Who’ Idea Was This?


WHEN Captain Mona Shindy climbed aboard HMAS Canberra to test missiles in the Pacific, a locker had to be converted into a sleeping quarters to accommodate her.
Never before had an active Australian warship carried women. But aged 23 and launching what would become a 26-year career with the Navy, this was just the first hurdle of a trailblazer.
Already she had a University degree in the blokey domain of engineering. Weapons engineer. —Continue Reading

“Trailblazing?” What absurd, idiotic crap! This is a token Mohammedan polit-Kommissar, totally useless for anything but a show of cringeworthy dhimmitude, to show Muslims how naive and foolish we are. No Mohammedan should have a place in our military, in the judiciary, in politics or in any position of authority. Just like no kafir can command Mohammedans in their countries, we must stand our ground and keep them out of all positions of influence.

Navy’s trailblazing Muslim captain
WHEN Captain Mona Shindy climbed aboard HMAS Canberra to test missiles in the Pacific, a locker had to be converted into a sleeping quarters to accommodate her.
Meet Australia’s Al Sharpton,  Race Kommissar Tim Soutphommasane

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner still struggles to understand the difference between biology and ideology.

But then, since there is very little racism in Australia to attend to, perhaps Tim Soutphommasane is just eager to justify his annual salary of a quarter of a million dollars, plus allowances, by inventing racism.

If you are interested to learn how much of your taxes go to political appointees like Mr Soutphommasane, please see here: 

One more reason to vote for ALA in 2016 and our key policy of Smaller, Smarter Government.

Aside from trimming down the bloated size of our federal government, we aim to reduce taxes and improve services by culling hundreds of superfluous commissions, boards and committees like the one of Mr Soutphommasane’s.

We have perfectly fine laws and public prosecutors to deal with actual cases of racism. There is no need for political commissioners scratching for work and seeking to enforce their partisan worldviews.

Your vote for ALA will kindle a happy bonfire of these positions and Qangos (Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations) that will clear the annual budget from decades of ideological undergrowth. Our core policy is the return of government to its core functions.

As to racism: ALA follows the road map to an integrated, multiethnic society, end the failed experiment of divisive multiculturalism and stop the Islamisation of Australian communities.

There is no place for racism on our road map. However, we will likewise not permit a totalitarian, theocratic ideology to impose itself on our society. Australians must again be willing and able to distinguish ideology from biology and race from religion.


Why the Racial Discrimination Act is as important as ever
Sadly, not everyone in Australia is willing to love thy neighbour.

4 thoughts on “Who’ Idea Was This?”

  1. That’s in the Tele too: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/uncharted-watersmeet-the-royal-australian-navys-trailblazing-muslim-captain-mona-shindy/story-fni0cx12-1227588474066

    What background does Jennifer Sexton (Business Editor) have to write up this nonsense, and she leaves out how Ms Shindy used to not wear Islamic head dress in her early career.

    Bolt sometimes shows how he doesn’t get the whole picture of stealth jihad a la Ms MShindy’s manipulation of Navy brass to create an Islamic Australian Navy (IAN) within the Royal Australian Navy, http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/captain_mona_shindy/.

    Bolt’s summary: “An inspirational story that offers hope”. Nope, a naive reading by Bolt of a dangerous development – having a pious Muslima as a weapons officer in the IAN.

  2. “For some people that gets looked at as the whole Muslim community,” Captain Shindy says. Some young Muslim see this in black and white “us and them” terms.

    On should always but always see our enemies in black and white terms. Anything else would be stupid, and stupid is not something one should aim for in an existential war.

  3. I not that the DT has wisely decided not to open the comments section for the article.

    The media and politicians seems to live in a well insulated cuccoon. They inhabit a world where make believe is reality.

  4. In related news of 1941, several downed Luftwaffe pilots have joined the RAF.

    It is truly inspiring.

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