Mordechai Kedar explains the origins of the “Itbach ya yahud”

Dr. Mordechai Kedar (Bar-Ilan University) presents an historical context from which to view the current wave of Palestinian violence. A program of Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, from Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NY. (Oct ’15)

The liberal media is beginning to admit that Islam has a formal doctrine of jihad. They have been forced into this admission due to the constant propaganda of jihad doctrine by ISIS. Now the media says that Islamic State, ISIS, has a narrow interpretation of Islam. But, it is just opposite, ISIS has the broadest interpretation of Islam.
Islamic doctrine is slowly revealed, just like the Koran. It has an early form in Mecca and a fully developed later form in Medina. Now these may contradict each other, but both are true. The law of abrogation says that the later doctrine is better or stronger than the earlier doctrine.
ISIS uses all of the doctrine, including Medina. The so-called peaceful Muslims do not use all of the doctrine, just the early Meccan form. So the peaceful Muslims have the narrow, exclusive interpretation. ISIS and all of the jihadis have the broadest interpretation, which is inclusive.

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