‘The ABC understands the incident was not related to terrorism…’

The ABC understands nothing… except… nothing to do with Islam.

“We must no vilify Muslims” said Malcolm Turncoat, and Muslims say they”fear backlash” like they always do when some of their misunderstanders of Islam murders infidels:


Parramatta, Sydney, Australia: Muslim Murders Cop and Gets Shot Dead

…the attacker – now deceased, good riddance – turns out to have been a young Mohammedan with a head stuffed full of Jihad.

‘Gunman Who Shot Dead NSW Police Employee Was Radicalised Youth”.

He was killed when the officers, who are special constables, returned fire.

…the victim was Curtis Cheng, a 17 year veteran of the police force’s finance department.

Curtis Cheng. Nota bene: a Chinese-Australian. Who would have been Buddhist, or Taoist or Confucian, or secular, or quite probably a professing Christian – many Chinese-Aussies are Christians.  Murdered by a Muslim. – CM

“He was a much-loved man, [he had] been with us a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone have a bad word about Curtis and he will be missed”– read the rest here, by Christina McIntosh who minces no words….

Don’t spread hate: Australian leaders call for unity after terror-related Parramatta shooting
TV news: we are already being admonished for “hate” against the co-religionists of the boy whose motives, of course, are unknown.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined the band of politicians and Muslim community leaders urging Australians to unite in the wake of yesterday’s fatal…9NEWS.COM.AU

The lame stream media regurgitates the same old rubbish about a “Lone wolf”  who was well connected: 

Warren Raymond's photo.

No one knew the kid at the mosque, no one knows anything:

ParramattaShooting‬ killer named as Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammed.

The chairman of he Parramatta Islamic Association Neil El-Kadomi said he was shocked at the actions of the 15-year-old boy.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/…/parramatta-shooting-andrew-scipione… 

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Parramatta shooting: Andrew Scipione says teen shooting linked to terrorism
The fatal shooting of a police employee outside the force’s headquarters by a 15-year-old boy was a politically motivated attack linked to terrorism, NSW Police…SMH.COM.AU
7 News Australia's photo.
7 News Australia's photo.
The killer was a 15-yrs-old, who arrived with his family from Iran, & lived in North Parramatta
7 News Australia's photo.
 “We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community for the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals,” says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
YOUNG children were trapped inside a daycare centre adjacent to the NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta with a dead body at their doorstep.–DAILY TELEGRAPH
Andrew Bolt:

ABC AM withholds two details when describing the gunman who killed a police employee in Parramatta yesterday:

The gunman dressed in black clothing….

The Guardian‘s Calla Wahlquist is even explicit in omitting these same two details:

I won’t go into reports about what the man identified by eyewitnesses as carrying a gun was wearing or what he looked like. 

Tim Blair is astonished by this deliberate non-reporting:

Holding back on speculation about the killer’s name is understandable, given that police have to this point not supplied details. Understandable, too – perhaps, if you’re excessively sensitive – is not reporting the killer’s alleged “Middle Eastern appearance”. But why not report what he was wearing? Witnesses said he was wearing a black robe. Is there a robe ban at the Guardian?

Police confirmed the gunman had a “flowing top”, described as “robes” by an eyewitness.

What else does the media Left suppress in case you jump to conclusions of which it does not approve?


Police confirm:

Police sources say the gunman who shot dead a New South Wales police civilian employee was a 15-year-old radicalised youth of Middle Eastern background


The Daily Telegraph reports the boy had visited the Parramatta Mosque before the deadly shooting and shouted religious slogans before opening fire.


The teenager shouted religious slogans before firing one shot in the back of the head of a police IT worker as the employee was heading home on Friday afternoon. 

The killer was an Iraqi Kurd, born in Iran, and NSW police commissioner Andrew Scipione said the crime was “politically motivated” and was therefore terrorism.

Who let the in the boy and his family? Who put us at risk?


The shooting occurred just a few hours after Malcolm Turnbull signalled a softening, suggesting Tony Abbott was an extremist on terrorism:

Malcolm Turnbull will seek to ­recast the government’s relationship with Muslims through more co-operative and inclusive policies after warnings from security agencies that relations with the ­Islamic community have sunk to their lowest ebb. 

The move will see the new Prime Minister avoid the blunt and often divisive language used by his predecessor Tony Abbott… He is expected in coming weeks to emphasise the need to work ­co-operatively with the Muslim ­community in order to rout extremists and extremist ideology from communities….

The move … will be embraced by the country’s Muslims, according to community leader and GP Jamal Rifi… Dr Rifi said Mr Abbott had alienated many in the Muslim community through poor choice of words. These included his ­comment in February that he wished more Muslim leaders would describe Islam as a religion of peace and mean it, and his use of terms such as “Team Australia” and “death cult”. 

As I said at the time, just before the shooting:

If a retreat from speaking the truth is seen as an advance, we are in trouble…

Turnbull … won’t even describe the Islamic State as the “death cult” it is for fear of seeming “divisive”?

Uh oh.

This is all based on the notion that so many leaders around the world have toyed with, only to be defeated by experience. They feel that if they come with ingratiating smiles and weasel words and cringing submission that the radicals will be mollified. They feel that the key to this is a nicer “us”. Oh, and to ensure a nicer us there must be laws, of course, to punish harshly those who aren’t yet submissive enough.

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    No surprise here, since the ABC is AlJezeera’s bitch in OZ, and is now under special protection of Sheik Ben Turnbullshine.

  2. Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association, said the radicalised gunman did not represent Muslims in Australia.

    “My message is always very, very clear – that our religion promotes friendship and love and goodwill,” Mr Trad said.

    1. TAQIYYA………………………. Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association

  3. I’m sick to death of the left’s puerile “hatred is never correct!” (“and should be illegal!”) meme – hate is only the perfectly natural human response of perpetual anger towards ongoing crimes (like islam)! Without “hate,” nobody would ever bother to accuse any criminals of their crimes, and by doing so hope to end them!

    Which, come to think of it, is exactly that the criminals in “government” want!

  4. I am an ex-military man. Anyone who follows the koran in this great country of ours is a suspect and guilty. READ the Koran people and then wonder why has our gutless governments allowed the huge influx of moslems into Australia. Read it …. They are totally Untrustworthy and its way past for big times to introduce radical changes against them or our grandchildren will suffer under these maggots.

  5. This murder has reaffirmed for me that islam is nothing but a criminal idealogy that needs to purge from society.

    And Turncoat has reaffirmed for me that governments and unelected prime ministers are scamming the public, which is also criminal.

    Malcolm turncoat can take the proverbial flying leap. And take the ABC with him. Scum bags, the lot of them. Moosescums, politicians and media, just lying, scamming scum bags.

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