Obama’s Jihad Against America

The audacity of the Muselputz:

Obama Passes Mass Shooting Bill: Media No Longer Allowed To Name Mass Shooting Suspect
Washington, DC — President Barack Obama held a press conference today to announce signing into law a bill that prevents U.S. media outlets from naming the… – NBC News
 France Train Hero Stabbed, Police Hunt “Asians” aka Muslims

This is a revenge attack. There are no accidents.

The attacker is still at large after US airman Spencer Stone is stabbed four times in the chest in California.

Sky News is reporting that two “Asian” men in their 20s are being sought. “Asian” is Muslim in British media-speak. Has the US adopted that euphemism too? Did the British press mean Muslims but use Asians because that’s how they report so as not to offend Muslims.

Sacramento law enforcement has already said, ” it is not thought to be connected to terrorism” which means, it’s probably terrorism.

‘Which side are you fighting for?’ Russia blasts US for refusing to share intel on ISIS

When push comes to shove, the Obamster ALWAYS sides with the Muslims.

Washington’s failure to share data with Russian intelligence about terrorist positions in Syria makes one question the goals that Americans have in their anti-ISIS…RT.COM
12065511_10206610435891390_5830483291693508047_nWe can’t combat Islamist terrorism until we admit that’s what it is

THE 15-year-old male of Middle Eastern background who dropped into Parramatta Mosque on Friday, before descending on NSW Police HQ brandishing a loaded gun, was wearing a long black cloak, and calling out “Allah Akbar”, before he put a bullet in the head of Curtis Cheng. (Miranda Devine)


We need to fight muslims now as Jefferson did then. Sadly we have a President who sides with muslims and refuses to call them terrorists. He is America’s Trojan horse.

History proves Muslim’s enslaved whites. Yes there were white slaves. They still have slaves today of varied races. Where’s the outrage?

Muslim pirates attacked American merchant ships. This is why Jefferson fought muslims. Slavery and ransoms continued for 15 years until Jefferson was elected President. —See More

Thomas Jefferson’s Response to Muslims in 1801 is More Important Today Than Ever
Thomas Jefferson’s response to Muslims in 1801 is more important today than ever. America’s first war…

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Jihad Against America”

  1. If closing ‘extremist’ islamic moskes and banning ‘extremist’ muslim speakers causes more ‘extremism’, wouldn’t not naming mass shooters cause mass shootings due to repression and marginalisation of shooters with legitimate grievances – or something like that.

    Maybe outlawing silly narratives would be a start.

  2. Re: “History proves Muslim’s enslaved whites. Yes there were white slaves. ”

    Yes, exactly – for a thousand years, Arab and black muslims were enslaving whites from all over the world.

    Where and whom do you liberals think those same whites got the strange idea that enslaving others was perfectly OK from?!

    (Hint: NO, it wasn’t because only the whites are inherently genetically inferior because they alone are prone to “racism”)!


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