugee Health Task Force, here.  “Medically complex cases” entering Minnesota!

Some of you involved in the resistance in the state should attend these important meetings (next one is Nov. 3).  Follow the links, but here is what they say about the September meeting and what was discussed (remember you are paying for all of this!):

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Refugee and International Health Program (RIHP) staff presented on the latest refugee arrival  and health screening data; medically complex cases; special projects and community engagement; and emerging health issues.

I contend that if more Americans knew how much disease/parasites etc. were coming in with refugees they would be shocked into action—likely fearing disease more than Islamic terrorists!


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

35 million Muslim migrants set sights on Europe; Congress Moves to Halt Resettlement in US
  ByPamela Geller on September 19, 2015
 The “migrants” are literally defecating over Europe:

The result will be the complete annihilation of Germany.

 German Towns Washed Away in Tsunami of Third World Immigrants
In Germany, where the moonbats in charge are importing 1.5 million colonists from the Third World this year alone, social engineering has gone into overdrive so as to…Moonbattery »


2 thoughts on “So where are we going to move to when our gov’t hands our country over to Muslim savages?”

  1. That knife rally…I watched the video.

    Masses of screaming berserkers packed shoulder-to-shoulder, waving around all manner of sharp-edged objects with wild abandon. In semi-darkness.

    I’m very, very surprised that the evening didn’t end with a fresh batch of nominations for the 2015 Darwin Awards.

  2. Since the subject of the Stabbing Jihad in Israel has been raised.

    This morning I was reading the ‘Daily Mail’ report on a truly revolting rally that was held in London, at which Muslims and their fully-conditioned Useful Idiot/ Jewhating fellow travellers and enablers were screaming their support for the Muslim murderers who are prowling the streets of Israel looking for Jews – any Jew, a 13 year old boy on a bike, a little old lady at a bus stop – to stab and stab and stab and stab.

    The *report* was pretty awful.

    But at least the DM opened it up for Comments.

    The vast majority of the Comments – of which there were many – were in support of Israel. It was most heartening. And the identifiably-Muslim commenters, who were cheering for the stabbers, were getting slapped down: lots of red arrows.

    A few samples of the pro-Israel comments
    Someone from Herndon commented briefly, on the Jewhaters – “These people are baying for blood while innocent Israeli civilians are being stabbed.”
    Another, from Leamington Spa, UK, observed sardonically, re the ‘protesters’ – “So indiscriminate murder of innocent people is OK then?”
    Another UK commenter stated simply – “Not a good idea to take a knife to a gun-fight, go, go Israel!”
    ‘Ranjits”, identifying himself as from India (and by his moniker, a Hindu) stated simply “…And I stand with Israel”.
    (I am noticing this more and more in comments streams of this sort – persons with non-Muslim Indian names stepping out as friends of Israel – dda).

    someone called Marion, who appears to be an Anglo expat in Indonesia, stated flatly – “Protesting about the rights of Palestinians to knife people? Get off our streets!”

    And DWW of Abergele UK stated the obvious – “8 Israelis and 39 Palestinians….don’t stab someone who has a gun, no????”

    I got the distinct impression that Joe Infidel Public, more and more, upon seeing that a rabid Muslim has a/ murderously stabbed a Jew and subsequently b/ been summarily obliterated, is inclined to respond with “Served Him (the murderer or would-be murderer) jolly well right”. I also get the feeling that some British observers are being reminded of what happened to Lee Rigby – an attack (someone run over with a car, followed by frenzied slashing with a machete) that is *exactly* similar in outline to at least 2 of the attacks that have been carried out in Israel – and wishing that that attack had been greeted by the response that identical types of attack have been receiving in Israel, to wit…BOOM: attacker/s either severely damaged or dead as a doornail right then and there.

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